You must spread your legs a little more

You must spread your legs a little more

I discovered that there was an archery activity and I play this sport at a good level in a club. I go there and shoot a few arrows, the young people are there too but do it despite common sense. I ask them if they want my advice and as they agree, I show them the gestures and ways of doing things. I positioned myself behind them to correct their postures.

I am still a little embarrassed to press against them to resume their bad actions.
I now take care of a pretty big girl, beautiful to bite with small firm breasts and sticks me to his buttocks to help him arm the bow, my hand next to his on the handle and the other on the hand that pulls the rope advising:
-You must spread your legs a little more, hold your arms straight and bend the bow, your hand should come to the face but pay attention to your breast, you do not have a breastplate and if the rope hang on the tip, you’ll be damn bad.

I do not know what’s happening to me, these terms that I often use with the young people of the club take on a different meaning when the student is an admirable young girl completely naked in my arms.
Between each arrow, she wriggles against my body. Regardless of my will, my tail swells, straightening up to find stopped in his ascent in the open compass of my student’s thighs.

She feels something that bothers her, looks down and sees between my thighs my penis.
She then looks at me with a funny smile and tightens her thighs.
I retreat, apologize to him and move away, ashamed, no longer knowing or put under the eyes of all these young people.
What will they think of me?

They would not want to miss such a show
I can not believe it !…
Since we surprised “the old man in great shape”, I think only of that, to be able to “touch” such an organ. And here it is done alone!
When he proposed to introduce us to archery, I was in heaven, I bet in a low voice with my girlfriend that I could get it hard when I saw how he put himself behind others .

It’s my turn, he positions himself behind me, I deliberately do wrong, spreading the arms of my body to force him to tighten even more against me.
I feel his body against mine, the bump of her lower abdomen touches my buttocks from time to time. I stoop to take another arrow, rubbing my butt against his pubis, prolonging the longest possible contact.

I notice an early reaction, I feel harden his cock against my left thigh, his machine continues to grow and now rubs between my 2 legs, forcing the passage of my thighs to appear at the bottom of my belly, butting on my pussy that l prevents it from rising higher. I tighten my legs a little, trapping the impressive chuck.
I may have gone a little hard, he backs up and runs away, stammering words of apology.

Sylvie exclaims:
-Putain, you did not do in detail! He bandaged like a bull and it’s even more impressive when you watch it! Do you still want him to defecate you for your birthday? The candle may be a bit too big for your 18 years!
I answer him:
-If an “old” can do it, I do not see why I could not do it!

It’s been two days that he avoids us but I want to force the destiny. With Sylvie, we have already played “pee touch” with the boys of the camp but have never dared to go further.
We promised ourselves that this year would be the right one.
I managed to decide that left to spend, as much as it is with an experienced man rather than with a small-mouthed white-mouth.

Now you have to find a way and I think I’ve found one. It seems that he frequents assiduously Anne, a regular in the house and I know she is pretty jealous of his conquests. I’ll make him sing …

Sylvie and I spied on him, he just won the tent that houses the billiards, the place is empty, I approach it and put the market in hand.
-Salut Patrick, we have something to ask you, you’ll take us for crazy or little whores but we want to make love with you.

Otherwise we tell Anne that you’re Stephanie, and even Leo, we spied on you and we filmed with our smartphones.
-Band little sluts … I do not know what’s holding me back … You hold me … I give in because I have no choice but I warn you that I will not spare you! You will remember it all your life, I promise you!

But the rest of the band popped up, 2 boys, Yves 13, Xavier 17 and 2 girls, the youngest, Zoe, was little more than 12 years old and Leah 14. Shamelessly, they settled on the benches against the wall. The little vicious, they ask for more after the episode of the bench.

He resumed, no more disturbed than that:
-Well, Margot, you know how to make me bend, then acti

She also found herself fully immersed

She also found herself fully immersed

Our exchanges are very often very hot, to the point that I can not control my erection when reading or writing his messages. It is complicated to carry things to work without the other employees noticing something. But I was not the only one to be thrilled by these messages. She also found herself fully immersed in reading my little stories well imagine what I would like to do at the time of writing.

I was even entitled to some photos of her alone, the evening before sleeping, and especially to make a mini pleasure alone, both for her and for me. Of course, these moments of waiting for each other were that our reunion was explosive and often enlivened by what we had described in our conversations.

Little by little, we have incorporated new things to experience. She discovered a part of my personality, hitherto a little hidden. This new me, dominating as she likes, not hesitating to the abused. She likes to be considered as a sex toy or a sink that is used before letting it fall. So, after incorporating the words raw, links, the whip to our traditional toy, the discussion of a threesome returned to the carpet.

After some stories imagined and transcribed by SMS, staging my companion, me and a third person, we had to quickly put a name on this person. Having already planned a meeting of a friend made on a famous online game, the name of this person came to feed our stories.

He was relatively young, and at the age of 20, had not yet had the chance to consume the flesh of a woman. Our plan was to make it consumed but part of it. So when I was at work on Saturday, she was busy relaxing and giving him pleasure. I had even installed an old phone in camera surveillance mode to be able to enjoy it from work.

Then when I finished my day we finally thought to realize this adventure where Madam is in the center of all the attentions.

Unfortunately, he was a little too introverted at the time and none of this was possible. Leave a little on our hunger, we still wanted to achieve our desires, and even if it was not done with the same person.

A few months later, my best friend is confused with his wife and they have been about a week to stop talking. This idea being always present in our minds, we both thought that it would be a pleasant games partner and that it could come to change the ideas some days with us.

Not feeling necessarily come “scam” he accepted relatively quickly. After several conversations between guys, I made him understand even before he comes, that it could be that many things are happening with him.

Once again, Madam was in training, and we were thinking again what we could do with my friend. She returned on Friday evening by the TGV of 22:08. All the way to our home, our eyes filled with desires and excitations crossed, and without a word we knew that we were waiting impatiently for our desires to come true.

The temperature was already rising a little in the car, my hand on his thigh, his on my thigh with the tips of his fingers very close to my magnifying member and becoming troublesome to drive. Still happy, the road is not very long. Barely out of sight, as soon as the lift doors were closed, our respective wandering hands began to caress the other’s body.

Her breasts not holding in my hands, my fingers are focused on the little pink tips through the thin layer of fabric of her bra as her hands come to caress my life through my pants.

Arrived on the floor, we rushed inside to consume our desire. As I help her to feel comfortable removing a few layers of unwanted clothes, she releases my limb from its envelope just too tight to contain it. She takes my life in the mouth and my hand accompanies her head in motion. She gives me some looks of bitch who want while his mouth my member.

I help him get up and stick it to the wall. I remove the rest of the embarrassing clothes and discovers a slippery vulva and dripping wet, so much so that I have no difficulty in penetrating. After several thrusts well violating and moans that she has a lot of difficulty to choke, I filled my juice.

This little taste of the weekend allowed us to wait for the arrival of my best friend. So the next day, he arrived during the afternoon, while I was still working for three hours. In front of a good movie, they both relaxed.

She rejected me

She rejected me

Finally we go to bed.
Her best friend slept in the bed next door but I did not care. Clemency too. After (too) long minutes of saliva exchange, I decided to take action; it was already 30 minutes that I bandaged like a donkey. Result? A go-and-go in this hot body and it was already finished. This first penetration had completely electrified me. A wave had overwhelmed me, it was impossible to control anything. My sperm was spread on the belly of my partner. Frustrated (e).

Too bad she was not tactful that night. She rejected me, pouted and 2 weeks later, preferred to stay friends. It must be said that she was much more experienced than me.

I felt con and especially very unhappy. Boys are romantic at this age, at least I was and I’m always a little bit.
This episode, you understood it, completely inhibited me.
I am not bad though. Tall, brown, amber eyes, yellow, a body powerful enough for my age. But nothing to do, all I see is that I am a premature ejaculator. To “technically” improve myself, I masturbate every day.

I think of friends, girlfriends of my sister (4 years older), my aunt sometimes whose I breathe dirty underwear when I go home.

Sliman, my best friend, is very handsome, Franco-Moroccan, he has all the girls at his feet. Curiously he does not really benefit. I’m even going to think he’s a homo repressed. It is true that he is attractive this con, it even happens to trouble me.
Two months ago, he went out with Fabienne … and believe me Fabienne is just beautiful. I was out of jealousy. They broke up and I became the nice confidant, the big-hearted buddy; the place of looser in sum.

One evening in June, she proposes to me to dine at her place. Before going to this appointment I imagine a lot of things, his naked body in the first place. I wonder what she will wear, if I can feast while watching her cleavage or her ass while her back is turned.

I loop all day, I masturbate to clear my mind and the rest.
But nothing works, I see her, tall, very beautiful, her long black and smooth hair remind me Clemence.

For the rest, it is different. A skin very clear like a Japanese, white and pure, a beautiful pair of breasts that I guess for the moment, very thin and slender. Small freckles framed her pretty nose. She is really sublime, almost untouchable.
Slim did not jump and I do not understand why.

Finally arrives in the evening and I leave the big game: bottle of cheap rosé and a little shit of very good quality. It was very hot today and in the early evening, the temperature has barely dropped.

I knock on the door of her little studio and she opens me, the kif begins.
We talk about everything, nothing and I eat it with my eyes. She is wearing a large cotton skirt and a nice but unprovoked top. Her hair is loose and I feel her light perfume float in the air. There is a fan in a corner of his only room that every four seconds sends us the sirocco.

If she knew what I wanted to do to her, how I would like to undress her and take her. Visit his body from top to bottom.

I feel a little guilty of all these thoughts. I tell myself that I’m dirtying something. I am young, on the verge of innocence.
We emptied the bottle of rosé. We are a little cottony because of this heat but mostly because we are not used to drinking.

I propose to smoke a joint not knowing if it consumes or not. She wants to try, she smiles at me and I need to relax a little more, I fear that my discomfort is visible, that my desire is palpable. She seems amused to see me like that or I’m completely psychotic.
Soon the room fills with sweet smoke emanate from the joint.
I feel like she’s leaving.

His head is placed back on the back of the sofa, an arm on each side of his long legs that I guess. I’m a little freaked that she is uncomfortable. She is abandoned in front of me. I really want to kiss her, to caress her breasts, to make the fantastic recovery of the knee to his crotch, to graze his cock with my finger. Ambitious program.

Without really expecting it, she lies down on the floor, on the big carpet, almost as big as her apartment, a cushion wedged under her beautiful head. I find myself there, a little silly, not knowing what to do. She does not speak anymore and seems to have fallen asleep after three minutes.

Definitely, very good quality.
From where I am, still sitting, I have a beautiful view of her panties. She raised her right leg and she is mechanically up one notch. I bandage like a sick person. I do not need much. I want to start.
I stay well for five minutes, my bare foot caress his

I freeze and unload my thick cum

I freeze and unload my thick cum

I take off my clothes, Cloé puts his eyes wide open on my cock.

I start to caress her breasts, the kneaded, the weighing, kissing them then swallows in turn soft nipples, Cloé purrs, the ends stand, harden between my lips.

The breath of Cloe becomes short.

I drop my mouth on his belly, my tongue agile I search his navel, Cloé sighs.

I continue my progress, my mouth and at the height of his temple, instinctively Cloé spreads his legs.

My tongue goes up and down on the slot that begins to ooze, Cloe ripples slightly pelvis grunting.

My tongue penetrates the vulva, searches the duct soaked then discovers the clitoris, I tickle a good time, Cloé stiffens, she presses her hands on my neck and keeps my head against her dripping pussy.
She rears up, a powerful squirt of cum followed by less strong fill my mouth, her enjoyment is terrible, she whines at each squirt.

She lets go of my head, I get up, and put my lips on hers, she opens her mouth, I pour the surplus of her cum, our tongues are knotted for a long kiss.

Our lips are disjointed, I ask Cloe to suck me, reluctant she finally accept.

She kneels and takes with one hand my member in semi-erection, she gently masturbates, leans her head and gives small licks on the purple glans.

-Suck it up, darling!

She gobbles the glans, sucks with more and more convictions, his tongue goes up and down on the venous shaft, she re-stuffs the glans in the mouth and head strongly.

My cock and stretched to the maximum, I stiffen and send my semen deep in her throat.

Cloé has a high heart, she pushes me away.

-Aval my darling swallows!

She looks up at me, pouting and swallowing the hot cum, she swallows it to the last drop.

-Leave yourself now!

I kneel between her legs open, advance between her thighs and rub my penis against her hot pussy.

I grabbed her hips and pushed gently, she grimaces, utters noisy sighs.
Slowly my machine still glutinous cum sinks into her, I’m against the hymen, I back slightly my stake and gives a violent thrust.

Cloé arched his head and uttered a cry of pain, the hymen gave way.
She has the impression that her pussy is torn, an intense pain burns her, she clenches her teeth moaning.

-Now you are a woman darling!

I’m starting to slow back and forth, Cloé grimaces.
Little by little the pain is burning, she no longer complains.

I accelerate the pace, Cloe starts to moan.

I amplify my thrusts, at each depression of my machine she whines of pleasure.

My dick slides in his wounded temple, she clings to me and shakes her pelvis.

-Oh it’s good continuous continues!

I feel the pressure rising in it, I increase the pace.
She rears and screams.

-Yes yes!

She enjoys hugging me, her legs my shears waist.

-My god it’s too good!

I freeze and unload my thick cum in it.

-Yes yes give me all my darling!

I still give some thrusts before retiring from her.

-I will soon make you taste sodomy my darling!

He jabbed my tongue and my throat

He jabbed my tongue and my throat

I cleaned myself up quickly before running to the kitchen.
Once the meal was gone, I turned on Skype to chat with Clemence, my best friend. I sighed seeing that she was not connected yet and decided to watch an anime while waiting for him.

A few episodes later, a login notification made me jump. I threw myself on the keyboard to start the discussion and a few minutes later, I had forgotten what had happened.

The evening passed quickly between games and fun on Skype. It was late when I decided to go to bed and it was while lying in my bed that I began to ask questions.
_ Do I begin to love men? Why did this thing so excite me just now … I wondered.

It is true that I liked to read some yaoi mangas, a hobby that I had come to appreciate by the constant attempts of my best friend. But I had always thought to hate real men, I never looked in the street, and even had a hard time enjoying an erotic film if men were too present.

The questions jostled in my head, I thought I had finished with time with these questions. My attraction to yaoi had already disturbed me at the time, it was out of the question that it starts again. I chased these questions out of my mind and tried to fall asleep.

Sleep finally got the better of me but dreams that night were as pleasant as disturbing …
I opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling, the wooden beams crisscrossing above me and the light filtering through the window. I wore only loose jeans and lay on a shabby bed. I sat up slowly and inspected the cabin.

A table full of dirty dishes sat in the center of the room and only an armchair completed the decor. A man was sitting comfortably, I could not see his face, hidden in the shadows. Without knowing why, I got up, approached him with a confident step and unbuttoned my pants that I dropped at my feet. The crotch of the unknown attracted me irresistibly …

I knelt before him and it was at that moment that I noticed that the man was completely naked. My face was close to tense sex and I began to inspect with my tongue. I licked greedily the base of the penis, the member trembled under my licks. I arrived at the glans, hot, shiny … I let some saliva on it before taking it in my greedy mouth.

My hand took his big member and began to masturbate actively while with my mouth, I sucked the entire surface of the glans. After a few minutes spent pumping this beautiful sex, I felt that the stranger gripped my hair and prevented me from pulling the penis out of my mouth. Instead of struggling, I deeply penetrated the big cock in my throat and let the man empty into my mouth.

As if spasmatic, he jabbed my tongue and my throat, my mouth was full of this whitish, viscous liquid. I raised my head, opened my mouth and let see the amount of sperm it contained and then swallowed slowly to savor it, I licked the outline of my lips to not lose a crumb.

Other men approached, I heard murmur: “You are our dog now, you belong to us! ”
_ Yes I am your masters! I moaned, opening my eyes.

I realized that this wonderful experience had only been dreamed. My naked body jiggled under the sheets, my lower belly was burning with an irresistible desire.
_ A bitch … a bitch … I murmured the lingering tongue …

Sleep caught me, but I had no more dreams that night.

Our eyes met and we exchanged smiles

Our eyes met and we exchanged smiles

And then, yesterday, I noticed a new one among the staff of the library. He must be a little older than me but not much more. The cute nerdy kind with a smile to crack anyone. I watched him a little during the afternoon. At one point, he approached with his cart to store books not far from my desk. When he leaned over, I could see his little ass molded in his jeans, hmm, it made you want. But hey, everyone has the right to dream!

As the hours passed, I saw more and more around my area. I even realized that, by the moment, he was just watching me out of the corner of my eye. I must say that his look made me a little effect. Interested, I decided to follow him between shelves hiding me from him. While I was playing this little game, I could not avoid it at the corner of a dictionary rack.

Our eyes met and we exchanged smiles already complicit. He passed me and did not hesitate at all to watch me from top to bottom. Arrived at my height, without thinking, I gave him a light slap on the buttocks. My hand bounces on her firm ass. I immediately felt itchy in my pussy. Already the place excited me naturally, it did not take much for me to wet.
I think he understood it very quickly because he stopped at my level and leaned over to whisper:
“- So, we are a naughty naughty who does not revise?”
I nodded. His warm breath had slipped on my neck. He was going to leave, but I held him up and put my arm around his waist. Our eyes did not let go. My breath mingled with hers and I felt my pussy burn in me.

At that moment, I did not care about my boyfriend and where we were, I just wanted this guy gun take me wildly. He kissed me and slid his hands under my blouse and caressed my belly, my arch of kidneys, then passed under my leggings. My round buttocks were waiting under my wet thong, tucked into my tight ass. I felt a lump forming under his jeans. I slipped my hand into his boxer. Grabbing his cock hardening, I was very strong. He jumped and hugged me, slapping me on my ass.
At that moment, the loudspeaker lit up and a voice said: “The library closes its doors …”

Excited to the maximum, I did not wait and unbuttoned her jeans at once. I pulled his big cock out of his boxer and put me on my knees. Excited in his turn, he grabbed my ponytail and plunged me his big cock hard in the throat. He began to kiss my mouth violently and I could barely breathe: I loved it!

The fear of being surprised made the heat rise in my body and I fingered her pussy while he pressed his cock, choking my groans.
I took out my cock from my greedy mouth and threw him, with a look of ember:
“Fuck me quickly! I can not, there! And we must hurry!
– Do not worry, I have the key to the emergency door … ”

Without saying anything else, he pulled me up abruptly. I loved his violent way of treating me. He pressed my face against the heavy dictionaries, my ass offered to him. He took off my legins and pushed his expert tongue between my thighs dripping under my thong. At the first sensation, I let out a little scream as I waited for this moment. He licked me the clit that kept inflating. In me, my vagina was burning more and more and my cum was dripping on his face.
“Haaa, hm, yes go ahead, eat me, it’s good trop!”

He furrowed his tongue in my pussy that was torture.
The cries I uttered echoed in the empty room. He got up immediately and put his hand on my mouth. At this moment, the lights went out. I could smell her and the strength of her arms. I could only cling to the amount of shelves, my head between the books. He held me firmly and I felt his cock enter my cunt slipping at once.

I stifled a loud scream and bit a finger of his hand that held my mouth. He did not let go and began to fuck me faster and faster, his other hand resting on my hips. His cock came in and out of my pussy with great blows. I suffered this devastating assault that gave me a crazy pleasure. Waves of joy invaded my whole body, which was shrinking and shaking in all its limbs. I was panting as he left my mouth to grab my ponytail and dominate me like a bitch. What a good idea I had to tie my hair today!

– You’re so good, my little dog, he whispered in my ear. Hang on and above all shut up!
I shook my head to say yes. He was right to prevent. His attacks redoubled and he mistreated me like a slut. His two hands clutching my hips, he fucked me with all.

You’ll be sure to have had an orgasm

You’ll be sure to have had an orgasm

I removed his bra and gently kissed the tips of her breasts. I start to suck her nipple gently and I feel it pointing. I remove my bra too.

-Do you want me to do it?

I shrug my shoulders.

– If you want, I tell him

And approach her mouth with my voluptuous breast and lick my nipples too. I really like it and make him understand by moaning slowly. She begins to kiss me and we stick our bodies caressing.

– Take off your pants, I tell him

It runs and I do the same. I watch her shaved pussy in subway ticket.

– Do I have to shaved her completely like you? She tells me
– No, you can do what you want it does not matter.

I ask him to lie down in front of me and spread his legs.

– Why do I have to do that? Does request
– You have to be comfortable when he looks at you.

She does what I tell her.

– Waits!

I get up and ask him to do the same. I push my bed to the other side of the room and sit against the wall facing the mirror.

– Why are you doing this ?
– For us to see each other, it will be more practical.

We are both face to mirror legs apart. I spend my hand on her intimacy gently, I feel a little stressed and gently tickles her clit. I look at her through the mirror, she looks at herself too.

– It’s okay ? I asked

She nods.

– Do me the same thing.

She listens to me and begins to touch my crotch. It’s new to me too to have this kind of relationship with a girl but it does not displease me. I start to make circles with my fingers on her clit and she interrupts me.

– It’s good, she told me
– Do you want to see something better? I said to him smiling

She nods and I lie in front of her, head between her legs and kiss her pussy.

– Wow, it’s weird. She says
– Wait, you have not seen everything.

I start licking her pussy gently, and bring my tongue between her lips. She tenses and breathes very hard. I start playing my tongue on her clit.

– Oh fuck! Cries she

I accelerate a little pace and I feel that she likes it.
I withdraw my mouth.

– Why are you stopping? She said pityed

I smiled and told him to lie down, I put myself above her. The head in front of her sex mine above her face.

– Do me the same thing now.

I feel his mouth gently drop on my cock and put the mine on his again. She is soaked, and I start playing with my tongue on her clit again. She interrupts me and I moan.

– It’s exactly like that! I said

She keeps licking me, and the more I accelerate the pace the more she follows me. I moan, mouth eating quickly and feel the heat of an orgasm up. It accelerates again, and I start to cum in sucking her clit, her legs shake we enjoy at the same time.
I retire from above.

– Well at least, you’ll be sure to have had an orgasm before having done your first time. I say satisfied.

Done to take a shower in turn

Done to take a shower in turn

Me I put the roll of sopalin after having sponged somehow and put washed hands and I come at the entrance of the hall discreetly with Patrice.
You go in the shower, Caro is leaning in the corner of the sink she waits until you’re done to take a shower in turn, you discuss the heat. She’s watching you shower.

You leave the shower very quickly Caro begins to undress while you dry.
The door is always wide open which allows us to see Caro naked, she wears a cropped pants without anything too underneath and a tank top and a transparent bra.
She asks you if you can spin her a lighter stuff than she is wearing right now.
You answer: “no problem I find that” and you come out of the bathroom naked seeing us face you and catches your breasts to spend a lick on the nipples all in the middle of the hall and completely naked and you tell us “It’s okay, they do not taste beer anymore.”

I answer: Ahhh thin will have to check anyway.
I gloat and bury my lips with your joy and your lightness.
You go to the room, we do not move waiting for Caro out of the shower and you come back.

You finally come out of the room simply dressed in a basketball shirt very indented under the arms.
You stop in the corridor at the door of the bathroom and squirt your breasts by pulling on the shirt in such a way that they come out through the side indentations.

Caro, who came out of the shower, see you doing it and say: “Hey at least now you will not be hot anymore” laughing. You laugh too and tell him where depends? You give him a little white minimalist dress that you do not dare wear too much outside.
She says, “very good, perfect.” Put the towel and put it in front of the mirror to put it on,
At that moment you say to him: “Attention, I think there are voyeurs”.
Or??? she said and pointed at us.

– “Ahhhhh and cuckoo, the coquinoux, I hope you enjoy what you see and you take as much pleasure as I take to be watched, Patrice him he is used to seeing me naked” …… ..
You frown and shake the head of the style I did not understand?
Having understood very well, I say: “Ohhhh yes, you are beautiful”.

And there, she tells you that in fact here nobody knows except Patrice and Fefe because Olivier does not want it to be known but she loves exhib and she is very hot buttocks as they say and that ‘In the holidays she really lets go and Olivier has to stop her, otherwise she will always be naked and fornicating. While saying that she finished putting on the dress from above and goes towards us, the dress not having been completely down yet. I can appreciate his body more closely. You’re here after laying out the towels and closing the bathroom light.
Passing our height she runs her hand so as to touch our sexes.

Then she adjusts her dress. Once well put it turns our backs and putting on tiptoe like a cheerleader she rejects the dress on her back allowing us to see her buttocks after seeing the front. You arrive at that moment and once at the same height it, you do not follow suit I take the opportunity to put your hand to the buttocks to both. The left hand on the buttocks of Caro but in contact with his skin and you on the shirt because it still covers your buttocks. I accompany you to the couch even taking the opportunity to get a finger in the line of buttocks Caro arches even more so that I end up touching his little hole. Did she do it voluntarily ???? the fact is, I touched his little puck.

I stop at the height of the chair and Caro will take his place next to olive tree.
I sit down and propose to come on me but you push me back saying: wait !!!! it’s because I have nothing more to drink. “The boys answer you:” We do not have any more “. Caro ending his beer ass as dry just now.
So you go back to the fridge, catching the beers down without bending your knees, which has the effect of making up your basketball jersey showing this shot and the birth of your buttocks to everyone as you have legs slightly apart all the world sees your intimate lips too.

So you’re serving everyone again and I, who had not finished mine, I’m signaling that mine too is empty too and so you go back to the fridge to get out one more but this time you crouched for catching it making a quarter turn to know if I needed one also you expose to everyone your kitty while smooth, on this occasion no boy can ignore your breasts that sways proudly especially as they always and again point and now your pussy. Then you come back to sit on my lap, taking care to put on your shirt.

Side or it stays in ball at your hip

Side or it stays in ball at your hip

Olivier and Caro are on the sofa on the left (Caro on the armrest half lying on Olivier) Patrice is next to olive then Féfé still on his right. We are sitting right behind the sofa in a lounge chair, you are on my lap.
Despite the heat you stick to me and waddle on my knees as if you danced, it’s true that there is music in the background because you girls are not supposed to watch football, you’re more rugby, we guys love both sports.
Pretising a hot shot, I ask if it embarrasses someone if I fall pants because I have too hot legs.

Caro answers me: “You’re at home, you can even get naked, if you want.”
Everyone is laughing.
“Still, we are not alone”. laughs for everyone.
But I get up anyway and head to the room to come back in running shorts.
I sit down and you, darling you sit on my knees diagonally on both legs turned to Caro to chat.

The match begins, everyone is watching the game. Even you. Forced into such a position I can not help but walk my hands on you. My left hand on your thighs and the right in your back even lower when I loose my beer.

It lasts a little while, then feeling you receptive I end up raising my left hand between her thighs unlike you usually do not scold me and even makes the task by spreading your right leg so that the foot touches the ground.
We continue our ride, from time to time Caro talks to you but you do not even bother to tighten your thighs and remove my hand that caresses you to the level of the stomach now that it is flat.

Caro sees our ride I think so but she does not say anything, my right hand managed to shoot your dress so I put my hand underneath to massage your buttocks which makes up your skirt on the front no longer hiding my left hand.
You obviously take a lot of pleasure. Everyone spoons with moderation all the same, despite the heat we are at our second beer each even the girls booze.
Unfortunately I have a sore thigh.

I ask you to change a little position.
You get up and you face the TV but only on one thigh (the left) you cross.
I replace my hands around your waist and I continue to caress you everywhere under your dress. From you you make movements back and forth on the thigh without me imposing it while whistling a tune of salsa.
I get close to your ear to whisper that you should remove your thong to have more feelings.

Without answering me verbally you shrug your shoulders and leaning on the couch you get up. And you stay without moving back to me you take this moment to finish your beer all at once. Naughty !!!!!! But I love because when you’re tipsy we spend great times tonight, I do not know where it will lead us but I think it will be a great night but not because of the potential victory of the France team.

I take this as an agreement to my proposal and I rush on your hips discreetly to grab the end of fabric that I drag on the ground without you protest in the least.
Nobody moves and no one realizes it except perhaps Car who turned her head when you got up but she watched you finish your beer, she goes down her own too to keep up the pace. Hmm if she knew, what I’m doing below the waist … ..
You move your feet so you completely get rid of your string that I pick up and put in the pocket of my shirt.

Before coming to eat you go to the kitchen to ask your empty beer and have a drink and you take your place by lifting your skirt so that no tissue separates us. You sit on the same thigh and resume your pelvic movements I feel the moisture on my thigh. It’s hot.

Me on my side I let you do and I take the opportunity to massage your breasts discreetly because you are leaning forward in support on your elbows and the back of the sofa but as I went under your dress when I grabbed your breasts your dress is found mid back, so the ass completely in the air, fortunately the light falls in the house.

With your movements I understand that you take a lot of pleasure since I feel you tense and breathe a little stronger than usual, just above the head of Patrice who does not flinch. You end up having a mini orgasm finally you tell me but I think I saw right because you contract the thighs around mine.
After this little moment of happiness for you but for me too, you see that everyone has finished his beer. So you get up and go to the fridge to propose to everyone without adjusting your dress but the gravity “hurt” things and it falls on your hips except right side or it stays in ball at your hip.

I do not know where to turn my head

I do not know where to turn my head

For 6 months, I’m no longer virgin, Julie made me discover sex and it’s my mistress.
Although a gap of more than 20 years separates us, I love it. She revealed to me, I like it and according to her say, I am a good student. His proposal fills me with happiness, a full month with her!
But we must be careful because his niece should not notice anything. Especially since it’s been years that we are bécotons.
Julie is very discreet when she wins my room so we risk nothing.

Like every night, I spend a moment in Emilie’s room. To sleep as usual she put on one of my t-shirts that comes to her mid-thighs and I guess under a white lace thong. A funny idea but I like to see it in this outfit.
Julie came in black nightie to spend a moment with us to discuss.
Between the aunt and the niece, I do not know where to turn my head, I see the breasts of Julie barely veiled by the naked and upper thighs of Emilie that my T-shirt that goes back unceasingly reveals me to everything moment. And she does nothing to fix it. Even scolding me.

I can not help but hard and it takes all my will to stay decent.
Julie wishes us good night, I kiss Emilie and go back to my room. I know we’ll have to wait patiently until Emilie falls asleep but we do not want to take any chances.

While waiting for Julie, I can not help but jerk me at the thought of being able to shake against me.
An oppressive silence reigns in the house.
Julie just joined me and smiled, a finger standing on her sensual lips and lies down on me to kiss me.

I love this very sweet moment braving all the dangers. Quickly I embrace before removing her nightie black silk rediscovering naked with this body still beautiful mature woman.
My hands take care of her bulging buttocks before kneading her breasts.
I delight to suck her big chest, she pulls me towards her stroking my hair with small sighs.
His left hand has seized my penis reaching under its caresses its maximum strength.
She wanks me slowly and skillfully, her other free hand gets excited in her pussy.
Her moans are getting louder, she confesses:
– Oh darling, I can not wait anymore every night.

Hardly sentence ends, she takes my cock in the mouth, licking my cock, knead my balls.
Apparently she wants to play with my sex. I let her do it.
His mouth slowly down on my cock swallowing three quarters. She can not go further and starts a quick blowjob for a few seconds and then starts her ride again. I moan loudly and tense, with the feeling that red ants eat my cock.

I just woke up with a start, I had a wonderful dream, Claude made love to me on a beach when we were disturbed by walkers, shame …
I’m sweating, I get up to drink in the kitchen, I do not light, just the light of the moon, the house is silent but when I pass in front of Claude’s room, I hear him moan. He does not look good.
I gently open the door, slips into his room and discovers the horrible truth, my aunt kneeling on her bed devouring her sex!
I am completely paralyzed, my legs wobble when I hear Claude ask Julie:
– If you want a hug you should stop because I will not resist long, you suck so well!
She stands up and answers him:
– Your machine is so delicious, so big and so wide. I am always overwhelmed by its size and loves to have it in the mouth …

She straddles her legs, grabs his member and rubs the glans on her vulva and begins to sink gently into a long groan deaf.
From where I am, I see almost all the pine in her pussy disappear. Her pussy must be well lubricated because she has no difficulty in absorbing it, she presses her hands on the chest of Claude and begins movements from bottom to top. Her breasts follow gravity and jerk in rhythm.
She takes her time calmly, quietly, not to wake me up.
Claude forces her to change position, he puts her on the back, lifts her legs he puts on his shoulders and penetrates again, mixing his buttocks to the rhythm of his thrusts, sinking deeper in her, accelerating her thrusts.

She sighs quietly whispering words of love, telling him the effect of his dart in his velvet sheath.
He accelerates the pace, pulls her thighs to fuck faster and faster.
– Oh damn I love your big dick my love, enjoy me, fill me with your cum! She whispers.
At the moment he lets go, I understand that he has just emptied herself into her. She enjoys concert by pushing small squeaks.