I do not know where to turn my head

I do not know where to turn my head

For 6 months, I’m no longer virgin, Julie made me discover sex and it’s my mistress.
Although a gap of more than 20 years separates us, I love it. She revealed to me, I like it and according to her say, I am a good student. His proposal fills me with happiness, a full month with her!
But we must be careful because his niece should not notice anything. Especially since it’s been years that we are b├ęcotons.
Julie is very discreet when she wins my room so we risk nothing.

Like every night, I spend a moment in Emilie’s room. To sleep as usual she put on one of my t-shirts that comes to her mid-thighs and I guess under a white lace thong. A funny idea but I like to see it in this outfit.
Julie came in black nightie to spend a moment with us to discuss.
Between the aunt and the niece, I do not know where to turn my head, I see the breasts of Julie barely veiled by the naked and upper thighs of Emilie that my T-shirt that goes back unceasingly reveals me to everything moment. And she does nothing to fix it. Even scolding me.

I can not help but hard and it takes all my will to stay decent.
Julie wishes us good night, I kiss Emilie and go back to my room. I know we’ll have to wait patiently until Emilie falls asleep but we do not want to take any chances.

While waiting for Julie, I can not help but jerk me at the thought of being able to shake against me.
An oppressive silence reigns in the house.
Julie just joined me and smiled, a finger standing on her sensual lips and lies down on me to kiss me.

I love this very sweet moment braving all the dangers. Quickly I embrace before removing her nightie black silk rediscovering naked with this body still beautiful mature woman.
My hands take care of her bulging buttocks before kneading her breasts.
I delight to suck her big chest, she pulls me towards her stroking my hair with small sighs.
His left hand has seized my penis reaching under its caresses its maximum strength.
She wanks me slowly and skillfully, her other free hand gets excited in her pussy.
Her moans are getting louder, she confesses:
– Oh darling, I can not wait anymore every night.

Hardly sentence ends, she takes my cock in the mouth, licking my cock, knead my balls.
Apparently she wants to play with my sex. I let her do it.
His mouth slowly down on my cock swallowing three quarters. She can not go further and starts a quick blowjob for a few seconds and then starts her ride again. I moan loudly and tense, with the feeling that red ants eat my cock.

I just woke up with a start, I had a wonderful dream, Claude made love to me on a beach when we were disturbed by walkers, shame …
I’m sweating, I get up to drink in the kitchen, I do not light, just the light of the moon, the house is silent but when I pass in front of Claude’s room, I hear him moan. He does not look good.
I gently open the door, slips into his room and discovers the horrible truth, my aunt kneeling on her bed devouring her sex!
I am completely paralyzed, my legs wobble when I hear Claude ask Julie:
– If you want a hug you should stop because I will not resist long, you suck so well!
She stands up and answers him:
– Your machine is so delicious, so big and so wide. I am always overwhelmed by its size and loves to have it in the mouth …

She straddles her legs, grabs his member and rubs the glans on her vulva and begins to sink gently into a long groan deaf.
From where I am, I see almost all the pine in her pussy disappear. Her pussy must be well lubricated because she has no difficulty in absorbing it, she presses her hands on the chest of Claude and begins movements from bottom to top. Her breasts follow gravity and jerk in rhythm.
She takes her time calmly, quietly, not to wake me up.
Claude forces her to change position, he puts her on the back, lifts her legs he puts on his shoulders and penetrates again, mixing his buttocks to the rhythm of his thrusts, sinking deeper in her, accelerating her thrusts.

She sighs quietly whispering words of love, telling him the effect of his dart in his velvet sheath.
He accelerates the pace, pulls her thighs to fuck faster and faster.
– Oh damn I love your big dick my love, enjoy me, fill me with your cum! She whispers.
At the moment he lets go, I understand that he has just emptied herself into her. She enjoys concert by pushing small squeaks.