His beautiful body and his chest

This time Alexandre played more subtly to make come and go his generous glans in the narrowness of the second sphincter, filing gently but methodically, alternately contemplating the spectacle of his beautiful body and his chest undulating under the thrusts he inflicted in anal, the beardless and shiny vulva of natural and artificial lubricants beneath which he planted her tail, and her beautiful face as a perfect submissive, passive girl.

Deciding to relieve her finally he first accelerated his movements, and when he began to enjoy began to give him beautiful shots basin, making it shake and meow, panting “go for my love” motivation, trying not to deny himself too much as he drummed fiercely against the door of his freshly deflowered intimacy. He swung in his ass a significant amount of sperm, lubricating fortunately even more his last assaults that were also the most violent.

Once the enjoyment passed he could not help but still enjoy some comings and goings there, not knowing if there would be a day access, still admiring the spectacle so deliciously pornographic of his big cock diving finally completely in this tiny hole he had received as a present ‘To this day the most desired birthday present we have ever offered him! Withdrawn, he wiped a little his line, and against all odds plunged his tongue and fingers, to give him a last orgasm, she deserved but she did not even think possible.

She accepted it as a reward for her submissive submission, and such was indeed the intension of her man.
She would also require him the next day and the day after he made her enjoy in cunnilingus and forbid him to have fun too, as a tribute to the efforts made for his birthday and to make him forget that she still hurt his buttocks forty-eight hours later.

My story begins towards the end of the April holidays, the last Thursday precisely. I must say that at the time of this story I’m only 13 years old, and I keep my current age secret. I was bathing in the municipal swimming pool when I saw the girl I loved arrive. She had put on a blue bikini.

We saw her nipples hardened by the cold point through the fabric of her bikini top. Soon, I began to bend. Fortunately for me, I did not bandage very hard, so my cock could not deform my shorts. I was at that moment in the big pond. To my surprise, she went down there too, and came and kissed me. Then she went away, to go a few laps with her friends.

I stood there, smug. I put on my diving goggles, and dive under the water. I saw it, about ten meters from me, swimming the breaststroke. When his legs moved apart, I had a clear view of his crotch. I glimpsed his lips that were drawn through his underpants, and some pubic hair. I began to bend even harder, and this time, my life suddenly deformed my swim shorts. Inexorably, my hand went under the elastic of my shorts to grab my cock and jerk me off, but my conscience held me back.

I pretended to develop my apnea (which was true at the base). That’s when Julie (that’s her name) came back to me and started a very lively discussion about the last RPG. The discussion lasted more than a quarter of an hour, when Julie changed the subject.

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Part of his body he wanted to admit

Alexander had never been satisfied with it, but had not always succeeded in doing so either. Tonight he wanted it at all costs. Until then he had been very cautious about Julie, too much in love to commit an imprudence he could have regretted, but at that moment, he was so close to realizing this obsessive fantasy that tormented him since he knew Julie that he had to mobilize all his attention so as not to become too brutal.

As he continued to make himself more insistent he ordered him, more authoritatively than he would have in fact wanted, to spread more thighs. Julie did not pay much attention to the tone of her voice. After all, his words were less difficult to bear than that part of his body he wanted to admit, and although it was uncomfortable, she complied. A little lower compared to her assailant she offered a better angle, and then was sodomized much deeper.

In fact, Alexander had continued to increase the pressure with which he was trying to possess it, and once he was better positioned he had finally propelled himself deep enough where she had always thought that no one would ever go ‘This sudden movement did not occur Without a doubt Julie had to endure much more than a deflowering: When she had been deflowered, she was excited and then wanted to be penetrated by a way that nature had done for that.

Tonight she did not want to: She had agreed to give herself there only for the pleasure of her lover, not for her, and this hole was definitely not meant to be visited. Alexandre had stopped once in her, a little surprised to have finally managed to take in the ass, but also a little worried about the tone of the cry he had torn off by sodomizing. He studied his face, again half buried in the folds of the bed, and there was nothing more than when he had made him admit his plug earlier in the evening: A bit of tension and surprise, but nothing very bad.

Then taking up the tube of gel, he dropped a few drops on the base of his cock, he had the intention to also put ‘Still spreading her buttocks almost painfully she felt him pushing further his big cock. With him it was always necessary to go all the way! Alexander changed his mind before inserting himself deep inside, for fear of really hurting him if he reached the bottom of his rectal bulb, and withdrew almost entirely, without, however, pushing the vice to cross backwards. that internal sphincter he had thought he could never cross without literally violating it.

Taking the course in the same direction he began to gently fuck in the ass, glad to see that she had really prepared well, because it was still clean? She really only had this little qualities! And damn, what was she good! Almost forgetting that he was de-liming, he gradually accelerated the amplitude and cadence, decided to take full advantage of the divine sensations that could produce this small asshole tight on his beautiful turgid anatomy.

When he began to ride on both sides of her to fuck her in anal like a bitch she felt the need to remind him that he had promised to stay sweet if he reached that point. Not immediately giving up on this domineering position, imagining what it could have seen from the camcorder in action, he was careful not to inflict too generous thrusts too.

No longer able, and finding that she had already been brave enough to afford a second remark, Julie took the risk of angering his man by telling him how hips became sore. Alexander did not answer, but withdrew and let her lie on her back. What a relief for his sore joints! Although then the joints are not the only place in her body that was a bit sore? Alexander asked him to go to bed on the edge of the bed.

He went to kneel on the ground on a cushion to raise his legs and maintain them at ninety degrees, then put his legs on his shoulders, since she was tired. She would have preferred that he finish this evening rather quickly at this moment, and was rather intensely disappointed to feel it guiding her sex not to his, but even where she had never wanted anything. Alexander put as before his cock just where it was needed, and then looked to that of his partner. She did not want to support his gaze, and closed his eyes, suspecting that he would not stop watching her as immodest now.

Julie did not move any more

And this time she noticed how strangely wet she was when she thought she was no longer excited at the practical work of the late night? She let herself be kissed again with a pleasure increased by this feeling of being fully satisfied but also because of the surprising contrast between the brutality and the animality of this deep double penetration and the intensity with which it stimulated all the erogenous zones of his femininity.

She surrendered completely again, moving at the rate imposed by her lover, deliberately slow pace to allow him loose movements in her from the mouth of her pussy to the bottom. Then he paused, remaining deeply inserted in her pussy, while she sways subtly to take advantage of him although he did not limp, when he undertakes again to remove his plug. For the first time, and probably because he had stayed in her, it was not so painful, just barely unpleasant. While he left the tip of his toy in the hole deflower he pushed his rod again deeper, very deeply, so that his pelvis came to press the free end of the dildo he held with one hand , possessing it gradually behind and in front.

Once he had made him admit the biggest part of the plug he withdrew, again with the same movement of its two orifices at the same time, in order to progressively dilate it to the maximum. To be possessed thus slowly but completely by the two orifices immediately provoked a demonic mixture of pain and pleasure.

The pain associated with anal dilatation that was practiced by the bulge of the dildo every time he passed on both sides of his sphincter, the pleasure of feeling the tail that filled his pussy; the suffering of being submissive, offered in a humiliating posture, the pleasure of feeling powerfully desired by an experienced man; the pain of knowing how dependent she became, the pleasure of always being rewarded for the efforts made ‘All in an atmosphere far more than dare?

Sex with Alexander when he was the best is when it was pornographic, but then it was the ecstasy assured. At that moment Julie was not really controlling herself anymore. She was too tired and too full of feelings to continue to lend appearance. Face buried in a pillow, arms on both sides of her, clinging to the sheets, loins fully arched, she began to come to Alexander when he plunged into her by the two orifices at the same time , trying to make it go even further in her, where his cock was at the bottom against the cervix of her uterus, while the dildo was also undertaken totally. He understood that she was going to give herself whole again because she felt pointing the beginnings of a new orgasm, but this time he should not satisfy her.

Indeed at that moment she was ready, and once she would be satisfied again, he knew it, he would have no chance, unless he then forced to respect his commitment to offer her ass. That would have been the best way to never get an evening like this again, and still had a lot of plans for her? Pulling out once more, he removed the plug completely this time and gripped it firmly by the hips to give him some good thrusts and thus continue to bring home desire.

Once certain that she was going to enjoy soon he slowed his pace and then withdrew maliciously, certain that frustrated so she would probably do whatever he wanted before he finally satisfies her ‘Brutally caught up in the reality Julie moved a little more comfortably, which was a little difficult because her hips and knees were a little pain. Since she had spent most of the evening on all fours, this was not surprising. Alexander had also repositioned, straightening a little, so that his penis is just a few millimeters higher.

He was going to take her in the ass now, and although she is already very lubricated, and his cock too, he let a little gel still flow on the birth of the line of her buttocks, and placed his cock. He guided her hand insistently lower and lower until his cock came to stand just in front of the virgin hole he was deflowering. Julie did not move any more, and only her fast breathing animated her body with weak movement. Now that she knew what was ahead of him, it became less easy to accept the discomfort of the position, and it seemed to her that she could no longer hold out so long and her thighs so far apart.

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Pushing him with enough determination to penetrate all at once

Julie turned around as he closed the water taps around her, interrogatively. He straightened imperceptibly, pointing his big penis just out of her, in a position sufficiently explicit that she understands what she had to do without receiving orders this time. For indeed, he had only given orders tonight, since at no time had he embellished his wishes with any form of politeness, or even combined his demands with the conditional.

She knew perfectly well that it was what he wanted: That she submit completely, without a word, and this time again she blindly accepted this rule of immoral play crouching before him to suck. So installed, she could have expelled her gadget if she had not paid attention, and he had to contract a little to avoid this risk, which was not really nice?

Alexander contented herself with what she offered him this time, aware that she was already trying to take it amply in the mouth, and moreover quickly. She really hated when he set the pace by holding her head to kiss her mouth, and saw the turn that took the first blowjob that night, while he was still very cautious and had still nothing obtained from what he wanted, she feared at this moment that it was worse. She was too happy that he had never tried to take it deep throat not to fear that it would happen a day like this: A day when he did not enjoy it until after she was shown totally subject to him.

In this domineering step he had his cock pumping for long minutes, and when Julie took the initiative to get back a little better, waiting docilely to know what he would like later, he just took the opportunity to feel it a little breasts, whose ends pointed with ardor as their bodies gradually dried, Julie still dripping drops that escaped from her hair.

He had annoyed her enough just before she wanted a virile body-to-body with him again, and no longer felt the tiredness she felt just moments ago. She waited for her man to sign the end of the oral performance she was giving to dry quickly and follow him back to his room.

Wandering with this piece of plastic in the rectum was a rather uncomfortable experience, and in this reflection in the hallway where Alexander was waiting, the cock still stiff and swollen, she realized that she was now going to the last stage of this long deflowering, because he would never leave the case tonight, she knew it well.
It is resigned that she went again on all fours on the bed, when he asked, buttocks well up, loins well arched.

As she had changed? Never before would she let anyone talk to her like he did during those hot evenings, and any of the partners that he had had would not have accepted it either, if, by experience, they had not not known that once submitted it would be widely rewarded ‘Alexander came to stand behind her and made him spread enough thighs to be able to kneel between them.

He studied a little that gorgeous ass she was going to offer for the first time, and grabbed the plug he had planted. Gripping him tightly between his fingers, he began to shoot at him, again inflicting on his companion strange feelings of need that were impossible to control. He was pulling hard enough already, but was not making any progress yet, and asked him to let it go, without contracting.

When she nodded a shy nod, he removed it with a single gesture, involuntarily inflicting a burning anal pain, which grew even stronger when it contracted with all its forces reflexively. She had screamed at that moment, but remained submissive when she felt him deliver it to him, pushing him with enough determination to penetrate all at once. It must be said that she was so lubricated that he slid easily into his sphincter, even if it was still not painless.

She had barely the tip of his man’s penis between his lips

Surprising her man, and surprising herself, she asked him in a hoarse voice: “Go ahead, fuck me now, fuck me like a bitch, fuck my little pussy and my little ass, let me cum once again, make me cum like this, I beg you “.
Alexander, a big pervert never satisfied with what he was getting, already thought that now that she knew how to suck like a real goddess and that she gave herself passionately with a plug inserted in the ass, he was left with only Convince her to do what he had never done with any of his girlfriends: A party with her and two friends: One in his mouth, one in her pussy and him in her ass!

He forgot these sordid ideas and applied at best to satisfy her, kneeling between her legs and gripping the top of her buttocks by spreading them, contemplating at leisure the total submission of her darling, and her wonderful little asshole enhanced with blue the plug he was harboring, while his sex soaked with their sap and lubricant gave him what she had been waiting for since the beginning of the evening, but with much more effect than she would have hoped. Given the state of submission and excitement in which she was, Alexander bowed a little to take advantage of the situation once again.

He slid his hand forward until he could shake her clit, which she did not always allow, and even less since she had an absolutely hairless Mount of Venus, because it embarrassed her enormously. Feeling so possessed, offered, totally filled and stimulated strangely increased her feelings, which she would have difficulty to explain rationally when she think back to this evening the next morning, not being able to admit that had been dominated who had then transported it.

The fingers of his man who searched her and the big jerk it sent him in time did not delay to wear it in swoon, and when the second orgasm of the night approached, it was a huge wave of pleasure who invades him. She put a hand on her lover, who continued to file methodically as she panted and meowed, the edge of discomfort, guiding his fingers faster and harder on her hard clit. The pleasure lasted, and it was only gradually that Alexandre felt her companion come down again, while her breathing was again more regular and her body, stretched like a bow on the arrow that impaled it, relaxed a little. Small tasty contractions still animated her intimacy, and each time it seemed that the two ends she had in her throbbed in the hollow of her belly, extending in a strange way the pleasure.

It was only when she relaxed completely, then passively penetrating, like a doll badly inflated and too lubricated, that Alexander released her embrace and let her lie on her side, sated and sweating. She had his account, but he did not, and especially had not yet reached the goal set, and she had consented to let him hope.
Perceiving the torpor that had seized his companion, he invited her to go to shower so that they are invigorating … When she began to ask him what to do with his toy, he asked him to keep. She rose with caution, and in this movement indeed his presence was immediately remembered to her, and also when she leaned down to remove her stockings, showing then immodestly possessed by this unusual object to her lover, sitting on the bed just behind him, without even paying attention.

He adored, taking this involuntary gesture as a naughty consent. Alexander accompanied him into the bathroom, his impressive cudgel was not down? Once under the floods of hot water they played naughty frotti-frotta games, then Alexander asked him to make him back, and to offer a bit bowing, arms against the wall and legs apart on both sides of the shower tray. He approached her tail stiff, and first touched her sex, he slid into her slot forward. At this contact she threw her head back moaning, a little louder when he came to press against the opening of her vulva, close to her clit already going back to life.

Alexander grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples, just hard enough to hurt him. She did not even pay attention, waddling his best to masturbate on the cock that was refusing for the moment to penetrate. With the plug always stuck in her these basin movements still provoked new sensations very daring, and it seemed almost already to be taken in front, while she had barely the tip of his man’s penis between his lips.

The head found himself at his feet

The head found himself at his feet

That explains the absence of Remy, and the silence that there is in the house, they had planned, like every year, to go shopping, provisions for two weeks. The impression of being abandoned hardly Adeline, but she thinks that anyway she could not have woken up. Especially after such a night, thinking about it slips a hand between her legs as if she was trying, again and despite the weather, to revel in this wetness. Unfortunately there is nothing left, except the faint smell and slight traces on his shirt and legs. Maybe Remy saw them? Adeline knows he would never have been able to look, too stuck.

This is the fault of Remy, Adeline is used to it and accepts it, cuddling, touching and some sexual caresses were enough for Adeline. However, since a few days since she made love with Eric, her brother, she is hungry for pleasure. Especially since this warmth of the South reinforces these desires. After all, she had come here in the hope that Remy, her darling, made love to her.

She left her bed to open her suitcase. She grabbed a pair of denim shorts and a tank top. She undressed the long shirt she throws on the bed, she finds herself naked and there is no mirror where she can admire her body, disappointed she is satisfied with his hands.

Her breasts are huge, that’s what she says. They are not that big but it is true that it is difficult to grasp one of these breasts with one hand. On its own, this breast can satisfy several men, hands, at the same time. Adeline is aware of the power that this represents, she likes that. She puts her tank top on her head, covering all her belly and back. Breasts are trapped, and this tank holding them gives the impression that they are bigger.

Her buttocks, without a doubt the most beautiful asset of Adeline. She learned in time that men preferred the buttocks rather than the breasts, even if they are oversized. In both cases, she is happy to know that she has the most beautiful little back and the most beautiful breast. She puts on her mini shorts, molding, which only hides her buttocks and her intimacy.
Only his legs and arms, and his face of course, were bare. This beautiful body is not the result of chance, even if his mother is for many, it is the result of intensive use of the sport.

She leaves her room to go down and join the living room. She turns on the TV, it’s apparently a porn channel judging the request to enter a password. Adeline looks around her, there is no one and she knows it. She grabbed Zero four times. Bad code. She ends up zapping string, music clips.
She stands in front of the TV and starts her stretching session before going to shower.

After a few minutes, Adeline dug her loins, her upper body bent forward, her chest found on her knees and her head between her legs. It was in this position, upside down, that she saw Uncle Roger, Jerome’s brother. By surprise she fell. She got up immediately and remained on her lap.

  • Sh’tai scared apparently, sorry! Roger shouted.
  • No it’s me, excuses Adeline, Remy told me that you go shopping …
  • Not me, Roger cut, I rarely get up in the morning so I almost never go!
    Adeline was still on his knees. Roger was looking at her, not only because he spoke to her, but also because he liked the “show”: A young and beautiful girl on her knees, the dress was also very seductive, even enticing. After rolling his eyes on his legs, he goes back on her two breasts, through the tank top he easily distinguishes the nipples. He finally looks at Adeline in the eyes and notices that it fixes him.
  • Uh sorry, he hastened to throw, you can continue, I’ll leave you!
  • It’s not serious, she said standing up, stay if you want, your presence does not annoy me in any case! Conclude Adeline.
    Roger hesitates, whatever interested in the proposal, he proposes to go to drink, she agrees.

Back in the living room, with a bottle of water and two glasses, Roger settled on the couch and admires Adeline’s body twist, an erection begins to feel in the underpants. Adeline being back, he takes the opportunity to place his cock, the glans being found between the skin and the outline of the garment. The hump is still there but less visible.

Meanwhile Adeline had folded in two, the head found himself at his feet, noticing the gesture that Roger had made and the breathtaking view he had on her. This game bordering exhibitionism appeals to Adeline. She just smiles at him.
On the other hand, he seemed uncomfortable, but in reflecting he realizes that this

I rented a comfortable studio in the city center

I am not one of those draggers-collectors-accumulators, permanently frustrated at not having the one missing from their hunting boards.
No, I can not choose the woman who will make me happy. I am an indecisive player.
A long time ago, Thomas MOORE said that it was necessary to examine a woman under all the seams before choosing her, as one would do before buying a horse. Me, I go further, I think we must also try them, try several, try a lot?

To come back to my vacation that begins, I rented a comfortable studio in the city center. In Paris, I prefer to go to my conquests and I sometimes avoid giving them my address. We do not know who we can fall on: A harasser, a psychopath, a lover. I understand that you love me, but not that you rot my life. Here, it will be different. I only have 10 days left. They can still come ringing at my door, I will not be here anymore.
For the phone, I took a new number. So I would not be bothered by my knowledge of Paris.

When I arrived last night, the guy from the estate agency explained everything I needed to know. In questioning him, I learned, unfortunately, that my neighbors are all old. So I have nothing to expect from that side. Unless their granddaughter visits them?

TUESDAY, 1st day in Antibes

In the morning, the first thing I do (after pissing and getting dressed, of course), is to go rent a scooter. I booked it over the Internet. I take 2 helmets, it can be useful.
After that, I’ll do some shopping at the nearest supermarket.
In the alleys there are only eye mums is too early for young women-.
I have a snack, coffee, PQ, paper tissues, a few bottles of alcohol, 2 boxes of XL condoms and 1 tube of lube.
At the time of paying, I choose the most beautiful cashier (the choice is limited since there are only 2 cashiers).I have to find a way to use all of this. (I show the condoms).

It makes her laugh again and she starts to blush the naughty.
I have to leave because there are other customers waiting. “Au revoir Françoise” (her name is written on her badge).
Already a touch. I do not believe it too much, but you have to know how to seize every opportunity. And then I would like to hit a native.
I leave my notebook “special holiday”. At the letter “F”, I write:
Francoise. Cashier at the supermarket. Brown. Big breasts. Must introduce me to a girlfriend. Fiancee.

After leaving the races at home, it’s time to go on the attack. It is 10:30. I take my scooter and go to the beach.
In the morning, it’s the ideal. There are not too many people yet and “competition” is not yet at work.
I first make a general tour to identify places and girls fuckable.
In other circumstances, I would have found almost all consumables, but here there is plenty of choice. I can afford to do the difficult.
On the beach there are kids, old people, families, which for me do not exist. I focus on my game: The girls alone.

Here is a very pretty, but unfortunately she reads a book. The nerds, very little for me! No, you guessed it, I’m kidding! For what I would have liked to do with her, I do not care if she is cultivated. In addition she reads Barbara Cartland! In truth what makes me flee is this empty towel next to her that must belong to her boyfriend.

Whaoo! This one she has a butt! A real invitation to sodomy! Unfortunately, she is tanned, which means she has been there for several days. So she has already been flirted. So, if she’s not a lesbian, she must have a guy. I prefer to attack girls with white skin: To those who have just arrived.

There, 2 girls together. One is a real sausage. The other is hot. I could try the technique: Drag the ugly to coax and jump the beautiful.

A few meters away, this one with all those acne pimples on her face, she’s not terrible. She must be ready for anything so that a beautiful boy like me takes care of her.

After the orgasm I gave him, I was hoping for a positive and enthusiastic response

I leave my tube of lubricant, I spread my cock, and go!
My cock returns without much difficulty in this narrow hole. I go very slowly to begin. Gaëlle is squirming. She moans. She claims more. I go deeper, I accelerate the pace.
She really likes it the slut! Every time my movement brings out my cock a little, she backs her buttocks frenzy to come to meet me. To believe that she does not want to let escape these 23 cm of happiness.
And then she starts to cum panting!
It’s grandiose!
Unbelievable ! She enjoyed by the ass, without even fiddling with clit!
I leave my cock, I masturbate. To finish me, it does not take long and I ejaculate in the condom.
I collapse in my turn next to Gaëlle.
She is recovering little by little from her emotions.
She takes a cigarette. I make a comment:You seem to love sodomy, you. It’s very rare…
Without asking anything, she begins to tell me what led her to discover this practice:

It was last year, my girlfriend Fatima had just been flirted by a guy small, big and ugly. She did not know him, so she wanted me to go with him to reassure her.
I do not know why she had agreed to go out with this Tomy. Fatima is not terrible, but still?
They kissed for a long time next to me on the living room couch. Then they went to the room.
After a few minutes, I heard screams. Cries of pleasure from Fatima. It was impressive. It seemed to last several minutes. I was breathless. I was very embarrassed and at the same time very excited.
After a short lull, that put that back! Screaming, re-moaning. This time followed by the groans of Tomy.
Then my girlfriend hurried out of the room to go to the bathroom. I was red with confusion.
That’s when Tomy appeared in underwear. He approached me and he said, “If you want me to do the same thing for you, go tomorrow afternoon.”
Fatima came back and we left.
I went home very quickly. Without mentioning with Fatima what had happened.
At night, in my bed, I only thought and rethink these cries and this filthy dude. I masturbated several times, but not soothed.
The next afternoon, despite my shame and reluctance, I went to Tomy’s house. He was waiting for me.
He brought me directly to the room. We undressed. After a few caresses he told me, “Your girlfriend had to tell you that I only take the girls by the ass. You’ll see, this is my specialty. “
To believe it, Fatima would have enjoyed like crazy by getting fucked. By this pig!
I could not believe it. But to the point where I was, it was difficult for me to run away, and then I was tempted to try too.
Without even asking my opinion, he coated my hole Vaseline and he penetrated me slowly. I had pain at first, I must say that I was a virgin on this side.
I was thinking of Fatima’s cries, and then that Tomy knew his business. My orgasm happened very quickly. But I did not scream.
Tomy ejaculated a few seconds later.
I got dressed and left, without a word.
Since that day, all the guys I go out with can bug me if they want to. I love that.

She told it without any shame, I’m amazed.
I love to get confidences about the sexual past of my conquests, I’m served on a platter.
This story excited me to the highest point. I band again, and I would have liked to redo a ride in his little hole. But after looking at her watch, Gaëlle jumps out of bed. It is already 18h, she must return to see her parents.
I take her on a scooter near her house (she does not want her parents to see me).
I propose to meet again tomorrow. After the orgasm I gave him, I was hoping for a positive and enthusiastic response. It’s neither one nor the other. She explains to me that her parents watch her closely and they often impose her outings.
His procrastination moderates my eagerness towards him.
To drive the nail or to make me jealous she adds:

I will probably not wear anything

I will probably not wear anything

I went to the showers with my man. If he went there naked, the towel on his shoulder, for my part I tied a sarong around my waist. There were two types of showers, the common ones where men and women, without distinction, washed and individual cabins. We showered in one of these cabins, but both together. I feared the eyes of other vacationers seeing us enter one of these cabins, especially since they were wide open on the outside with a wall at the height of the blow and the absence of doors.

But nothing, no one notices, no look. Underwater, we soaped each other with my boyfriend. I took his member in the hand, which was soon to grow. My man came to place his hands on my breasts and pelota, then on my conch causing me tingling pleasant in the lower abdomen.

But we stopped before reaching the enjoyment, wanting only to touch the pleasure and not waste it. I wanted the tail of my lover in me and it must be said that a cramped shower and open to the outside is not the most convenient place to make love. Once the sex of my man had a little deflated, we went back to the tent, me with my sarong and Stephane totally naked.

He seemed perfectly comfortable, more than I at the end. I liked very much seeing that he was not bandaging in spite of the women of all ages that we met: cute girls with mouthwatering bodies, slender waist, curves full of charms where it is needed; mature women with blooming forms who had nothing to displease or older too, on which time had done its work, but sometimes with beautiful remains.

On the other hand, there were also women who were real remedies against love, it must be admitted. However, naturism is precisely respect for all: Accept the physical of the other, his religion, his opinions and live freely together without any prejudice. Here we find nobody disgusting because it is not beautiful. In a naturist place everyone is at the same level.

Tolerance is often appropriate, even if sometimes we find extremists everywhere; in any case much less than in a “textile” environment. Two girls who are holding hands on a beach and who make a little kiss, it will be a scandal on a textile beach, it will pass into total indifference on a nudist beach. Some say that two girls kissing or two guys even, it’s disgusting … This is not the problem! The problem is those who say that or think: They are intolerant … When you are in a nudist place, it is not to be naked or see other naked; we go there to feel comfortable, good about ourselves and with nothing on the skin.

When we went to bed that evening, Stéphane made love to me with his usual ardor giving me a lot of pleasure. Living naked does not make naturists powerless or devoid of sexual desire; the only thing is that during the day, in public they refrain their impulses. I strove to make my enjoyment silent, being aware that the thin tent could not hold my cries.
The next morning, when I got up, I forgot the pareo without even thinking about it. It was Stéphane who pointed it out to me when I came back from the toilet block:

– Bah! You stay naked?
– Yes, I did not even realize it. I am good like this. I will probably not wear anything other than my own skin until the end of our stay.
Then I end with one:
– Do you like my darling?
“You know you’re divine for me,” he said, handing me a nice kiss on his mouth, while putting a hand on the top of my thigh, at the birth of my buttocks.

I saw that his sex showed an aspect that did not deceive. A guy who is erect on a nudist beach will not be castigated? Unless he is so and shows his member in shape ostensibly to all. Why should we ask a man not to take pleasure in having his girlfriend next to him, to feel the benefits of the sun, the gentle breath of the wind with no reaction. So I suggested to my man to come back to the tent.

The zipper lightly lowered, he took me without care as I sometimes liked that he does, without preliminary, the hussar. The hug was fast, but so intense that I enjoyed.

To go to the pool, I stayed naked, just taking a towel over my shoulder. We passed by the showers, without taking a cabin this time, we entered the space where all, men and women, showered without shame. However, I did not dare, in front of others, rub my crotch to erase the fuck of my boyfriend. But my inhibition faded quickly when I saw a man slip away without taking the precaution.

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I guess by far a silhouette of a woman, naked, languid on the chair

I guess by far a silhouette of a woman, naked, languid on the chair

Three hours later, exhilarated by the memories of the day before, I thought to join my beautiful who was to be napping because she had not slept much, exhausted by her morning tennis.
I had the intention to surprise her in her sleep and to show her what I was capable of, I do not hide that I had also in the idea to question her audacity the night before.

Arrived in the room, surprise? Nobody. A little upset by this surprise, I go looking for him.
I do not know why, but as I approached the room of our friends, I was astonished to see the French window door ajar and I decided to go see if they were there.
I approach the terrace, and I guess by far a silhouette of a woman, naked, languid on the chair. Determined to rinse my eyes on the beautiful body of Pauline, I hide behind a bush, position allowing me on the one hand to have a direct view of the chair and on the other hand, to be hidden from the eyes of occupants and possible passers-by.

What was not my surprise to see Pauline; naked on the chair, legs apart, trying to rub her pussy, staring straight ahead, as if she was looking at something.
My dreams were interrupted by a groan that was no stranger to me. So I decided to change the observation post to see what captivated the attention of Pauline and that excited him to the point of triturating only the clitoris.

My wife was totally naked, lying on the bed, with Paul, shirtless and in shorts, at his right side, caressing his body and eat him alternately breasts and mouth, and during that time, I see also a man with very dull skin, also shirtless, lying down, his head between her wide open thighs, without there being any doubt about what he was doing to her.
I recognized without difficulty the perfectly sculpted back of Jim, the tennis teacher.

I approach a little and I notice that with his left hand, he spreads his lips to reveal the little magic button he sucks her fleshy lips. At the same time and with her right hand, I could see very clearly the two fingers well inserted in the intimacy of my wife, come and go at a steady pace.
I knew for a long time that this kind of double caress could put it very quickly in trance, which, considering its moans of pleasure, was already the case.
I was on the ass that in less than 24 hours, my kind and prude woman had turned into a slut able to show off with two horny males.

While Jim’s caresses were starting to produce the desired effect, I saw Ms. start breathing faster, eyes fixed on Jim’j’hallucinais mouth even more when I heard it “Go ahead, yes, again , eat me pussy, lick me hard ‘Hmmmm yes like that, it’s good’ “.
The more she encouraged him, the more he penetrated her big fingers and more his tongue was busy and Paul during that time took care of her breasts vigorously.

I saw Madame’s hand go to the big bump of Paul’s shorts and grab him the member hardened through the shorts. Paul then straightened on his knees to the left of my wife in a trance, which allowed my beautiful to get out of the way of her sex already erect and obviously cramped ‘. “Come, I want to suck you,” she told him in a breath.

While Jim was doing it again, I saw her bend over and swallow the fat cock of Paul, licking it up and down.
The show was worthy of an ass movie, my wife sucking one guy while another was eating her pussy, I could not believe my eyes, and I did not forget that during that time, Pauline did not miss a beat.

After a short moment, I see Jim approaching Madame and take a seat on her right. Understanding the invitation, Ms. broke away from Paul’s sex and began to attack Jim’s mouth, while also trying to remove his shorts. ‘Not surprisingly, I noticed that Jim was already bandaging like a Turk and that his dick had nothing to envy to that of Paul ‘Once the machine in hand, I saw the star with a big smile before melting on this new prey and swallow also with greed.
While Jim blew loudly at the ferocious activity of Madame on his machine, Paul took advantage of this respite to slip behind her.

Delicately, he brought on all fours and penetrated brutally doggy style. The shock was so strong that it tore a shout of pleasure to Madame, who, in passing, also triggered an orgasm to Pauline, in any case, that’s what I thought I heard from the other side, and then began again to suck more beautiful tennis teacher.
For almost ten minutes, I attended this surreal scene of my wife investigating.