The amplitude he was achieving was now at a maximum

He hated hair, and surely would not wait to ask him to do it in full, because he adored hairless little pussies. Julie had not really made any effort on this subject: In fact she swam a lot and this sport required her to be shaved close enough, waxing she had completed after trying his new underwear.
He went up to stand above her, supporting himself with one of his arms, while on the other he guided himself to her.

Julie was passive, her eyes closed, impatient but also a little worried since she could see the size “XL” of her tail in her hands’ and in her mouth. He placed it against her, just at the entrance, the end of his cock wrapped between his lips wet with wet saliva mixed, he had just spread his finger, and pushed a little.

Julie felt her vulva open slowly, the diameter of her sex becoming that of the voluminous glans that undertook. He slid gently and pushed a little more of his kidneys. Julie was fully offered and lubricated, and now already dilated as she had already been to accept her previous lovers. She already felt very present against her, but he had not yet penetrated. It took a little time for her to let herself be caught, so lest she tense herself up, Alexandre made herself a little more insistent but without rushing her, and made him admit the glans.

She moaned this first assault, which made him feel deflowering as Alexander’s cock was big, except that in addition to feeling copiously dilated she experienced a delicious sensation of pleasure. All of his thoughts and attention were focused on his sex as he made his way into it, and now it seemed obvious to him that this imposing sex that had so impressed him would be the instrument that would enjoy as never before, as long as her lover knows how to do it.

Julie was already deeply possessed, and this sensation was even more intense as it progressed in her vagina, plunging to the bottom of her pussy the largest instrument she has ever known. He sank into her very slowly but completely, glad to see his face relax, and not the opposite, as he made him consider how he could stimulate with this beautiful tool which he had been provided.

He had been right when he thought he perceived in her a great sensuality, and this from the first look: it was made for love, it was made for sex. Nature had made her a perfect body to signify: Her ideal forms were the translation of the very essence of femininity. As long as she finds the one that would make him fully discover, this body was the toy from which she and her partners could draw the Enjoyment and Pleasure.

He hoped to be that one? He moved a little in the back of her to lubricate it well and prepare it gently to go further, harder with him, while kissing her on the mouth and in the neck, then backtracked just as gradually, making a Once again, she had to go through the opening of her pussy to the maximum diameter offered by her glans by withdrawing almost entirely, leaving just the tip of her penis between her lips after crossing them backwards. She put her hands on his back, low enough but not daring yet to do it on her buttocks and, without even being aware of it, drew him imperceptibly towards her, while spreading her thighs a little more; offering himself more.

This slippery sex wet penetrated again with a little resistance, giving him a maximum of sensations and snatching a small grunt of pleasure. He was already at the bottom of her, and pushed a little more of his loins to fully possess before making the same maneuver again, and again meow when he inserted into her. Gradually he accelerated a little, keeping a certain measure in the pace and strength of his assaults, always cautious not to lavish more than pleasure, nothing but pleasure.

The rhythm he gave was slow, but the amplitude he was achieving was now at a maximum, withdrawing almost completely each time before diving into it until their pools stick to one another, penetrating it as deeply as the position allowed.

Julie quickly regained confidence in her, having quite often known men to know what to do with them, even if no one had penetrated for a long time! She accompanied with more and more enthusiasm and accuracy the movements of her lover, coming to him when he sank, fidgeting a little when he remained against her, exciting in this way her clit generously exposed by stretching her vulva thus undertaking. She was already excited when Alexander began to file her, and was even on the verge of orgasm when he had interrupted his cunnilingus.

He did not need much more to enjoy fully and now almost without restraint of this session of sex. Indeed, her irregular gasps, punctuated by moans that she held back less and less, betrayed unequivocally the pleasure she was taking at that moment.

Alexander let her come slowly at this rate, decided not to begin to undertake it with more audacity than having satisfied her with a first orgasm. Feeling gradually arching against him so that he effectively stimulates his G-spot, he ran his hands between him and her thighs, making his calves rest on his shoulders. She had never been penetrated in this way, and would certainly not have let herself be so complacent if she had not been so excited.

Alexander straightened himself by leaning on the back of the thighs which he kept thus firmly apart. Julie, buttocks slightly in the air, then completely submissive, understood the interest of the maneuver started by his partner from his first move.

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