She turned back slowly and took it in her mouth

This moment would have more consequences for her than she thought then ‘Satisfied, Alexander then ostentatiously contemplated his young girlfriend, already submissive by desire, concentrated, half open her lips to the vertical of her cock she was holding. ‘a hand. She was the height of eroticism with her breasts free hard nipples swaying over the bra that she had not dared withdraw, her body barely dressed in a tiny thong and her superb stockings , going up very high on the thighs, almost until the birth of the curve of her buttocks; with her little lace-up ankle boots on the back that she still wore.

She slowly approached the nud, the very first she was about to taste for good, and put her lips, still parted. But she had to do more than that to be able to progress: She opened wide her mouth to take it, and it seemed to him that she was already full when she had only admitted the glans! She was afraid of being embarrassed by the taste that a sex of man could have, it was not, even when Alexander emitted a few drops of seminal liquid a little salty between her lips at the moment she had start. What was he big! What the hell was he big!

She turned back slowly and took it in her mouth, a little further this time, then again and again, until she felt like she had a full mouth each time she walked backwards, focusing on his actions so as not to be foolish, especially with his teeth. The choppy breathing of her new guy could have reassured her a little about his talents, but she was not distracted, and he kept looking at her to make her cock come and go in her pretty little mouth.

She had been hard to seduce but she promised beautiful things this Julie: She knew to be sexy at wish, she sucked without a condom the first night, she obeyed him already and in addition she was built like a goddess of sex! What happy lustful prospects!

She sucked well, in fact she was trying to remember everything her second boyfriend asked her when she sucked him and she never agreed, to put it into practice tonight. So she licked her cock up and down the urethra, then stopping on the brake she stimulated a little bit of the tip of the tongue, she also just took the glans in the mouth and then played his tongue on the meatus either gently or quickly, and continued until he signaled him to stand up.

Actually it seemed a bit long, but he took advantage of this bastard ‘She would later realize that it was worth it. When she squatted in front of him, her mouth glistening with saliva and the seminal fluid he had given her, he handed her a condom and asked him to put it on him. As he realized that she was uncomfortable, he put the first few centimeters and asked him to unroll the rest with his mouth.

Once again she did so, with a little satisfaction, for she felt herself a woman, satisfying him with her own mouth. Once shod, he got up and took her to his room, where she followed him after removing his boots, which left a few moments privileged to her lover to admire her ass almost naked, split by the satin that masked the sex beautifully enhanced by the satin of the border of the stockings she had put on.

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