She must still have plenty to learn

Then he turned off the light and closed the door behind him. Claire was at first a little panicked. She was alone in the darkness, lying on her bed completely naked, blindfolded, hands handcuffed to the bars with a vibrating egg in the vagina and still all returned by what had happened to him.

Reflection made, she told herself that it would surely please her boyfriend. She could only tell him that she was all alone and that she was waiting impatiently for him to come and enjoy her. And now she knew exactly what she wanted. The evening may not be over for Claire finally …

Julie was in second year law school when she met Alexander, she was nineteen years old. She did not pay much attention to him: he was one of the young teachers who lectured them in small groups of tutorials. Not that it was unpleasant to watch? he was pretty cute actually? but simply because she had found in law a path that fascinated her, and she was totally involved in learning these new codes and laws. In short, she was not available at this time for a sentimental story.

It was quite different for Alexander, then almost thirty years old, who had achieved a brilliant academic career and without fault, but who had never twisted his reputation of “queutard” that had made him his classmates from his first years of college. He noticed this gorgeous blonde with brown eyes the second she entered the room of tutorials where he welcomed them for the first of their twenty sessions of TD.

He rejoiced, for the first time since he had these teaching duties, to support this group for two hours a week most of the year. She was radiant. Her dress was classic, almost too feminine compared to her usual tastes, but she emanated from her a great sensuality.

Her face was thin and her lips generous, her body looked perfect under her autumn clothes not too close to the body, her generous bosom seemed firm and deliciously desirable, and she had a nice little round ass and long thin thighs in that jeans she was wearing. He had literally flashed like never before, without thinking of their ten-year difference, so much so she seemed mature among her comrades.

One year? That was what she needed delicate attention and small remarks for her to finally start paying a little attention to outside the moments when she took note of what he taught her.

And it was during the last days of the academic year that she gave him a first appointment: A cinema and a drink on a terrace. She did not suspect the intensity of the feelings he had for her; he had, moreover, had a rather unusual behavior in the last few months, when he did not ceaselessly seek new conquests. He had concentrated all his efforts to seduce her and her alone.

The summer was spent in small meetings and some dinners in small restaurants, no more ‘And when the academic year arrived, Alexander was still waiting for this platonic relationship evolves a little, without wanting to rush things. He wanted her to come to him and not the other way around. That she is in love and demanding, not just a little seduced and rather consenting. During the past year, Alexander had been able to take stock of the many anatomical advantages she had been endowed with, and that had only increased her motivation …

She was beautiful to die! He had been able to convince her to feminize her wardrobe a little, recommending her to wear more skirts, fewer sneakers and big sweaters. He was also convinced that with his determined and thoughtful disposition, she had not had to give way. to many suitors so far. She was not a virgin, he knew she had one or two friends in high school, and maybe one or two adventures with no tomorrow.

At her age, she must still have plenty to learn? And every time he imagined with her, the prospect of this almost virgin freshness excited him to the highest point.

While the new year had just come, he tried a successful maneuver that consisted of offering him an evening around a good table, starry, on the pretext of celebrating his debut as a bachelor. This dinner he prepared long enough in advance for him to have the time to fulfill his purpose, and the story exceeded all his expectations.

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