I just sent a message to your boyfriend with your cell

After one or two minutes of this little game, Claire could not longer, put his hands on her panties to remove it. But the stranger stopped him and for the first time a little noise came out of his mouth, meaning he did not agree and she had to let it go. The stranger then grabbed his hands and led him to his bed where he made her lie down.

She was happy with the way things were going. The stranger straddled her and pulled something out of her pocket again. Claire barely had time to wonder what it could be this time, that the stranger grabbed his hands and tied them to the bars of his bed with a pair of handcuffs.

Claire was a little surprised, she had never tried this kind of experience before. She had never even thought of it. From now on, whether she likes it or not, the stranger could do what he wanted with her, and that was soon enough to excite her even more. He lay down next to her and started playing with her again.

He put two fingers on the end of these shoes and went slowly up to Claire’s crotch that it left deliberately ajar. As he went, he climbed a little higher. And he finally stopped them permanently on his intimacy, then, with small movements slow and delicate, began to caress her.

She melted with pleasure. For the first time in her life, she had only one thing in mind: To have fun. After a few seconds, Claire let out a few groans of pleasure. This is the moment that the unknown chooses to remove his panties. For the greater happiness of Claire, he immediately resumed his caresses. Never clear had felt that before. His groans became more and more intense and noisy.

Suddenly, he stopped and got up, Claire felt a sense of immense frustration. But when she heard what he was doing, she was immediately relieved: He was pulling off his pants. The stranger then went to the end of the bed, grabbed Claire’s ankles and lifted them up. Then he walked towards her until she felt his cock against his.

He lifted her again, so that only her shoulders and head rested on the bed now and her legs were resting on the shoulders of the stranger. He began to penetrate her. Claire could not believe it, she would never have thought that penetrations could be so deep. In addition, while penetrating, the stranger resumed his clitoral caresses. Claire took his foot as ever and made it known with great cries and groans of all kinds.

It lasted easily 10 minutes, more than double what she was used to having. She also realized that the stranger had put on a hood, something she had not even noticed until now. The stranger withdrew, then got up and dressed. Claire was in seventh heaven and barely realized what had just happened to her.

The stranger took something out of his pocket again and to his surprise, introduced it into Claire’s vagina. As she went to ask him what he was doing, the vibrating egg that had just been introduced to him by the stranger began to work. This wonderful evening was not over yet! But Claire was still intrigued by something. She had heard the stranger search and for a few seconds, he did not move but still seemed to do something. He finally put the object he had on the table and approached Claire’s ear to whisper:

  • I just sent a message to your boyfriend with your cell, telling him that you were tired of working and wanted to take a break. He told me he was coming right away. You know what to ask him now. Good night.

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