I feel his penis that vibrates with happiness in me

Without consulting each other, we leave the little path in search of a welcoming corner, on the ground floor, this time! A spot of sun, a patch of grass, we are there. I’m already hairy and I’m waiting for him, lying down, offered. He lies down on me. I still feel the smell of love embedded in her skin. He kept my blue swim trunks on him, but I see that his cock bandaged already overflows and goes out proudly …

I start to caress everywhere, everywhere, I plunge my hands into his jersey, the tripote … He guides my hand to his puck. So I decide to return the favor, since he seems to particularly appreciate this caress. Of himself, he gets on all fours to offer himself to my caresses.

I discard the fabric, without undressing and I began to caress the scholarships from underneath, with great licks. I was right. The way he rears instantly, I guess it is, by far, the caress he likes most. So I will try to give him maximum pleasure … I continue licking her perineum and going to her hole.

I salivate profusely on her puck that I see already dabbling in desire. I breathe long warm air, I hear him groaning with pleasure. I now alternate the little licks and sharp licking on his eyelet. He pushes, he recoils his pelvis as if he wanted to offer even more.

He ripples with pleasure. I put a finger to him, he arched vertically to come and hold me to the maximum. with my other hand, I caress the dick that dripping literally transparent liquor … I remove my finger and then replace it with my glans. He feels the caress greedily and I feel it trying to impale on my sting.

I just want to pass my penis but not fuck him thoroughly. That’s it, he engulfed me the glans in a small shout of pleasure and seeks to be fucked thoroughly. I grabs his lobes and starts small back and forth but without me completely in him …

  • Aaaah! Trap me, fuck me!
  • You first !

I then withdraw and go under him. I imprison the size of my legs crossed and I try to impale myself on his tail. Completely excited me too, and already half dilated, he feels that he will be able to penetrate me easily. But, although overexcited by my caresses, he manages to recover and control his penetration. First he caresses me for a long time with the tip of his dart my anus that expands.

He smeared his cock copiously with saliva and passes his penis without difficulty. Once in, he remains totally motionless, devouring my eyes. Little by little, it is me who makes me to wave of the pelvis, contracting or dilating my anus around his penis …

Super good! I feel his penis that vibrates with happiness in me. little by little, lovingly, it progresses in my stomach to sink always a little more. I feel the warmth of his life that progresses in my bowels … That’s it, it’s totally in me. He begins to file me very very slowly. Small movements that become more and more ample but very slow. Delicious ! Sometimes he withdraws completely and penetrates me thoroughly, all at once.

He lies down on me, grabs my shoulders, drowns his eyes in mine and rubs his stomach against my stiff cock desire at the whim of his go and come. Gradually its pace is accelerating. as he enjoyed not so long ago, I know this time it will be longer to come. all the better! I wish it never ends!

He straightened up, grabbed my ass with both hands and now he pounded me hard. I feel his balls beating against my perineum every time he smashes me. I can read on his face, the progression of his pleasure and it’s enjoyable. His pace has accelerated, he gasps, mouth open. Sweat begins to bead on his forehead.

Even faster, even stronger! It burns me and it thrills me with pleasure at the same time. I grabbed my cock and I masturbate frantically. It makes him crazy and he accelerates again …

  • I will enjoy! I will enjoy!
  • Yes, yes, go ahead, come … Deep down.

Suddenly I feel his cock contract and I immediately feel two long hot jets that radiate all the inside. This excites me even more and I feel climb in my rod explosion of pleasure. he brought his face closer to my burning cock and received a long jet of hot cum right in the face.

This time he falls back on me, totally exhausted. His back is covered with long chills. I cover it with my shirt and keep it in my arms for a long time …

God, I’m going to have a hard time letting him go …!

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