He loved this position because it allowed the man to contemplate the pornographic show

Thus, even if she had absolutely no control over the penetration, Alexander rubbed intensely this area of ​​her sex that she was almost discovering: Her point G. Just before her lover is deep inside her his big penis was caressing insistently the place of her vagina by which he intended to lavish his first orgasm.

He was absolutely committed to this, and had always done his best to make his partners females addicted to orgasm by penetration. Of course, he satisfied those who thought they were vaginal, but wanted to convert the so-called clitoris, those who otherwise did not really want to be often penetrated … Julie would have no problem to become amateur, goes and now that he was now making me meow, and he straightened up a little more, in order to check the spectacle of their antics.

Julie had closed her eyes, a little embarrassed, her head turned to one side, her cheeks flushed with desire, her hair hiding her face a little, the expression of which was characteristic of the sexual excitement that overflowed her. Her breasts jiggled slightly with each stroke of kidney that Alexander imposed when his pelvis was banging his ass stretched. He slid his eyes even lower, in his hands broadly empathing her thighs, on the perfect sex in which his cock plunged with passion for a few minutes, and yet already shining honey.

He loved this position because it allowed the man to contemplate the pornographic show of his penetration, as well as the rest of the anatomical attributes of his partner. Julie surrendered to the tension that won her, ready to let herself be crossed by the sensual discharge that was announced. Alexander left the obscene spectacle of their sexes interlocking to watch his young partner tense gently. Her face contracted, her eyelids were closed, her lips half-opened, panting. Her hands grabbed the sheets and squeezed them harder, her legs tensed and she began to moan much louder than she had ever done. This first orgasm arrived like a big wave, with strength and resolution.

Suddenly the surge passed, and her entire body hardened, while Alexandre continued methodically to kiss, and more particularly, the bottom of her vagina, the area that was at the origin of this storm of the senses. He was not going so far or so fast, just moving his penis back and forth against the anterior wall of her cave while she was enjoying. He had of course kept himself from accompanying her in this orgasm so quickly reached, in order to make the most of this evening when she gave herself to him for the first time, and, he hoped, totally from this moment.

When she had recovered a little his mind he released the grip he had exercised on her thighs and came to her to kiss him. She had not the slightest idea of ​​his condition, but mistakenly thought that he had enjoyed too when he retired from her.

She even had some regrets that finally it did not last longer, because she had obviously loved getting off with such force. A little resigned but satisfied, she lay flat on her back, her eyes half closed, still a little stunned by the enjoyment, so that she did not knock right away that he asked her to turn to lie on The belly. When this message was assimilated by her, she complied without asking more questions.

He came over to rub it imperceptibly, and the consistency of his machine surprised him at first, before she considered the fact that he had not yet said his last word ! And to his chagrin, she had already turned around, and then presented her buttocks to her enterprising lover, seemingly definitely willing to get caught behind?

She let herself be cautious then, while Alexander kissed her on the back, her sex sliding down, but without insistence, between the line of her buttocks. She could not afford to issue the slightest opposition when she had just taken her foot in a memorable way, especially since she had done it as never before, without any restraint, and her lover could not have it. realized.

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