Exchange of pleasure in the form of a kiss

Julie had already decided that she would be tempted by this adventure with her teacher, although it was forbidden for long months. She had to face the facts when her family summer vacation seemed too long because far from his suitor. When she accepted dinner, she was not sure of the innuendo that accompanied him, because Alexander had been particularly patient in the matter.

Yet she wanted to go further with him now, she was sure. She prepared herself gently for this beautiful evening, not really knowing, however, whether she would take the front in case he would not try to conquer her.

A similar evening with a man of ten years older, over the days, it still impressed a little, especially since it was not really used to gourmet restaurants. More than anything she did not want to look like a girl that would walk her big brother! She offered herself with her pocket money and the help of her parents a nice black set made of a nice skirt quite tight slightly flared at mid-leg and slit on the front to the top of the knee, a very classic and elegant white blouse and a cashmere-tight little cashmere sweater. She was just lovely in this set.

When approached the D-day, she thought it necessary to match underwear to this potentially sexy set, on the assumption that Alexander would consider going further with her; this always for fear of appearing too young and inexperienced in his eyes. She was not sure she wanted to give in to him, without realizing that her purchases obviously meant her consent.

When that day came, he went to her house to look for her, and marveled? and rejoice a little too? of that splendid dress she had acquired without having touched him a single word. He withdrew from the mater with too much insistence, but would have liked already tear all that she wore to finally contemplate this desired body … And possess it?

The dinner was excellent, as pleasant and romantic as she had dreamed, and when they left the restaurant they decided to wander a little more in the city. Alexander was more caring and patient than he had ever been. He was always happy that his reputation as a flirty did not harm the relationship that already existed between them … Without admitting it he had really fallen in love with her.

Naturally, however, a little timid, which had earned her many conquests, including among the students of the faculty, he decided to take her hand, which she left with the greatest joy, and the heart beating at an hour to the idea of ​​this nascent romance … and the end of the evening that was now announced. It did not take much time to declare his passion with verve and sincerity but without exaggerating, and get a first exchange of pleasure in the form of a kiss.

Their walk lasted, punctuated by many pauses devoted to smooching and caressing tenderly and with restraint, until Julie began to get cold and he offers to accompany her, or to spend another time at home … She was not sure she made the best of choices when she accepted the second proposal, fearing to look too “easy”, especially given her accoutrement, but she did not want to go home alone .

The apartment of Alexandre was arranged with taste: A true little bachelor all neat. Did not they take the time to visit? From the closed door, they abandoned their coats to embrace themselves with passion. Alexander then began with talent manual examination of this body so desired. He was convinced that she was not going to run away, that they would make love for the first time in the moments that followed.

Wearing both hands gradually from his back to his buttocks, he noted with great pleasure the incredible firmness of the curve of her ass, beautifully round and as exciting under his fingers as it could be through the clothes in which he had worked until tonight. The lack of elastic on the course he had made did not go unnoticed, especially since he was trying to guess his underwear ‘This observation brutally strengthened the intensity of the erection he had already : In addition she wore sexy underwear! Doubt was no longer allowed.

It was certain she would give herself! Julie almost sensed this thought when he began to caress her ass, because she knew that considering the finesse of the fabric of her skirt, Alexander could only guess that she was wearing a tiny thong. This embarrassed her to be so quickly “discovered” because it almost never threaded this type of accessories.

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