Her marked face and crooked nose make her really ugly

Her marked face and crooked nose make her really ugly

It’s unpleasant to be detailed like an animal in a zoo. I will say that she undresses me from head to toe, but it’s already done.
I start to observe it in my turn. She is small, no more than six feet tall. Latina I would say. Its thin silhouette is not well developed in its really old fashioned outfit. And what’s more, her marked face and crooked nose make her really ugly.

Go, I have to untie it. My hands are approaching the left wrist and inexplicably fail to reach their goal. They stop on the way and rest on his chest. At first intimidated, they begin to move, caressing the breasts of the man, then lower his flat stomach. My fingers palpate and appreciate the musculature.
I should detach him, but the pulsations I feel deep inside me prevent me. I feel my pussy start to melt.
And a little voice whispers: “Enjoy it. God put it on your path. And if you untie it, it will go away. ”

What is she doing ? She caresses my ass! I have only one idea, it is to be released to take care of my papers, call my box to help me out urgently and during this time the bitch takes the opportunity to chat.

My hands go down on her thighs and then slowly go up. One of them wraps her fingers along the flaccid limb, while the other takes surprisingly swollen pouches. I exercise little rhythmic pressure on her sex while I knead gently his scholarship full of promise.

Here it is on my dick now. If she believes, after what I just lived that she will be able to draw something from the gourd, she is mistaken. I do not really have the heart to the bagatelle now. And besides it is not a similar tuna that will excite me.
But just when I say that myself, a heat too well known begins to rise in me.

My hands are still busy. I increased the pace a bit. A desire so powerful that it devours me, takes precedence over my reason.
Finally, his sex hardens. One of my hands still gently pressing her purses, the other changes movement and slides between her fingers from below up the skin of the sex of the man, discovering a little more each movement the glans that grows in view of eye.

Shit, this is not the moment! I tried to contract, to block the flow of blood, my cock, become independent, stretches, grows, flourishes under the insistent caresses of the maid. To believe that my cock has a clean will and wants to take revenge for all the erections that did nothing for a whole part of the night.

Under my caresses, the sex of the man swells, hardens. Soon my fingers can not get around completely. I accelerate the movement and give it amplitude as the sex gets longer. It is now thick, hard and boiling in my hand. In a movement a little wider, I fully cover the glans that arises from its protective skin, red and throbbing. I stop for a moment and I contemplate all my proud work.

In two minutes, I transformed a piece of panting pulpit into a flaming penis. The memory I have of Juan seems very small beside the one I have before my eyes.
It seems to me that my toy is less imposing and in any case much thinner.
I have in front of me in fact a great cock that my vagina that contracts in rhythm calls for a hungry.

But she knows how to do the maid. She quickly makes me bend like a donkey.
And in my position, legs wide apart, I feel my balls and my balls back along my dick so it is tense. My whole leg is on fire, as if it was molten lava that came to quench the thirst for my sex wanting to stretch ever higher.
She stops. Thin ! She was no longer very far away. Another erection for nothing?

I take a look at the man. His look is hard and seems heavy with reproaches. Driven by an impulse, I remove my collar, undo my barrettes releasing my long hair. My mouth as magnetized by this tail up in front of me, plunges to meet him. My tongue first touches the glans, tries to creep into the meatus, then goes down by making many go back along the brake. Then no longer, I swallow all his cock that comes crashing inside my cheek. I suck it then, I suck it, the envelope of my lips, away from my hair that serves as a screen for my madness.

Oh that’s good ! His tongue electrifies my penis, sending me waves of pleasure in the lower abdomen. His mouth now embraces me and my cock tends to break, radiating my whole body. Her hair dancing on my belly, completely masking the view makes this magic and wonderful pipe.

Enters the bathroom and let down my pants

Enters the bathroom and let down my pants

To celebrate the event, John with whom I signed the contract, took me to a good restaurant on the fifth and we finish the evening in a night bar.
Baillant more and more often, John offers me to accompany me to my hotel, proposal that I decline. Indeed from the counter, a beautiful blonde perched on a stool smiles so much and more, lighting me heartily, and I tell myself that I would end this day full of success with a final bouquet.

John left, I ordered a new drink and the blonde invites herself to my table without complex. Large, short hair framing a pretty face, Hollywood smile with white teeth and perfect, its impeccably molded forms in a satiny black dress close to the body short enough from which escape long legs also sheathed in black and floor of matching pumps.

I’m pretty handsome man, tall with a nice musculature maintained by the practice of swimming in the summer and running in the winter, I’m not really fooled, and I was quite reasonable on the alcohol to retain a hint of lucidity. Why would such a beautiful stranger come to meet me, if not for money? A prostitute I tell myself. At least there would be no complication.
After chatting for a few minutes and under the table one of his bare feet began to come and go on my legs, on my thighs, then knead gently but insistently my crotch, we agree on the price.

Expensive ! I hope it is worth it. And the bonus I’m going to get on my return can allow me this madness.
In any case the hand of Kate who took over from his foot in the yellow cab that now takes us to my hotel is full of promise.

The alarm rings. A bowl of milk in the microwave, a toast of bread in the toaster, the package of cereals on the table and hop to the shower. 3 minutes. Everything is timed in the morning.

Finishing to dry me I comb my long brown hair almost black and as usual I look at myself without complacency in the mirror that sends me the reflection of a face with scars consecutive conspicuous acne particularly severe and never looked after and an ugly, distorted nose after the day my father, who was even more drunk than usual, kicked me a slap that sent me to the ground.

Why ? If there was one I do not remember it anymore.
While running to the kitchen, I curse this ugliness that still makes me live as a single at the age of 26 years.

5 years ago there had been Juan. He came from Colombia just like me. He was not really handsome and rather fat. Not particularly kind. But he had accepted me. He had made me a woman, even though I did not particularly enjoy his brutal and fast attacks, too fast. He constantly demanded fellatio, imposed me violent sodomies that made me scream in pain, he who believed I was shouting pleasure. Fortunately, her sex was not very bulky, compared to the dildo that I bought since.

However, two months after the beginning of our relationship, he was putting me out.
It was not heaven, but I was with a man. And that time was better than the present time when I live alone. Nothing is worse than loneliness!
I have never found anyone since, probably because of my ugliness. And maybe because of those 2 months I stayed Bianca, my little girl who just turned 4 years old.
Who would want a girl-mother and ugly?
And damn the time passes. It’s time to put on my uniform to go to work.

The work of Kate in the taxi distorts my suit pants, little inclined to hide my cock stretched and almost painful to stay so confined when we enter the hotel. The night watchman wishes us a good night in a salacious way, while I ask for the keys to room 99.

Once in the elevator, I pressed without restraint against Kate, my hands having taken possession of her buttocks, my lips seeking hers that unfortunately shirk, fleeing any contact.
I’m on fire, and I have only one desire, take it, right now, in the elevator. But already the doors open and Kate while disengaging from my embrace, takes me by the hand and takes me to the room.

Arrived in the room, true to my fixed idea, I hugged again, began to lift her dress, but while leaving me she sent me in the shower, explaining me that a surprise will wait for me later if I show myself wise.

All exhilarated, I fall the suit, enters the bathroom and let down my pants to the delight of my penis that can freely unfold, standing proudly in search of contact with my abs.

He grabs my breasts with his strong hands

He grabs my breasts with his strong hands

I take off my T-shirt and unhook my bra. I give it to him.

– Here it is my assurance!
– Indeed, seen like that? Put back your T-shirt, we’ll see you! And soon, you’ll be late! He said with a smile.

It restarts and drops me right in front of my high school. I give him a little kiss on the cheek, before getting out of the car.

– Right away.

All morning, I look forward to the lunch break. When finally the bell rings the time to eat, I rush to the rendezvous point. He is already here.

– You are ahead !
– I almost waited!
– Sorry?
– Ah ah, I laugh, tie your belt and go.

It starts. We start to roll. He puts a hand on my jeans, at the level of my thigh.

– Say, you do not want to remove this embarrassing pants?
– But you’re crazy! We are still in town! I say, laughing.
– Come on, nobody will see you?

I slide my jeans along my legs while fidgeting, embarrassed by the lack of space. I still end up getting there.

– Schoolgirls are wearing thongs now?
– Oh, that’s fine, most, do not be a prude!

We drive a quarter of an hour before finding a quiet place in the countryside at the exit of the city. Like the morning, we discussed, with the difference that this time his right hand caressed me. So I’m already wet when he cuts the engine.

– Are we going to the back?
– Okay, but now you’re taking off your pants too!

He sits in the back, I sit astride him and we start to kiss. I feel his penis start to stand up. He then removes my T-shirt.

– Here are the two beauties that I could see this morning! It’s at least C, that I’m wrong?
– Yes, it’s D.
“Congratulations,” he said, shoving my tongue in his mouth.

When I feel his dick is ready, I slip on his knees before him and pulls her out of his underpants before taking it in my mouth that was salivating in advance. My tongue turns around his cock like an ice cream, then I push it deeply, and made back and forth to his member in my mouth, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. Then I lick it from the base to the tip.

– Hmmm, what an expert! Let’s get out of the car to continue.


– Go ahead, lean to me to give you pleasure!

So I lean my head on the hood of the car. It is hot, but not burning as I feared.
He caresses my buttocks, then grabs them with full hands.

– What a pretty ass like I like them! Small, white and round!

He bends over and kisses my right ass. He took the opportunity to get rid of the fabric triangle that prevented access to my slot. He then puts on a condom and penetrates me. Although it does not have the largest sex, the flexibility of its ripples basin fills me. It is never fast or violent, but with my moan and groans, it is clear that we both take a lot of pleasure.

He grabs my breasts with his strong hands as an experienced man, and roll my nipples between his fingers. I start to shout with happiness. He looks at me and kisses my neck.

– I will come? He whispers in my ear.
– Wait, I do not want to waste?

I go back on my knees, take off his coat and pump him energetically. Very quickly, a salty jet and hot flows in my mouth, and I hasten to swallow it.

I get up, we kiss, and I let one last touch to my naked body before having to go back to high school?

I felt her buttocks tighten even more against me

I felt her buttocks tighten even more against me

As we reached Montparnasse, I could see a crowd packed on the platform. Box of sardines in perspective. Hardly the doors opened, the crowd of traveler invaded the wagon, trying to have a seat. Then came the classic scene of those who try to come in pushing those who are already inside.

Clasped between two men, I tried to find a comfortable position for the rest of the journey, when my eyes fell on a girl, about twenty years. She was wearing a red coat, her red hair falling over her shoulders, framing an angel face, a few freckles on her nose and cheekbones, a small trumpet nose, a thin mouth.

I stayed a few seconds watching her, unable to leave this vision. That’s another thing I like about the subway. Almost every day, I fall in love with a new woman, for a look, a face … And again, I fell in love with this pretty redhead. Did she feel she was being watched, where was the chance?

Still, after a while, her green eyes turned to me. Contrary to my habit, I did not look away, feigning a sudden interest in the plane of the line, but on the contrary, I sketched a smile. She did not seem to react and just looked down. Pity.

At the Invalides station, almost half of the passengers went down, leaving room for as many new users. However, the redhead who was up to two meters away from me was now right in front of me. She turned her back on me, but was soon stuck to me. She must have been half a head shorter than me, and with her nose in her hair I could smell the scent of her fruit scent. I could also feel her buttocks against me, and I suspected she must have felt my erection through my jeans.

I suspected that soon she would try to shift to break this contact, but to my surprise, she kept in touch. Either she did not notice, or she had to take that for a cell phone in my pocket. Suddenly, I felt her buttocks tighten even more against me, then make movements left and right, as if to feel better my sex. I had to dream. It must surely be due to the movement of the train. To make sure, I took advantage of the following stop to move my pelvis, rubbing my cock against her.

Instead of offending or turning away, I had the impression that she encouraged me, her buttocks going to meet my pelvis. She rubbed me, almost as much as I rubbed her. And it was too regular for it to be only the shaking of the oar. Feeling her buttocks, firm and plump at the same time, even through her pants, procured me an intense pleasure, and I immediately wanted more. I decided to take advantage of the situation. Holding my breath, I put my hands on her hips.

I then felt his hands rest on mine, gently, then direct them to his buttocks. Responding to his invitation, I took her ass to the hand, caressing them. Her hands remained on mine for a few moments, then she slipped one of her on her back to put it on my crotch. His fingers slipped on my jeans, feeling my hard organ underneath.

The train set off again. Looking around, I realized that no one was aware of our little game, and I wanted to move up a gear. I slipped a hand under her coat, then slipped inside her pants, stroking her buttocks again. I could feel the lace outlines of a pair of panties, and found myself trying to guess the color.

She tried somehow to undo my fly, but his position did not help. I did not pray to do it for him. She then put her hand in my jeans, and stroked my purses through my boxer. For my part, I slid the edge of her panties to his line, and tried to slide my fingers between her legs to caress her sex. But our situation, although it was very exciting, was not practical.

It was then that, for the first time in my life, I was glad that the subway broke down. Between two stations the train stopped abruptly, and the lights went out. Almost immediately, his hand left my boxer, then I felt his pants and panties down just under his buttocks. I then delivered my sex boxer and began to rub against her buttocks.

She pressed against me, put her head back, laying it on my shoulder, and with her hand, guided my penis to his line. Then, spreading her buttocks with both hands, she arched pushing towards me. I took my dart in hand and guided him to his puck and pushed. She must have been used to it, because I was coming home almost without problems. Once inside, I grabbed her hand.

To say if I hesitated to go or not would be hard

To say if I hesitated to go or not would be hard

I told you recently my story with Sebastian, this story, that I will tell you is very recent, to tell you that happened a few days ago, so I thought directly to write it for the share. Those who liked my previous story are welcome to read this one, others can go their way, and as usual sorry for mistakes.

Everything starts on the night of Monday, May 7 to Tuesday, May 8, in a dream, the kind of dream where you wake up all wet, where even your hand is not enough, a frustrating dream. All day Tuesday I ironed this dream in my head, arrived at Wednesday I decided to make a dream come true.

And I did not miss the opportunity that presented itself to me, we were a dozen students in high school, a Wednesday afternoon, our math teacher had us appointments for revisions sessions for those who I wanted it like the Bac approached with great strides, and, to tell the truth, these meetings are coming to a good point, I need them.

As in every class there are at least 10 difficult minutes when you can not concentrate, when suddenly I get a little ball of paper on my table, I open it discreetly to read it, it came from Stéphane, a young man of my age, whom I met this afternoon, we are not in the same class but have the same teacher, he was quite small, my size about 1m70, well built at the level torso and especially he had buttocks that do not go unnoticed. I felt stupid, so he had noticed that I could not take my eyes off him. So I open the paper, it is written “Appointment to WC boys at the break”, it meant everything, direct as a boy.

To say if I hesitated to go or not would be hard, if I went there he would think that I am an easy girl, what I do not like that one thinks of me, and if I do not go there I would not have what I really want.

I ask myself the question for long minutes, my estimate of me tells me not to go, my lower belly shows that I should go. Then I think back to this famous dream, my decision is made, I’ll go to the meeting, I try to concentrate again, because I’m determined to get the bac.

The bell sounds, I see Stéphane come out much faster than me, I hurry to go out too. Arriving at the rendezvous point, I look around me, no one sees me. One Wednesday afternoon, there is nobody because only the BTS have courses, and some revision classes like mine.

I enter the men’s toilet, it’s empty. Then I hear someone who tells me to approach, I understand very quickly that it is this beautiful blonde, he made me enter his office, fortunately he had chosen the cleanest toilet of the school? Once entered I look at it and mechanically our mouths are for a kiss, then several small others.

Then he asks me to sit on the throne, I tell myself that it is still macho who wants to be sucked, but that it is my surprise when he kneels and pulls my pelvis to him I unbuttoned the Jeans, lifted myself up slightly and took it off. He holds me with his arm and then drop my thong.

I was half lying in the toilets for men, without pants or underwear, in front of him with my pubic shaved and soaked, the seconds were long. He stroked my thighs to get on my belly and touch my breasts, then he goes down to my thighs and begins to kiss them inward. Finally I have the right to a touch on my part, a kiss on the vaginal lips, it’s good, he goes on the other side and his tongue licks my other thigh .

I am more and wetter, I want to feel his tongue, to feel it in me. His tongue approaches more and more of what I expect but it makes me wait by starting on the other leg, that’s it comes back and I have the right to a little kiss on my vaginal lips open to him .

It blows on it, makes me discover the pleasure of a breath on my little button, it’s good and finally I’m right, from the bottom up his tongue goes on my cave to my clitoris, my breath s I accelerate, I twist to have more, then a second lick, and the tongue that focuses on my clit to make me swim in happiness, he catches my pimple between his lips, sucks, then it’s his lips that tickle me, then his tongue again. Soon he does not raise his head and sticks his mouth against my penis shining cum, his tongue visiting my lair, and especially tickling me the clit .

I’m about to moan my happiness but can not, because I reminds me that we are in public, I start to touch the breasts, which in my bra sore me, while he continues to forage as I have never been.

His tongue titillait my clitoris

His tongue titillait my clitoris

– You’re too horny, you know. He threw me.
He gently wiped my face with a tissue.

– Now lie on the couch, I’ll take care of you.
– Hmmm. With pleasure sir.

He spread my legs and my thong. And his tongue came ventured on my pussy already soaked.

– Oh yes Guillaume go ahead. I’ve been waiting for this since my birthday.

His tongue titillait my clitoris. I felt the heat invade the body. Guillaume dug a finger and then 2 at the bottom of my cave.

– Ooooh go on it’s too good. I eat my pussy.
– Still, again, I will enjoy continuous.

After saying that Guillaume stopped. He put his face to mine and kissed me on the mouth.

– I’ll make you cum like never my beautiful.
– Yes go ahead I’m waiting for that. Put your big dick in my little slutty pussy.

He did not pray and stabbed his stake in the bottom of my pussy. He smashed my pussy, it was too much.

– Ooooooh yes it’s too good.
– But you doggy style I’m not finished with you.

I put myself in the said position and Guillaume sank back into me. He smashed me again. His thighs snap against my buttocks. He penetrated me to the hilt. After 5 minutes of this treatment I had a second orgasm at the same time or Guillaume emptied deep in my intimacy.

Guillaume was sitting by my side and lit a cigarette.

– So how were you waiting for this moment since your birthday? He asked me.
– Yes. I really took my foot that night and I could not wait to start again. Even though I know that I know Romain wrong, I could not stop thinking about this part of fucking with you.

– And this is only the beginning of the beauty weekend. After this one, you’ll quickly understand that Romain is not for you.

I did not know what to answer him. He turned off his cigarette, put his hand on my thigh and offered to take a shower before his guests arrive. What I did with great pleasure.

Once in the bathroom. I ran the hot water on my naked body. William joined me. He stuck to my back and hugged me. I felt his member harden against my buttocks. He caressed my body tenderly. Then he grabbed a soap and soaped me with a lot of delicacy.

Once finished, it was my turn to soap it. I did it with a lot of tenderness. He did not let go of me. I took care to clean his cock. Then we rinsed each other our turn. At the moment of going out Guillaume grabbed my face with one hand and put a soft kiss on my lips. Our kiss was getting hotter and hotter. William turned me. I was facing the wall, both hands resting on it. He caressed my breasts and kisses on my neck made me capsize. he put one of his hands on my stomach while the other came tickle my clit. My legs were shaking so the pleasure was intense. Still in the same position he slipped his member deep in my vagina. But this time he was going smoothly.

His hands were exploring my body. His left hand stopped on my clit. He tickled me while doing slow back and forth. He accelerated the pace slightly. My pleasure was increasing. I had not felt such pleasure before. Guillaume did not kiss me this time, he was tenderly making love to me.

His little ride lasted a good ten minutes before I had a powerful orgasm just when I felt 3 long jets of sperm in the bottom of my pussy. I lost all my senses. If Guillaume had not held me, I would have fallen to the ground. Once after regaining consciousness, Guillaume took the first shower, wrapped a towel around his waist and brought me a large towel to wrap me in. He hugged me, my head resting on his shoulder. He rubbed his hands on my back to warm me up.

– It was magical. I had never had a pleasure like this before.
– Yes I saw that. But I really wanted to make love to you that way. Because you deserve it. I love you Johanna.

I did not answer but I turned and kissed him tenderly to make him understand that I too loved him.

Once dressed William went down to finish the preparations for his little party. I was still putting on makeup when the doorbell rang. It was already seven o’clock. But the weekend was just beginning. I had until Sunday evening to enjoy my lover.

My lips are ready to welcome his

My lips are ready to welcome his

The bell rings and my heart is good in my chest. I get up at once and, seeing others do the same, think to let them out first not to find me face to face with Sara in the hallway, it must be a perfect meeting, told me I.

I’m finally leaving, the last of the class. Slowly down the stairs thinking that finally, I did not find anything interesting, during this hour of classes, to tell this girl. Astonishment this thought gives me a smile. I see her figure, I always recognize her among others. She is a tall girl with very long black hair who stands straight, she is very elegant.

She is the only girl in this school who looks like a real woman. In spite of their ages, all the other girls have child postures and, now I notice, they disgust me deeply. Sara seems alone and turns her back, I see her through the window, although surrounded by people she seems isolated? and so beautiful. So beautiful that I absolutely must tell him, that I must take her in my arms, this woman so unique.

I believe that my greatest desire, at this very moment, is to spend my retired life too? with her. By putting my hand on the door to push it I feel a strength that I did not know then, I’m now at a step from her and once I open the door, she will be turned, we will face to face. the shivers of pleasure that we exchanged return to my memory and I still feel the touch of his hand on my skin and the smell of his body heated desire. I think I really feel it, I open the door.

It’s not just a memory because I feel it immediately, as if all the pores of her skin were calling to her and I’m going. She turns around before I can do anything, as if she felt me ​​too. And our eyes meet. Beautiful eyes from where my being is summed up. I already feel that my wish is granted because there is no one but his eyes and me, and his body.

She has come closer, she is now only centimeters away from me, maybe it’s me who actually got closer. A sense of well-being fills me, as I leave all my apprehensions that I held in myself. My beasts questions and my fear of having nothing to say evaporate when I finally understand that there is simply nothing to say. I feel good. Her face lights up briefly and I already know that it’s an answer to what I feel, I have the clear impression that she can easily read in me.

Her lips are parted and invites me to come and taste them, something I have never tried with her but I do not throw myself directly and contemplates a little. She then sketches a small smile that makes her even more desirable. I drop my head and watch his chest rise to the rhythm of his breathing, the chest that has already hypnotized me the last time I saw it.

Suddenly I stretch my hand towards her belly as if an invisible force attracted me to it. I touch it with my hand wide open and feel the warmth of Sara through the garment. I raise my head, she still displays her little smile, so enigmatic.

She gets a little closer to me and her breasts are on the edge of touching my chest, I extend my second hand on the other side of her belly and slowly I draw her to me, her hoarse breath is close to my mouth and my lips are ready to welcome his. Her round breasts come dangerously close, then finally touch my chest, they gently lean against them and if crush with force because Sara also passed her arms around my waist and tightens me vigorously, she spent one foot between mine and I feel his thigh squeeze my crotch. We are so tight that it is amazing that our lips are not yet affected. I want to keep my eyes planted in hers until the last minute. Finally she closes his, I bring my head a millimeter and our bodies are one.

His lips are luscious and tons of images come to mind. We do not take off our lips. My hands down to her buttocks and I can not stop my crotch to exert a strong contraction by palpating his ass so firm and majestically round. At the same time I feel her thigh between my legs firm up his position with a gentle but powerful pressure on my family jewelry that makes me understand that it felt very well my movement. I open my eyes amused and Sara looks at me with, in hers, a pure expression of desire. Probably excited by the sensation of my member on alert against her thigh, she has an air that seems to tell me she wants more.

I am very excited and I have some lubricant

I am very excited and I have some lubricant

Lisa is in the shower, it’s time to pack your presents, said Pierre.
“I want to take care of myself,” I replied.
Antoine, my friend, ends up saying:
– Go home then, so she will see nothing, it’s the best.

At home, with Pierre. When I think back to this board games night, I’m afraid of what will happen. It really intrigues me.

– I took the keys of the car, the gift paper is in it.
– Ok, I follow you.

We head for the car, get what we need and leave for my apartment 10 minutes from the boys. Pierre and I walk in silence but I feel his eyes on me. Arrived, I open the door of the hall and we enter the elevator. Peter then said to me:
– It’s weird to be alone with you there …
I do not answer anything. We arrive at the fifth, I open. Here we are at home. Small studio, everything is grouped in the same room. The bed, of course. I can not help but take a look at Pierre, who was just waiting to meet me.

– Do we give presents? I said.
– Yeah, no problem. Do them and help you, he answers me.

I’m working on it. Pierre passes me the scotch pieces or helps me to hold the packets. At one point, our hands brush against each other. We look at each other in silence. He makes me put the material on the table and puts back a lock of my hair. He is so mesmerizing … He caresses my face tenderly so I close my eyes. He kisses me.

– Pierre, I do not know if …
– Sophie, the last time was something unreal, crazy and especially intense … I want to relive that with you … Please.

He plunges his eyes into mine. I melt. He embraces me with more confidence than the first time in Bordeaux, more sure of what he wants. And I’m not at the end of my surprises.

He stripped me naked, kissing my whole body. I do the same, removing any cloth covering it. We are naked face to face, in awe of our bodies. He then lies down on the bed, gently, licking one breast caressing the other. Then he reverses. He then drops his tongue slowly along my belly and touches my penis. I’m already ready so the desire is strong but he wants to lick me so I let him do it. He stuffs his tongue into my hot and wet sex, licking me eagerly. I groan louder and louder. This time, no need to hold me back, we are alone. When he feels good going up, he stops and asks me:

– Can we do it without a hood? It will be so much stronger.
– Yeah, I agree.

He then takes me violently as a missionary, sinking his cock deep inside me. It tears me a cry so he went strong but I like it. I feel his cock plowing me with big shots of kidney. It’s so good ! He retired and I put on 4 legs without care. I offer her pussy spreading her thighs well. He puts two fingers and makes a back and forth violent, I dip his hand so I wet with force.

He quickly replaces them with his penis, which he brings in slowly but with confidence. The thrill is just violent. For him as for me since I hear him grow a deep groan. He begins to take me like a bitch, as if only his enjoyment counted. I can not stand it anymore, fatigue and intense desire are mixed up. I want it and yet it is already in me. I want something stronger …

I withdraw from his embrace and get up. I put myself next to the bed and said:

– Take me standing, I would feel more your cock in me.

Without being asked, he catches me by the hips, lifts me up and waits for me to sit down. With my fingers, I guide his penis to my sex and it is left for a violent experience. This time, I do not moan anymore, I scream. He starts making noise too. I feel the release approaching. I let myself go completely to this man who kisses me like nobody had done before him. I let out one last “Oh yes! Before reaching orgasm.

He then takes me to the bed, withdraws while lying down and lets me recover. His cock is tense, swollen with blood. He looks at me more eager than ever. I caress him then with my hand, quietly but with the precise gesture. I understand in his eyes what he wants, I perform. I lie down and place myself above him at the level of his tail. I take it in the mouth.

It has a salty taste, mine, my wet after fucking me a first time in this bed. I suck it deeper and deeper. Pierre lets out a few groans of pleasure and when I feel ready, I get on all fours and say:

– I’ve never done this before but with you, I’m ready for anything. I want you to sodomize me.
– Are you sure of yourself, maybe it’s not the right moment? He told me.
– Yes Yes. I am very excited and I have some lubricant.

There is almost no wind and everything is quiet

There is almost no wind and everything is quiet

Cyril is half-breed, rather tall with beautiful green eyes.
He has a beautiful build and having already seen his abs at the pool, he does not have to complain about that side.
On my side I am blonde with blue eyes, rather large with some forms, but let’s say that I have everything you need where you need …

The departure of the trip to Normandy was approaching and I was more and more excited, excited too, maybe some moments that I could spend with Cyril.

Now, it’s the morning of departure, we’re in front of the bus, we’re waiting to get back. I feel that someone touches my shoulder, I have shivers, no need to turn, I know it’s him. He whispered in my ear:
– Hi Vic, are you sitting next to me for the trip? I would like to spend some time with you …
– Mmm I do not know if it will be possible, I answer him.
I turn around and make him smile that he likes so much. We go back and he sits next to me, my heart beats wildly.
We talk a lot, he makes me laugh and I like him so much that I laugh a bit too much, but I do not think he realizes it.
– I think you lost an earring … He runs his hand through my hair, puts a few locks behind my ear, and continues his way by letting his fingers slide down my neck. I think I’m going to faint. I answer him with a very small voice, that considering the price that they cost me, it is not a drama. I find myself telling myself that I am very happy to have lost it just for this furtive act.

Although his company is very pleasant, after the lunch break on a highway area, I doze off. I slept at a friend’s house the day before and left early, so I’m exhausted.
That I open my eyes later, I realize that my head is placed on the shoulder of Cyril and that he sleeps too. His hand is resting on my thigh as a protector. He probably did not have to do it on purpose, like me, but I smile to the ears.

He gently caresses my cheek, he wants to wake me, we have arrived. When I open my eyes, he smiles at me.
– Did you sleep well? Look this is our hostel, there is even access to the beach! We’ll have a look later if you want!
– Good idea, we find ourselves just now, after settling.

I join Mathilde who does not fail to point out to me that Cyril and I were very cute, when we had fallen asleep entwined.
– We were not entwined. Pass me my bag, please.
But she sees very well that I smile.
– If you want to spend time together in the room tonight I’ll leave it if you want! I’ll go to Nat ”s place …
– Will you end up shut up? And give me my bag, I tell you!
I try to chase these shots out of my mind, but already images are drawing in my head …

We are going to dine together and Cyril comes to sit next to me, our legs brush against each other, our hands brush, I feel the smell that I like so much. I eat almost nothing and I spend a very pleasant meal with him.
After the meal, the projects of everyone are emerging gradually. The teachers give us free quarters, as long as we are back at midnight.
A nice bar is recommended at the front desk, it is across the street, three blocks from the hotel. So we go to the cafe, we are a dozen, all friends, with a beautiful evening perspective.

It’s been an hour now, and we’re having a great time, there’s even a small dance floor.
I feel then that someone takes me by the hand and trains to the outside. Cyril smiles at me and winks at me, I am. It is 21:30 and it is now completely dark.
Not to mention but by mutual agreement, we head to the beach. It must be 18 degrees, it is good, there is almost no wind and everything is quiet in this small Norman village.
We arrive and sit in the sand. He puts his jacket on the ground.
“If madame wishes to take the trouble.
I laugh.

He comes close to me and puts his hand in the hollow of my neck, he makes the same gesture as earlier but with even more sensuality, sweetness.
He approaches his face of mine, my heart beats quickly, my breathing is faster, I shiver. Finally, these lips brush against mine. He kisses me, his hands wander over me; my face, my hair, my neck, …
It’s an expected kiss, a kiss of love, romantic.
But, however, who does not lack passion, he lasts suddenly on the sand, our languages ​​begin to mingle, to tickle each other. Meanwhile his hands caress my thighs, my hips and start to unbutton my blouse. He kisses me, licks me, gently nibbles my neck, it’s just perfect.
I am now in bra and her mouth is going down.

I get up against the table

I get up against the table

I’m still standing on the table by the neck. My breathing is racing. A hand is placed open between my thighs. I squeeze the edges of the table. He barely presses, he moves up and down slowly. I would like to close the knees, the legs. He is certainly leaning over me, his body prevents me from doing it. I try for a very short time without being able to escape the caress so precise. But, I’m not sure I really want to escape this caress. On the contrary, the palm of his hand is not plated, resting on my flesh. She is just asked, barely touches the nerve endings of my sex. It’s deliciously unbearable.

I try in vain to lift the pelvis to feel much more the contact of his hand against me. I squeeze the table, I push on the heels, my belly gets up in front of the caress. I moan, I would like him to take me there now. I would like him to penetrate me with his fingers of his sex, but to stop this torment of tantalum. I’m murmuring …
– Yes, do it. I beg you take me. Do it. Fuck me, fuck me now, I beg you, Jean. My voice shakes.

I reach for him. I enclose my legs, his body is cold. I moan. I so want to be penetrated, there now, in this dark cellar. I feel the need throughout my body. My jerky breathing accelerates, becomes louder and noisier. I want him. I want to make love. I beg him in a low voice.
– Please, I beg you fuck me, take me, come, come. I want you.

I rest my feet, my heels on the table. I tend once, twice, three times. I fall back to the table, jerky breathing. I bite my lips. His hand, tirelessly, continues his small movements upwards without ever really being pressed against me. He drops my neck. The hand that held me by the neck rests on my chest. I look in the darkness. My head comes to the right, to the left. I give up, the fight is useless. I know he’ll only take me when he wants to. I focus on his caresses. I feel that his hands are cold, his body is cold. My breasts are alternately pressed gently. I moan, I try two or three times to come to meet her caress. I fall back. I am exhausted, it is useless.

Finally, he takes me by the waist. Lift me up and pull me towards him. I pass my legs around his body. I squeeze the table, open my mouth. I try to control my emotions, my breathing. His body is cold. I moan longer, feeling what can only be wet sex against my lips. His hands hold me by the waist over the hips. I grip it, I squeeze it with my legs. He is about to penetrate me, to come into me. I close my eyes. I feel my flesh giving way under the thrust of her sex.

Suddenly … The barking of the dog makes me jump with fear. I utter a cry of stupor. I think at first that she is present in the cellar before understanding that she screams her barking through the window.
– Jean, where are you? Jean?

I also just realized that he let me go just when the dog barked. I would like to scream, cry. I’m mad at this damn bitch. I do not feel my husband anymore. I can now see the slight glimmer of the window in front of me.
– Jean, come back, please finish …
– Jean, I beg you …

I hate this bitch. Why is she barking like that in the window, as if she had felt a danger or saw the demon in person? I cursed him. I am collapsed. I feel frustrated, I would scream, I’m so bad. I get up against the table.
– Jean, come help me please, I do not see anything. Let’s go in now. Jean …? You are the ?

No response from him. He had to go up and hit the dog or I do not know. I can not hear him anymore since his furious barking earlier. As if she felt what was going to happen. That she was jealous. I am furious. I hate her. I managed to reach the stairs by guiding me on the dim light emanating from the window.
– John?

I’m really furious with Jean, against this bitch. I found my clothes where I left them. I get dressed and put on my sandals. All aloud I say ….
– Jean, if you’re in the house, I go back. It’s too late, I do not feel like it anymore, hello.

I go out by slamming the door. I do not see or hear the dog. I take the path towards the house. I’m angry inside. I was sure it was going to be exceptional. I wanted so much. I blame this damn bitch. I approach the house. I do not notice the sky that glows, with the setting sun. I do not notice the insects swallows the wind on the wheat, the heat that came back in this calm evening of the end of August. I find Jeanne dan.