She had barely the tip of his man’s penis between his lips

Surprising her man, and surprising herself, she asked him in a hoarse voice: “Go ahead, fuck me now, fuck me like a bitch, fuck my little pussy and my little ass, let me cum once again, make me cum like this, I beg you “.
Alexander, a big pervert never satisfied with what he was getting, already thought that now that she knew how to suck like a real goddess and that she gave herself passionately with a plug inserted in the ass, he was left with only Convince her to do what he had never done with any of his girlfriends: A party with her and two friends: One in his mouth, one in her pussy and him in her ass!

He forgot these sordid ideas and applied at best to satisfy her, kneeling between her legs and gripping the top of her buttocks by spreading them, contemplating at leisure the total submission of her darling, and her wonderful little asshole enhanced with blue the plug he was harboring, while his sex soaked with their sap and lubricant gave him what she had been waiting for since the beginning of the evening, but with much more effect than she would have hoped. Given the state of submission and excitement in which she was, Alexander bowed a little to take advantage of the situation once again.

He slid his hand forward until he could shake her clit, which she did not always allow, and even less since she had an absolutely hairless Mount of Venus, because it embarrassed her enormously. Feeling so possessed, offered, totally filled and stimulated strangely increased her feelings, which she would have difficulty to explain rationally when she think back to this evening the next morning, not being able to admit that had been dominated who had then transported it.

The fingers of his man who searched her and the big jerk it sent him in time did not delay to wear it in swoon, and when the second orgasm of the night approached, it was a huge wave of pleasure who invades him. She put a hand on her lover, who continued to file methodically as she panted and meowed, the edge of discomfort, guiding his fingers faster and harder on her hard clit. The pleasure lasted, and it was only gradually that Alexandre felt her companion come down again, while her breathing was again more regular and her body, stretched like a bow on the arrow that impaled it, relaxed a little. Small tasty contractions still animated her intimacy, and each time it seemed that the two ends she had in her throbbed in the hollow of her belly, extending in a strange way the pleasure.

It was only when she relaxed completely, then passively penetrating, like a doll badly inflated and too lubricated, that Alexander released her embrace and let her lie on her side, sated and sweating. She had his account, but he did not, and especially had not yet reached the goal set, and she had consented to let him hope.
Perceiving the torpor that had seized his companion, he invited her to go to shower so that they are invigorating … When she began to ask him what to do with his toy, he asked him to keep. She rose with caution, and in this movement indeed his presence was immediately remembered to her, and also when she leaned down to remove her stockings, showing then immodestly possessed by this unusual object to her lover, sitting on the bed just behind him, without even paying attention.

He adored, taking this involuntary gesture as a naughty consent. Alexander accompanied him into the bathroom, his impressive cudgel was not down? Once under the floods of hot water they played naughty frotti-frotta games, then Alexander asked him to make him back, and to offer a bit bowing, arms against the wall and legs apart on both sides of the shower tray. He approached her tail stiff, and first touched her sex, he slid into her slot forward. At this contact she threw her head back moaning, a little louder when he came to press against the opening of her vulva, close to her clit already going back to life.

Alexander grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples, just hard enough to hurt him. She did not even pay attention, waddling his best to masturbate on the cock that was refusing for the moment to penetrate. With the plug always stuck in her these basin movements still provoked new sensations very daring, and it seemed almost already to be taken in front, while she had barely the tip of his man’s penis between his lips.

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