Pushing him with enough determination to penetrate all at once

Julie turned around as he closed the water taps around her, interrogatively. He straightened imperceptibly, pointing his big penis just out of her, in a position sufficiently explicit that she understands what she had to do without receiving orders this time. For indeed, he had only given orders tonight, since at no time had he embellished his wishes with any form of politeness, or even combined his demands with the conditional.

She knew perfectly well that it was what he wanted: That she submit completely, without a word, and this time again she blindly accepted this rule of immoral play crouching before him to suck. So installed, she could have expelled her gadget if she had not paid attention, and he had to contract a little to avoid this risk, which was not really nice?

Alexander contented herself with what she offered him this time, aware that she was already trying to take it amply in the mouth, and moreover quickly. She really hated when he set the pace by holding her head to kiss her mouth, and saw the turn that took the first blowjob that night, while he was still very cautious and had still nothing obtained from what he wanted, she feared at this moment that it was worse. She was too happy that he had never tried to take it deep throat not to fear that it would happen a day like this: A day when he did not enjoy it until after she was shown totally subject to him.

In this domineering step he had his cock pumping for long minutes, and when Julie took the initiative to get back a little better, waiting docilely to know what he would like later, he just took the opportunity to feel it a little breasts, whose ends pointed with ardor as their bodies gradually dried, Julie still dripping drops that escaped from her hair.

He had annoyed her enough just before she wanted a virile body-to-body with him again, and no longer felt the tiredness she felt just moments ago. She waited for her man to sign the end of the oral performance she was giving to dry quickly and follow him back to his room.

Wandering with this piece of plastic in the rectum was a rather uncomfortable experience, and in this reflection in the hallway where Alexander was waiting, the cock still stiff and swollen, she realized that she was now going to the last stage of this long deflowering, because he would never leave the case tonight, she knew it well.
It is resigned that she went again on all fours on the bed, when he asked, buttocks well up, loins well arched.

As she had changed? Never before would she let anyone talk to her like he did during those hot evenings, and any of the partners that he had had would not have accepted it either, if, by experience, they had not not known that once submitted it would be widely rewarded ‘Alexander came to stand behind her and made him spread enough thighs to be able to kneel between them.

He studied a little that gorgeous ass she was going to offer for the first time, and grabbed the plug he had planted. Gripping him tightly between his fingers, he began to shoot at him, again inflicting on his companion strange feelings of need that were impossible to control. He was pulling hard enough already, but was not making any progress yet, and asked him to let it go, without contracting.

When she nodded a shy nod, he removed it with a single gesture, involuntarily inflicting a burning anal pain, which grew even stronger when it contracted with all its forces reflexively. She had screamed at that moment, but remained submissive when she felt him deliver it to him, pushing him with enough determination to penetrate all at once. It must be said that she was so lubricated that he slid easily into his sphincter, even if it was still not painless.

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