Part of his body he wanted to admit

Alexander had never been satisfied with it, but had not always succeeded in doing so either. Tonight he wanted it at all costs. Until then he had been very cautious about Julie, too much in love to commit an imprudence he could have regretted, but at that moment, he was so close to realizing this obsessive fantasy that tormented him since he knew Julie that he had to mobilize all his attention so as not to become too brutal.

As he continued to make himself more insistent he ordered him, more authoritatively than he would have in fact wanted, to spread more thighs. Julie did not pay much attention to the tone of her voice. After all, his words were less difficult to bear than that part of his body he wanted to admit, and although it was uncomfortable, she complied. A little lower compared to her assailant she offered a better angle, and then was sodomized much deeper.

In fact, Alexander had continued to increase the pressure with which he was trying to possess it, and once he was better positioned he had finally propelled himself deep enough where she had always thought that no one would ever go ‘This sudden movement did not occur Without a doubt Julie had to endure much more than a deflowering: When she had been deflowered, she was excited and then wanted to be penetrated by a way that nature had done for that.

Tonight she did not want to: She had agreed to give herself there only for the pleasure of her lover, not for her, and this hole was definitely not meant to be visited. Alexandre had stopped once in her, a little surprised to have finally managed to take in the ass, but also a little worried about the tone of the cry he had torn off by sodomizing. He studied his face, again half buried in the folds of the bed, and there was nothing more than when he had made him admit his plug earlier in the evening: A bit of tension and surprise, but nothing very bad.

Then taking up the tube of gel, he dropped a few drops on the base of his cock, he had the intention to also put ‘Still spreading her buttocks almost painfully she felt him pushing further his big cock. With him it was always necessary to go all the way! Alexander changed his mind before inserting himself deep inside, for fear of really hurting him if he reached the bottom of his rectal bulb, and withdrew almost entirely, without, however, pushing the vice to cross backwards. that internal sphincter he had thought he could never cross without literally violating it.

Taking the course in the same direction he began to gently fuck in the ass, glad to see that she had really prepared well, because it was still clean? She really only had this little qualities! And damn, what was she good! Almost forgetting that he was de-liming, he gradually accelerated the amplitude and cadence, decided to take full advantage of the divine sensations that could produce this small asshole tight on his beautiful turgid anatomy.

When he began to ride on both sides of her to fuck her in anal like a bitch she felt the need to remind him that he had promised to stay sweet if he reached that point. Not immediately giving up on this domineering position, imagining what it could have seen from the camcorder in action, he was careful not to inflict too generous thrusts too.

No longer able, and finding that she had already been brave enough to afford a second remark, Julie took the risk of angering his man by telling him how hips became sore. Alexander did not answer, but withdrew and let her lie on her back. What a relief for his sore joints! Although then the joints are not the only place in her body that was a bit sore? Alexander asked him to go to bed on the edge of the bed.

He went to kneel on the ground on a cushion to raise his legs and maintain them at ninety degrees, then put his legs on his shoulders, since she was tired. She would have preferred that he finish this evening rather quickly at this moment, and was rather intensely disappointed to feel it guiding her sex not to his, but even where she had never wanted anything. Alexander put as before his cock just where it was needed, and then looked to that of his partner. She did not want to support his gaze, and closed his eyes, suspecting that he would not stop watching her as immodest now.

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