His beautiful body and his chest

This time Alexandre played more subtly to make come and go his generous glans in the narrowness of the second sphincter, filing gently but methodically, alternately contemplating the spectacle of his beautiful body and his chest undulating under the thrusts he inflicted in anal, the beardless and shiny vulva of natural and artificial lubricants beneath which he planted her tail, and her beautiful face as a perfect submissive, passive girl.

Deciding to relieve her finally he first accelerated his movements, and when he began to enjoy began to give him beautiful shots basin, making it shake and meow, panting “go for my love” motivation, trying not to deny himself too much as he drummed fiercely against the door of his freshly deflowered intimacy. He swung in his ass a significant amount of sperm, lubricating fortunately even more his last assaults that were also the most violent.

Once the enjoyment passed he could not help but still enjoy some comings and goings there, not knowing if there would be a day access, still admiring the spectacle so deliciously pornographic of his big cock diving finally completely in this tiny hole he had received as a present ‘To this day the most desired birthday present we have ever offered him! Withdrawn, he wiped a little his line, and against all odds plunged his tongue and fingers, to give him a last orgasm, she deserved but she did not even think possible.

She accepted it as a reward for her submissive submission, and such was indeed the intension of her man.
She would also require him the next day and the day after he made her enjoy in cunnilingus and forbid him to have fun too, as a tribute to the efforts made for his birthday and to make him forget that she still hurt his buttocks forty-eight hours later.

My story begins towards the end of the April holidays, the last Thursday precisely. I must say that at the time of this story I’m only 13 years old, and I keep my current age secret. I was bathing in the municipal swimming pool when I saw the girl I loved arrive. She had put on a blue bikini.

We saw her nipples hardened by the cold point through the fabric of her bikini top. Soon, I began to bend. Fortunately for me, I did not bandage very hard, so my cock could not deform my shorts. I was at that moment in the big pond. To my surprise, she went down there too, and came and kissed me. Then she went away, to go a few laps with her friends.

I stood there, smug. I put on my diving goggles, and dive under the water. I saw it, about ten meters from me, swimming the breaststroke. When his legs moved apart, I had a clear view of his crotch. I glimpsed his lips that were drawn through his underpants, and some pubic hair. I began to bend even harder, and this time, my life suddenly deformed my swim shorts. Inexorably, my hand went under the elastic of my shorts to grab my cock and jerk me off, but my conscience held me back.

I pretended to develop my apnea (which was true at the base). That’s when Julie (that’s her name) came back to me and started a very lively discussion about the last RPG. The discussion lasted more than a quarter of an hour, when Julie changed the subject.

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