Julie did not move any more

And this time she noticed how strangely wet she was when she thought she was no longer excited at the practical work of the late night? She let herself be kissed again with a pleasure increased by this feeling of being fully satisfied but also because of the surprising contrast between the brutality and the animality of this deep double penetration and the intensity with which it stimulated all the erogenous zones of his femininity.

She surrendered completely again, moving at the rate imposed by her lover, deliberately slow pace to allow him loose movements in her from the mouth of her pussy to the bottom. Then he paused, remaining deeply inserted in her pussy, while she sways subtly to take advantage of him although he did not limp, when he undertakes again to remove his plug. For the first time, and probably because he had stayed in her, it was not so painful, just barely unpleasant. While he left the tip of his toy in the hole deflower he pushed his rod again deeper, very deeply, so that his pelvis came to press the free end of the dildo he held with one hand , possessing it gradually behind and in front.

Once he had made him admit the biggest part of the plug he withdrew, again with the same movement of its two orifices at the same time, in order to progressively dilate it to the maximum. To be possessed thus slowly but completely by the two orifices immediately provoked a demonic mixture of pain and pleasure.

The pain associated with anal dilatation that was practiced by the bulge of the dildo every time he passed on both sides of his sphincter, the pleasure of feeling the tail that filled his pussy; the suffering of being submissive, offered in a humiliating posture, the pleasure of feeling powerfully desired by an experienced man; the pain of knowing how dependent she became, the pleasure of always being rewarded for the efforts made ‘All in an atmosphere far more than dare?

Sex with Alexander when he was the best is when it was pornographic, but then it was the ecstasy assured. At that moment Julie was not really controlling herself anymore. She was too tired and too full of feelings to continue to lend appearance. Face buried in a pillow, arms on both sides of her, clinging to the sheets, loins fully arched, she began to come to Alexander when he plunged into her by the two orifices at the same time , trying to make it go even further in her, where his cock was at the bottom against the cervix of her uterus, while the dildo was also undertaken totally. He understood that she was going to give herself whole again because she felt pointing the beginnings of a new orgasm, but this time he should not satisfy her.

Indeed at that moment she was ready, and once she would be satisfied again, he knew it, he would have no chance, unless he then forced to respect his commitment to offer her ass. That would have been the best way to never get an evening like this again, and still had a lot of plans for her? Pulling out once more, he removed the plug completely this time and gripped it firmly by the hips to give him some good thrusts and thus continue to bring home desire.

Once certain that she was going to enjoy soon he slowed his pace and then withdrew maliciously, certain that frustrated so she would probably do whatever he wanted before he finally satisfies her ‘Brutally caught up in the reality Julie moved a little more comfortably, which was a little difficult because her hips and knees were a little pain. Since she had spent most of the evening on all fours, this was not surprising. Alexander had also repositioned, straightening a little, so that his penis is just a few millimeters higher.

He was going to take her in the ass now, and although she is already very lubricated, and his cock too, he let a little gel still flow on the birth of the line of her buttocks, and placed his cock. He guided her hand insistently lower and lower until his cock came to stand just in front of the virgin hole he was deflowering. Julie did not move any more, and only her fast breathing animated her body with weak movement. Now that she knew what was ahead of him, it became less easy to accept the discomfort of the position, and it seemed to her that she could no longer hold out so long and her thighs so far apart.

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