I rented a comfortable studio in the city center

I am not one of those draggers-collectors-accumulators, permanently frustrated at not having the one missing from their hunting boards.
No, I can not choose the woman who will make me happy. I am an indecisive player.
A long time ago, Thomas MOORE said that it was necessary to examine a woman under all the seams before choosing her, as one would do before buying a horse. Me, I go further, I think we must also try them, try several, try a lot?

To come back to my vacation that begins, I rented a comfortable studio in the city center. In Paris, I prefer to go to my conquests and I sometimes avoid giving them my address. We do not know who we can fall on: A harasser, a psychopath, a lover. I understand that you love me, but not that you rot my life. Here, it will be different. I only have 10 days left. They can still come ringing at my door, I will not be here anymore.
For the phone, I took a new number. So I would not be bothered by my knowledge of Paris.

When I arrived last night, the guy from the estate agency explained everything I needed to know. In questioning him, I learned, unfortunately, that my neighbors are all old. So I have nothing to expect from that side. Unless their granddaughter visits them?

TUESDAY, 1st day in Antibes

In the morning, the first thing I do (after pissing and getting dressed, of course), is to go rent a scooter. I booked it over the Internet. I take 2 helmets, it can be useful.
After that, I’ll do some shopping at the nearest supermarket.
In the alleys there are only eye mums is too early for young women-.
I have a snack, coffee, PQ, paper tissues, a few bottles of alcohol, 2 boxes of XL condoms and 1 tube of lube.
At the time of paying, I choose the most beautiful cashier (the choice is limited since there are only 2 cashiers).I have to find a way to use all of this. (I show the condoms).

It makes her laugh again and she starts to blush the naughty.
I have to leave because there are other customers waiting. “Au revoir Fran├žoise” (her name is written on her badge).
Already a touch. I do not believe it too much, but you have to know how to seize every opportunity. And then I would like to hit a native.
I leave my notebook “special holiday”. At the letter “F”, I write:
Francoise. Cashier at the supermarket. Brown. Big breasts. Must introduce me to a girlfriend. Fiancee.

After leaving the races at home, it’s time to go on the attack. It is 10:30. I take my scooter and go to the beach.
In the morning, it’s the ideal. There are not too many people yet and “competition” is not yet at work.
I first make a general tour to identify places and girls fuckable.
In other circumstances, I would have found almost all consumables, but here there is plenty of choice. I can afford to do the difficult.
On the beach there are kids, old people, families, which for me do not exist. I focus on my game: The girls alone.

Here is a very pretty, but unfortunately she reads a book. The nerds, very little for me! No, you guessed it, I’m kidding! For what I would have liked to do with her, I do not care if she is cultivated. In addition she reads Barbara Cartland! In truth what makes me flee is this empty towel next to her that must belong to her boyfriend.

Whaoo! This one she has a butt! A real invitation to sodomy! Unfortunately, she is tanned, which means she has been there for several days. So she has already been flirted. So, if she’s not a lesbian, she must have a guy. I prefer to attack girls with white skin: To those who have just arrived.

There, 2 girls together. One is a real sausage. The other is hot. I could try the technique: Drag the ugly to coax and jump the beautiful.

A few meters away, this one with all those acne pimples on her face, she’s not terrible. She must be ready for anything so that a beautiful boy like me takes care of her.

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