After the orgasm I gave him, I was hoping for a positive and enthusiastic response

I leave my tube of lubricant, I spread my cock, and go!
My cock returns without much difficulty in this narrow hole. I go very slowly to begin. Gaëlle is squirming. She moans. She claims more. I go deeper, I accelerate the pace.
She really likes it the slut! Every time my movement brings out my cock a little, she backs her buttocks frenzy to come to meet me. To believe that she does not want to let escape these 23 cm of happiness.
And then she starts to cum panting!
It’s grandiose!
Unbelievable ! She enjoyed by the ass, without even fiddling with clit!
I leave my cock, I masturbate. To finish me, it does not take long and I ejaculate in the condom.
I collapse in my turn next to Gaëlle.
She is recovering little by little from her emotions.
She takes a cigarette. I make a comment:You seem to love sodomy, you. It’s very rare…
Without asking anything, she begins to tell me what led her to discover this practice:

It was last year, my girlfriend Fatima had just been flirted by a guy small, big and ugly. She did not know him, so she wanted me to go with him to reassure her.
I do not know why she had agreed to go out with this Tomy. Fatima is not terrible, but still?
They kissed for a long time next to me on the living room couch. Then they went to the room.
After a few minutes, I heard screams. Cries of pleasure from Fatima. It was impressive. It seemed to last several minutes. I was breathless. I was very embarrassed and at the same time very excited.
After a short lull, that put that back! Screaming, re-moaning. This time followed by the groans of Tomy.
Then my girlfriend hurried out of the room to go to the bathroom. I was red with confusion.
That’s when Tomy appeared in underwear. He approached me and he said, “If you want me to do the same thing for you, go tomorrow afternoon.”
Fatima came back and we left.
I went home very quickly. Without mentioning with Fatima what had happened.
At night, in my bed, I only thought and rethink these cries and this filthy dude. I masturbated several times, but not soothed.
The next afternoon, despite my shame and reluctance, I went to Tomy’s house. He was waiting for me.
He brought me directly to the room. We undressed. After a few caresses he told me, “Your girlfriend had to tell you that I only take the girls by the ass. You’ll see, this is my specialty. “
To believe it, Fatima would have enjoyed like crazy by getting fucked. By this pig!
I could not believe it. But to the point where I was, it was difficult for me to run away, and then I was tempted to try too.
Without even asking my opinion, he coated my hole Vaseline and he penetrated me slowly. I had pain at first, I must say that I was a virgin on this side.
I was thinking of Fatima’s cries, and then that Tomy knew his business. My orgasm happened very quickly. But I did not scream.
Tomy ejaculated a few seconds later.
I got dressed and left, without a word.
Since that day, all the guys I go out with can bug me if they want to. I love that.

She told it without any shame, I’m amazed.
I love to get confidences about the sexual past of my conquests, I’m served on a platter.
This story excited me to the highest point. I band again, and I would have liked to redo a ride in his little hole. But after looking at her watch, Gaëlle jumps out of bed. It is already 18h, she must return to see her parents.
I take her on a scooter near her house (she does not want her parents to see me).
I propose to meet again tomorrow. After the orgasm I gave him, I was hoping for a positive and enthusiastic response. It’s neither one nor the other. She explains to me that her parents watch her closely and they often impose her outings.
His procrastination moderates my eagerness towards him.
To drive the nail or to make me jealous she adds:

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