I will probably not wear anything

I will probably not wear anything

I went to the showers with my man. If he went there naked, the towel on his shoulder, for my part I tied a sarong around my waist. There were two types of showers, the common ones where men and women, without distinction, washed and individual cabins. We showered in one of these cabins, but both together. I feared the eyes of other vacationers seeing us enter one of these cabins, especially since they were wide open on the outside with a wall at the height of the blow and the absence of doors.

But nothing, no one notices, no look. Underwater, we soaped each other with my boyfriend. I took his member in the hand, which was soon to grow. My man came to place his hands on my breasts and pelota, then on my conch causing me tingling pleasant in the lower abdomen.

But we stopped before reaching the enjoyment, wanting only to touch the pleasure and not waste it. I wanted the tail of my lover in me and it must be said that a cramped shower and open to the outside is not the most convenient place to make love. Once the sex of my man had a little deflated, we went back to the tent, me with my sarong and Stephane totally naked.

He seemed perfectly comfortable, more than I at the end. I liked very much seeing that he was not bandaging in spite of the women of all ages that we met: cute girls with mouthwatering bodies, slender waist, curves full of charms where it is needed; mature women with blooming forms who had nothing to displease or older too, on which time had done its work, but sometimes with beautiful remains.

On the other hand, there were also women who were real remedies against love, it must be admitted. However, naturism is precisely respect for all: Accept the physical of the other, his religion, his opinions and live freely together without any prejudice. Here we find nobody disgusting because it is not beautiful. In a naturist place everyone is at the same level.

Tolerance is often appropriate, even if sometimes we find extremists everywhere; in any case much less than in a “textile” environment. Two girls who are holding hands on a beach and who make a little kiss, it will be a scandal on a textile beach, it will pass into total indifference on a nudist beach. Some say that two girls kissing or two guys even, it’s disgusting … This is not the problem! The problem is those who say that or think: They are intolerant … When you are in a nudist place, it is not to be naked or see other naked; we go there to feel comfortable, good about ourselves and with nothing on the skin.

When we went to bed that evening, Stéphane made love to me with his usual ardor giving me a lot of pleasure. Living naked does not make naturists powerless or devoid of sexual desire; the only thing is that during the day, in public they refrain their impulses. I strove to make my enjoyment silent, being aware that the thin tent could not hold my cries.
The next morning, when I got up, I forgot the pareo without even thinking about it. It was Stéphane who pointed it out to me when I came back from the toilet block:

– Bah! You stay naked?
– Yes, I did not even realize it. I am good like this. I will probably not wear anything other than my own skin until the end of our stay.
Then I end with one:
– Do you like my darling?
“You know you’re divine for me,” he said, handing me a nice kiss on his mouth, while putting a hand on the top of my thigh, at the birth of my buttocks.

I saw that his sex showed an aspect that did not deceive. A guy who is erect on a nudist beach will not be castigated? Unless he is so and shows his member in shape ostensibly to all. Why should we ask a man not to take pleasure in having his girlfriend next to him, to feel the benefits of the sun, the gentle breath of the wind with no reaction. So I suggested to my man to come back to the tent.

The zipper lightly lowered, he took me without care as I sometimes liked that he does, without preliminary, the hussar. The hug was fast, but so intense that I enjoyed.

To go to the pool, I stayed naked, just taking a towel over my shoulder. We passed by the showers, without taking a cabin this time, we entered the space where all, men and women, showered without shame. However, I did not dare, in front of others, rub my crotch to erase the fuck of my boyfriend. But my inhibition faded quickly when I saw a man slip away without taking the precaution.

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