I guess by far a silhouette of a woman, naked, languid on the chair

I guess by far a silhouette of a woman, naked, languid on the chair

Three hours later, exhilarated by the memories of the day before, I thought to join my beautiful who was to be napping because she had not slept much, exhausted by her morning tennis.
I had the intention to surprise her in her sleep and to show her what I was capable of, I do not hide that I had also in the idea to question her audacity the night before.

Arrived in the room, surprise? Nobody. A little upset by this surprise, I go looking for him.
I do not know why, but as I approached the room of our friends, I was astonished to see the French window door ajar and I decided to go see if they were there.
I approach the terrace, and I guess by far a silhouette of a woman, naked, languid on the chair. Determined to rinse my eyes on the beautiful body of Pauline, I hide behind a bush, position allowing me on the one hand to have a direct view of the chair and on the other hand, to be hidden from the eyes of occupants and possible passers-by.

What was not my surprise to see Pauline; naked on the chair, legs apart, trying to rub her pussy, staring straight ahead, as if she was looking at something.
My dreams were interrupted by a groan that was no stranger to me. So I decided to change the observation post to see what captivated the attention of Pauline and that excited him to the point of triturating only the clitoris.

My wife was totally naked, lying on the bed, with Paul, shirtless and in shorts, at his right side, caressing his body and eat him alternately breasts and mouth, and during that time, I see also a man with very dull skin, also shirtless, lying down, his head between her wide open thighs, without there being any doubt about what he was doing to her.
I recognized without difficulty the perfectly sculpted back of Jim, the tennis teacher.

I approach a little and I notice that with his left hand, he spreads his lips to reveal the little magic button he sucks her fleshy lips. At the same time and with her right hand, I could see very clearly the two fingers well inserted in the intimacy of my wife, come and go at a steady pace.
I knew for a long time that this kind of double caress could put it very quickly in trance, which, considering its moans of pleasure, was already the case.
I was on the ass that in less than 24 hours, my kind and prude woman had turned into a slut able to show off with two horny males.

While Jim’s caresses were starting to produce the desired effect, I saw Ms. start breathing faster, eyes fixed on Jim’j’hallucinais mouth even more when I heard it “Go ahead, yes, again , eat me pussy, lick me hard ‘Hmmmm yes like that, it’s good’ “.
The more she encouraged him, the more he penetrated her big fingers and more his tongue was busy and Paul during that time took care of her breasts vigorously.

I saw Madame’s hand go to the big bump of Paul’s shorts and grab him the member hardened through the shorts. Paul then straightened on his knees to the left of my wife in a trance, which allowed my beautiful to get out of the way of her sex already erect and obviously cramped ‘. “Come, I want to suck you,” she told him in a breath.

While Jim was doing it again, I saw her bend over and swallow the fat cock of Paul, licking it up and down.
The show was worthy of an ass movie, my wife sucking one guy while another was eating her pussy, I could not believe my eyes, and I did not forget that during that time, Pauline did not miss a beat.

After a short moment, I see Jim approaching Madame and take a seat on her right. Understanding the invitation, Ms. broke away from Paul’s sex and began to attack Jim’s mouth, while also trying to remove his shorts. ‘Not surprisingly, I noticed that Jim was already bandaging like a Turk and that his dick had nothing to envy to that of Paul ‘Once the machine in hand, I saw the star with a big smile before melting on this new prey and swallow also with greed.
While Jim blew loudly at the ferocious activity of Madame on his machine, Paul took advantage of this respite to slip behind her.

Delicately, he brought on all fours and penetrated brutally doggy style. The shock was so strong that it tore a shout of pleasure to Madame, who, in passing, also triggered an orgasm to Pauline, in any case, that’s what I thought I heard from the other side, and then began again to suck more beautiful tennis teacher.
For almost ten minutes, I attended this surreal scene of my wife investigating.

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