My lips are ready to welcome his

My lips are ready to welcome his

The bell rings and my heart is good in my chest. I get up at once and, seeing others do the same, think to let them out first not to find me face to face with Sara in the hallway, it must be a perfect meeting, told me I.

I’m finally leaving, the last of the class. Slowly down the stairs thinking that finally, I did not find anything interesting, during this hour of classes, to tell this girl. Astonishment this thought gives me a smile. I see her figure, I always recognize her among others. She is a tall girl with very long black hair who stands straight, she is very elegant.

She is the only girl in this school who looks like a real woman. In spite of their ages, all the other girls have child postures and, now I notice, they disgust me deeply. Sara seems alone and turns her back, I see her through the window, although surrounded by people she seems isolated? and so beautiful. So beautiful that I absolutely must tell him, that I must take her in my arms, this woman so unique.

I believe that my greatest desire, at this very moment, is to spend my retired life too? with her. By putting my hand on the door to push it I feel a strength that I did not know then, I’m now at a step from her and once I open the door, she will be turned, we will face to face. the shivers of pleasure that we exchanged return to my memory and I still feel the touch of his hand on my skin and the smell of his body heated desire. I think I really feel it, I open the door.

It’s not just a memory because I feel it immediately, as if all the pores of her skin were calling to her and I’m going. She turns around before I can do anything, as if she felt me ​​too. And our eyes meet. Beautiful eyes from where my being is summed up. I already feel that my wish is granted because there is no one but his eyes and me, and his body.

She has come closer, she is now only centimeters away from me, maybe it’s me who actually got closer. A sense of well-being fills me, as I leave all my apprehensions that I held in myself. My beasts questions and my fear of having nothing to say evaporate when I finally understand that there is simply nothing to say. I feel good. Her face lights up briefly and I already know that it’s an answer to what I feel, I have the clear impression that she can easily read in me.

Her lips are parted and invites me to come and taste them, something I have never tried with her but I do not throw myself directly and contemplates a little. She then sketches a small smile that makes her even more desirable. I drop my head and watch his chest rise to the rhythm of his breathing, the chest that has already hypnotized me the last time I saw it.

Suddenly I stretch my hand towards her belly as if an invisible force attracted me to it. I touch it with my hand wide open and feel the warmth of Sara through the garment. I raise my head, she still displays her little smile, so enigmatic.

She gets a little closer to me and her breasts are on the edge of touching my chest, I extend my second hand on the other side of her belly and slowly I draw her to me, her hoarse breath is close to my mouth and my lips are ready to welcome his. Her round breasts come dangerously close, then finally touch my chest, they gently lean against them and if crush with force because Sara also passed her arms around my waist and tightens me vigorously, she spent one foot between mine and I feel his thigh squeeze my crotch. We are so tight that it is amazing that our lips are not yet affected. I want to keep my eyes planted in hers until the last minute. Finally she closes his, I bring my head a millimeter and our bodies are one.

His lips are luscious and tons of images come to mind. We do not take off our lips. My hands down to her buttocks and I can not stop my crotch to exert a strong contraction by palpating his ass so firm and majestically round. At the same time I feel her thigh between my legs firm up his position with a gentle but powerful pressure on my family jewelry that makes me understand that it felt very well my movement. I open my eyes amused and Sara looks at me with, in hers, a pure expression of desire. Probably excited by the sensation of my member on alert against her thigh, she has an air that seems to tell me she wants more.

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