His tongue titillait my clitoris

His tongue titillait my clitoris

– You’re too horny, you know. He threw me.
He gently wiped my face with a tissue.

– Now lie on the couch, I’ll take care of you.
– Hmmm. With pleasure sir.

He spread my legs and my thong. And his tongue came ventured on my pussy already soaked.

– Oh yes Guillaume go ahead. I’ve been waiting for this since my birthday.

His tongue titillait my clitoris. I felt the heat invade the body. Guillaume dug a finger and then 2 at the bottom of my cave.

– Ooooh go on it’s too good. I eat my pussy.
– Still, again, I will enjoy continuous.

After saying that Guillaume stopped. He put his face to mine and kissed me on the mouth.

– I’ll make you cum like never my beautiful.
– Yes go ahead I’m waiting for that. Put your big dick in my little slutty pussy.

He did not pray and stabbed his stake in the bottom of my pussy. He smashed my pussy, it was too much.

– Ooooooh yes it’s too good.
– But you doggy style I’m not finished with you.

I put myself in the said position and Guillaume sank back into me. He smashed me again. His thighs snap against my buttocks. He penetrated me to the hilt. After 5 minutes of this treatment I had a second orgasm at the same time or Guillaume emptied deep in my intimacy.

Guillaume was sitting by my side and lit a cigarette.

– So how were you waiting for this moment since your birthday? He asked me.
– Yes. I really took my foot that night and I could not wait to start again. Even though I know that I know Romain wrong, I could not stop thinking about this part of fucking with you.

– And this is only the beginning of the beauty weekend. After this one, you’ll quickly understand that Romain is not for you.

I did not know what to answer him. He turned off his cigarette, put his hand on my thigh and offered to take a shower before his guests arrive. What I did with great pleasure.

Once in the bathroom. I ran the hot water on my naked body. William joined me. He stuck to my back and hugged me. I felt his member harden against my buttocks. He caressed my body tenderly. Then he grabbed a soap and soaped me with a lot of delicacy.

Once finished, it was my turn to soap it. I did it with a lot of tenderness. He did not let go of me. I took care to clean his cock. Then we rinsed each other our turn. At the moment of going out Guillaume grabbed my face with one hand and put a soft kiss on my lips. Our kiss was getting hotter and hotter. William turned me. I was facing the wall, both hands resting on it. He caressed my breasts and kisses on my neck made me capsize. he put one of his hands on my stomach while the other came tickle my clit. My legs were shaking so the pleasure was intense. Still in the same position he slipped his member deep in my vagina. But this time he was going smoothly.

His hands were exploring my body. His left hand stopped on my clit. He tickled me while doing slow back and forth. He accelerated the pace slightly. My pleasure was increasing. I had not felt such pleasure before. Guillaume did not kiss me this time, he was tenderly making love to me.

His little ride lasted a good ten minutes before I had a powerful orgasm just when I felt 3 long jets of sperm in the bottom of my pussy. I lost all my senses. If Guillaume had not held me, I would have fallen to the ground. Once after regaining consciousness, Guillaume took the first shower, wrapped a towel around his waist and brought me a large towel to wrap me in. He hugged me, my head resting on his shoulder. He rubbed his hands on my back to warm me up.

– It was magical. I had never had a pleasure like this before.
– Yes I saw that. But I really wanted to make love to you that way. Because you deserve it. I love you Johanna.

I did not answer but I turned and kissed him tenderly to make him understand that I too loved him.

Once dressed William went down to finish the preparations for his little party. I was still putting on makeup when the doorbell rang. It was already seven o’clock. But the weekend was just beginning. I had until Sunday evening to enjoy my lover.

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