Her head thrown back she begs

Her head thrown back she begs

This is the first time, though I realize its physical evolution, and I confess frankly be disturbed by its forms and this delicate beauty, which door with a juvenile insolence. I’m almost jealous, I’m suddenly faced with a young woman who radiates a wonderful joie de vivre, which predisposes to a bright future. Braised eyes, and a port of queen, beautiful blond curls that frame her face, she has a delirious charm.

My eyes linger shamefully, insistently on these legs, on this bust with breasts suddenly present. Sara unconscious of my observations, relaxes and discovers this body that in the reflection of the last glimmers of the evening, is of a torrid eroticism.

It is hard for me to drive away those burning thoughts from my mind.
I throw myself on the remote control to launch without conviction any movie, while asking me that fly had stung me to let me drag myself into fantasies of a girl.

To choose in this way a film at random, is of a stupid stupidity, because as I did not expect it, it had the peculiarity to include very studied pornographic scenes.

Sara is clearly obsessed with the action that lasts an eternity, I am unable to react, any initiative seems utopian. On the screen they go there dead hand, I’m scalded and Sara changes position constantly, she forgets my presence. I watch her go from astonishment to a trance, I hope secretly, that this is not the first time she sees it! Between us, be it said, that would surprise me.

Whatever my reaction, it would be extremely embarrassing for me, and for her too. So I decide to let the film come to an end hoping to relax the atmosphere overheated by some jokes of schoolboy.

But what are the jokes that adapt to such a situation? All we can say is ridiculous and you sink even more!

Talking about sex with her, is not a good idea not-plu, all initiative in this direction, will take me in default!

No word or word could explain the sequence of events. The unthinkable happened, I leaned towards this blouse that invites me to discover, to find breasts so well formed.

The heat of this night, and our bodies almost naked, everything seems out of control.

I sank into a kind of amazement, and almost in spite of me, I kiss and brushed my lips open chest, Sara projects her bust of a sensual contortion, I tickle the small points in my mouth, sucks and nibble without restraint.

She abandons herself, lets herself go, her half-closed eyes denounce a boundless excitement, a whisper, a prayer, push me to accompany her to the realm of the senses.

What did I do there?

Under my hands become autonomous, I feel her skin satin, the roundness of the top of her thighs, then a little lower, the voluptuous down that leads to the most secret place of this body in effervescence.
She does nothing to stop my investigations, she opens, she slides and offers herself. An aubade certifies the offering of his body, what can I do now? It is too late to retreat, and my senses have just refused me.

My heart beats, I’m boiling, I liquefy, I wet, some friction on my cock to appease my senses, then I slide the little silk panties on Sara’s thighs, and here it is revealed, naked, admirable, sensual.

The fabric is soaked I sniff, I taste his love juice then I close my hand on this beautiful sex, the thighs open like wings, she moaned while gently I penetrate with a finger pink lips to discover the little pearly button .

Sara’s pelvis is set in motion, it rises and falls like a wave that accelerates as rubs and penetrations that I lavish care with the vagina inflamed.
I drive, I control, I soothe and provoke to the extreme this body that struggles. At the end of my deeply committed fingers, this sex belongs to me, I feel orgasm arrive, the wave is powerful, I enjoy this hold, I exult from this constraint that I impose without indulgence.

On my fingers sinks the syrup, which my hands collect, hot and so soft that I have swallowed. It’s so beautiful, to see the tension rise, to see her eyes close when she looks for the mouth wide open, to snap a last trickle of air.

She gathers her last strength and begins to scream, under my hands, her body does not stop shaking!

Sara writhes, tries to extract the hand that searches her, she struggles like a wounded animal, then grabbing my arm she screams again, her cries, her wailing are a haunting eroticism.

I persist, I insist, I hold the hand that tries to intervene, her head thrown back she begs, and finally surrendered.

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