Beautiful breasts

Beautiful breasts

But, I was only at the beginning of my discovery of the sexuality and the sensuality, my lover in colo had opened the box of Pandora and inside hides a thousand surprises …
I was part of the ground gymnastics team, and trained three to four nights a week to make me a nice body but also to spend the energy that I had in me otherwise I was an electric battery …
Chloe my childhood friend accompanied me everywhere, she was part of the team too, a little less assiduous because calmer, too calm even …

That evening the “coach” made us sweat. Finding we were not asses fast, he had us do and redo several times the same exercise, Chloe and me in particular because we were competing, so that there were only two of us left at the club … Exhausted our painful bodies, we headed to the shower, glad to finally get rid of this sticky sweat.
The shower was very hot, I let the water run over my naked body, closing my eyes, the heat relaxed me. I only heard the water flow, but I felt a presence … Opening my eyes, I saw Chloe planted in front of me, naked, she stared at me, with in the eyes this infinite tenderness that makes him the most beautiful eyes of the world..
-” you are beautiful ! She said to me, “thank you! But if I am beautiful! You are beautiful! I replied. And that was true, a pretty auburn redhead with green eyes with a doe look, a doll face, hair cascading over her shoulders, a body pitted with small adorable freckles, a pearly white skin, beautiful breasts rounds grazing perfection and buttocks to make a magazine dancer jealous …..

The boys were crazy, I did not know him any boyfriend, yet we talked about it but she said she wanted to devote herself to her studies for now.
– “Amandine, I love you!” She continued “…” Me too Chloe I love you a lot “I tell him
– “No you did not understand! I love you ! I love you Amandine! I’m crazy about you since we were 5, you’re wonderful, you’re beautiful, so bubbly and full of life, my heart beats only for you, I think only of you every day, I dream of you kiss, your body and mine tangled, my hands on your skin and get drunk of you … .I desire you as a boy, I only want you for me and make love to you … but not like a boy and tonight I wanted you to know it! ”

I was standing in front of her, the water ran over me and I did not know what to do, a real shock, I looked at my friend, a beauty breathtaking and in my head it was Hiroshima, images of boys paraded before my eyes but I detailed his body with pleasure. I had always found beautiful, but I had never looked like that, its curves, its curves, the grain of her skin, her pretty lips hemmed, her little mischievous nose, her eyes that melted …

I looked at her with envy. Yet I love boys I told myself in my head, I love when they make love to me and I give myself to them … I love naughty games with them, but the more I watched Chloe, the more I I found desirable and suddenly other images came to me, other thoughts, I remembered having watched my girlfriends in the shower and reflect on their beauty, their body, their breasts, told me that if I had been a boy I would put them well in my bed, the same way for my friend I envied the boy who would be the first to pick this beautiful flower.

Regretting not having this appendix that makes all the difference, without it makes me think at that time that I had a penchant for girls … but my way of looking at Chloe since her statement was obvious, she had just opened the gap.

All her femininity came to me at once, I felt her smell, I wanted to taste her skin, cover each mm2 of her body with kisses, to lick everywhere to know the taste of different parts of her anatomy. She had to read this feeling in my eyes so that when she approached me, lips parted, her hands taking my neck gently, I let go, my mouth opened sticking to his, first tender and delicate, our tongues barely touching our kiss became fiery, our bodies clung to each other our hands went to the discovery, we touched all over, the buttocks, breasts, belly, pubic, as if we wanted to find a treasure!

In less than a minute I had traveled, I lingered on her breasts, the tips especially that I squirmed between my fingers, then her buttocks sticking even more to me, mouth to mouth, the sound of our breaths filled the bathroom, I slipped a hand between her thighs, posing on her sex, I felt it relax, she deflated a little, she was softer, softer, she flexed.

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