She rejected me

She rejected me

Finally we go to bed.
Her best friend slept in the bed next door but I did not care. Clemency too. After (too) long minutes of saliva exchange, I decided to take action; it was already 30 minutes that I bandaged like a donkey. Result? A go-and-go in this hot body and it was already finished. This first penetration had completely electrified me. A wave had overwhelmed me, it was impossible to control anything. My sperm was spread on the belly of my partner. Frustrated (e).

Too bad she was not tactful that night. She rejected me, pouted and 2 weeks later, preferred to stay friends. It must be said that she was much more experienced than me.

I felt con and especially very unhappy. Boys are romantic at this age, at least I was and I’m always a little bit.
This episode, you understood it, completely inhibited me.
I am not bad though. Tall, brown, amber eyes, yellow, a body powerful enough for my age. But nothing to do, all I see is that I am a premature ejaculator. To “technically” improve myself, I masturbate every day.

I think of friends, girlfriends of my sister (4 years older), my aunt sometimes whose I breathe dirty underwear when I go home.

Sliman, my best friend, is very handsome, Franco-Moroccan, he has all the girls at his feet. Curiously he does not really benefit. I’m even going to think he’s a homo repressed. It is true that he is attractive this con, it even happens to trouble me.
Two months ago, he went out with Fabienne … and believe me Fabienne is just beautiful. I was out of jealousy. They broke up and I became the nice confidant, the big-hearted buddy; the place of looser in sum.

One evening in June, she proposes to me to dine at her place. Before going to this appointment I imagine a lot of things, his naked body in the first place. I wonder what she will wear, if I can feast while watching her cleavage or her ass while her back is turned.

I loop all day, I masturbate to clear my mind and the rest.
But nothing works, I see her, tall, very beautiful, her long black and smooth hair remind me Clemence.

For the rest, it is different. A skin very clear like a Japanese, white and pure, a beautiful pair of breasts that I guess for the moment, very thin and slender. Small freckles framed her pretty nose. She is really sublime, almost untouchable.
Slim did not jump and I do not understand why.

Finally arrives in the evening and I leave the big game: bottle of cheap rosé and a little shit of very good quality. It was very hot today and in the early evening, the temperature has barely dropped.

I knock on the door of her little studio and she opens me, the kif begins.
We talk about everything, nothing and I eat it with my eyes. She is wearing a large cotton skirt and a nice but unprovoked top. Her hair is loose and I feel her light perfume float in the air. There is a fan in a corner of his only room that every four seconds sends us the sirocco.

If she knew what I wanted to do to her, how I would like to undress her and take her. Visit his body from top to bottom.

I feel a little guilty of all these thoughts. I tell myself that I’m dirtying something. I am young, on the verge of innocence.
We emptied the bottle of rosé. We are a little cottony because of this heat but mostly because we are not used to drinking.

I propose to smoke a joint not knowing if it consumes or not. She wants to try, she smiles at me and I need to relax a little more, I fear that my discomfort is visible, that my desire is palpable. She seems amused to see me like that or I’m completely psychotic.
Soon the room fills with sweet smoke emanate from the joint.
I feel like she’s leaving.

His head is placed back on the back of the sofa, an arm on each side of his long legs that I guess. I’m a little freaked that she is uncomfortable. She is abandoned in front of me. I really want to kiss her, to caress her breasts, to make the fantastic recovery of the knee to his crotch, to graze his cock with my finger. Ambitious program.

Without really expecting it, she lies down on the floor, on the big carpet, almost as big as her apartment, a cushion wedged under her beautiful head. I find myself there, a little silly, not knowing what to do. She does not speak anymore and seems to have fallen asleep after three minutes.

Definitely, very good quality.
From where I am, still sitting, I have a beautiful view of her panties. She raised her right leg and she is mechanically up one notch. I bandage like a sick person. I do not need much. I want to start.
I stay well for five minutes, my bare foot caress his

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