She also found herself fully immersed

She also found herself fully immersed

Our exchanges are very often very hot, to the point that I can not control my erection when reading or writing his messages. It is complicated to carry things to work without the other employees noticing something. But I was not the only one to be thrilled by these messages. She also found herself fully immersed in reading my little stories well imagine what I would like to do at the time of writing.

I was even entitled to some photos of her alone, the evening before sleeping, and especially to make a mini pleasure alone, both for her and for me. Of course, these moments of waiting for each other were that our reunion was explosive and often enlivened by what we had described in our conversations.

Little by little, we have incorporated new things to experience. She discovered a part of my personality, hitherto a little hidden. This new me, dominating as she likes, not hesitating to the abused. She likes to be considered as a sex toy or a sink that is used before letting it fall. So, after incorporating the words raw, links, the whip to our traditional toy, the discussion of a threesome returned to the carpet.

After some stories imagined and transcribed by SMS, staging my companion, me and a third person, we had to quickly put a name on this person. Having already planned a meeting of a friend made on a famous online game, the name of this person came to feed our stories.

He was relatively young, and at the age of 20, had not yet had the chance to consume the flesh of a woman. Our plan was to make it consumed but part of it. So when I was at work on Saturday, she was busy relaxing and giving him pleasure. I had even installed an old phone in camera surveillance mode to be able to enjoy it from work.

Then when I finished my day we finally thought to realize this adventure where Madam is in the center of all the attentions.

Unfortunately, he was a little too introverted at the time and none of this was possible. Leave a little on our hunger, we still wanted to achieve our desires, and even if it was not done with the same person.

A few months later, my best friend is confused with his wife and they have been about a week to stop talking. This idea being always present in our minds, we both thought that it would be a pleasant games partner and that it could come to change the ideas some days with us.

Not feeling necessarily come “scam” he accepted relatively quickly. After several conversations between guys, I made him understand even before he comes, that it could be that many things are happening with him.

Once again, Madam was in training, and we were thinking again what we could do with my friend. She returned on Friday evening by the TGV of 22:08. All the way to our home, our eyes filled with desires and excitations crossed, and without a word we knew that we were waiting impatiently for our desires to come true.

The temperature was already rising a little in the car, my hand on his thigh, his on my thigh with the tips of his fingers very close to my magnifying member and becoming troublesome to drive. Still happy, the road is not very long. Barely out of sight, as soon as the lift doors were closed, our respective wandering hands began to caress the other’s body.

Her breasts not holding in my hands, my fingers are focused on the little pink tips through the thin layer of fabric of her bra as her hands come to caress my life through my pants.

Arrived on the floor, we rushed inside to consume our desire. As I help her to feel comfortable removing a few layers of unwanted clothes, she releases my limb from its envelope just too tight to contain it. She takes my life in the mouth and my hand accompanies her head in motion. She gives me some looks of bitch who want while his mouth my member.

I help him get up and stick it to the wall. I remove the rest of the embarrassing clothes and discovers a slippery vulva and dripping wet, so much so that I have no difficulty in penetrating. After several thrusts well violating and moans that she has a lot of difficulty to choke, I filled my juice.

This little taste of the weekend allowed us to wait for the arrival of my best friend. So the next day, he arrived during the afternoon, while I was still working for three hours. In front of a good movie, they both relaxed.

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