I freeze and unload my thick cum

I freeze and unload my thick cum

I take off my clothes, Cloé puts his eyes wide open on my cock.

I start to caress her breasts, the kneaded, the weighing, kissing them then swallows in turn soft nipples, Cloé purrs, the ends stand, harden between my lips.

The breath of Cloe becomes short.

I drop my mouth on his belly, my tongue agile I search his navel, Cloé sighs.

I continue my progress, my mouth and at the height of his temple, instinctively Cloé spreads his legs.

My tongue goes up and down on the slot that begins to ooze, Cloe ripples slightly pelvis grunting.

My tongue penetrates the vulva, searches the duct soaked then discovers the clitoris, I tickle a good time, Cloé stiffens, she presses her hands on my neck and keeps my head against her dripping pussy.
She rears up, a powerful squirt of cum followed by less strong fill my mouth, her enjoyment is terrible, she whines at each squirt.

She lets go of my head, I get up, and put my lips on hers, she opens her mouth, I pour the surplus of her cum, our tongues are knotted for a long kiss.

Our lips are disjointed, I ask Cloe to suck me, reluctant she finally accept.

She kneels and takes with one hand my member in semi-erection, she gently masturbates, leans her head and gives small licks on the purple glans.

-Suck it up, darling!

She gobbles the glans, sucks with more and more convictions, his tongue goes up and down on the venous shaft, she re-stuffs the glans in the mouth and head strongly.

My cock and stretched to the maximum, I stiffen and send my semen deep in her throat.

Cloé has a high heart, she pushes me away.

-Aval my darling swallows!

She looks up at me, pouting and swallowing the hot cum, she swallows it to the last drop.

-Leave yourself now!

I kneel between her legs open, advance between her thighs and rub my penis against her hot pussy.

I grabbed her hips and pushed gently, she grimaces, utters noisy sighs.
Slowly my machine still glutinous cum sinks into her, I’m against the hymen, I back slightly my stake and gives a violent thrust.

Cloé arched his head and uttered a cry of pain, the hymen gave way.
She has the impression that her pussy is torn, an intense pain burns her, she clenches her teeth moaning.

-Now you are a woman darling!

I’m starting to slow back and forth, Cloé grimaces.
Little by little the pain is burning, she no longer complains.

I accelerate the pace, Cloe starts to moan.

I amplify my thrusts, at each depression of my machine she whines of pleasure.

My dick slides in his wounded temple, she clings to me and shakes her pelvis.

-Oh it’s good continuous continues!

I feel the pressure rising in it, I increase the pace.
She rears and screams.

-Yes yes!

She enjoys hugging me, her legs my shears waist.

-My god it’s too good!

I freeze and unload my thick cum in it.

-Yes yes give me all my darling!

I still give some thrusts before retiring from her.

-I will soon make you taste sodomy my darling!

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