He jabbed my tongue and my throat

He jabbed my tongue and my throat

I cleaned myself up quickly before running to the kitchen.
Once the meal was gone, I turned on Skype to chat with Clemence, my best friend. I sighed seeing that she was not connected yet and decided to watch an anime while waiting for him.

A few episodes later, a login notification made me jump. I threw myself on the keyboard to start the discussion and a few minutes later, I had forgotten what had happened.

The evening passed quickly between games and fun on Skype. It was late when I decided to go to bed and it was while lying in my bed that I began to ask questions.
_ Do I begin to love men? Why did this thing so excite me just now … I wondered.

It is true that I liked to read some yaoi mangas, a hobby that I had come to appreciate by the constant attempts of my best friend. But I had always thought to hate real men, I never looked in the street, and even had a hard time enjoying an erotic film if men were too present.

The questions jostled in my head, I thought I had finished with time with these questions. My attraction to yaoi had already disturbed me at the time, it was out of the question that it starts again. I chased these questions out of my mind and tried to fall asleep.

Sleep finally got the better of me but dreams that night were as pleasant as disturbing …
I opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling, the wooden beams crisscrossing above me and the light filtering through the window. I wore only loose jeans and lay on a shabby bed. I sat up slowly and inspected the cabin.

A table full of dirty dishes sat in the center of the room and only an armchair completed the decor. A man was sitting comfortably, I could not see his face, hidden in the shadows. Without knowing why, I got up, approached him with a confident step and unbuttoned my pants that I dropped at my feet. The crotch of the unknown attracted me irresistibly …

I knelt before him and it was at that moment that I noticed that the man was completely naked. My face was close to tense sex and I began to inspect with my tongue. I licked greedily the base of the penis, the member trembled under my licks. I arrived at the glans, hot, shiny … I let some saliva on it before taking it in my greedy mouth.

My hand took his big member and began to masturbate actively while with my mouth, I sucked the entire surface of the glans. After a few minutes spent pumping this beautiful sex, I felt that the stranger gripped my hair and prevented me from pulling the penis out of my mouth. Instead of struggling, I deeply penetrated the big cock in my throat and let the man empty into my mouth.

As if spasmatic, he jabbed my tongue and my throat, my mouth was full of this whitish, viscous liquid. I raised my head, opened my mouth and let see the amount of sperm it contained and then swallowed slowly to savor it, I licked the outline of my lips to not lose a crumb.

Other men approached, I heard murmur: “You are our dog now, you belong to us! ”
_ Yes I am your masters! I moaned, opening my eyes.

I realized that this wonderful experience had only been dreamed. My naked body jiggled under the sheets, my lower belly was burning with an irresistible desire.
_ A bitch … a bitch … I murmured the lingering tongue …

Sleep caught me, but I had no more dreams that night.

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