You’ll be sure to have had an orgasm

You’ll be sure to have had an orgasm

I removed his bra and gently kissed the tips of her breasts. I start to suck her nipple gently and I feel it pointing. I remove my bra too.

-Do you want me to do it?

I shrug my shoulders.

– If you want, I tell him

And approach her mouth with my voluptuous breast and lick my nipples too. I really like it and make him understand by moaning slowly. She begins to kiss me and we stick our bodies caressing.

– Take off your pants, I tell him

It runs and I do the same. I watch her shaved pussy in subway ticket.

– Do I have to shaved her completely like you? She tells me
– No, you can do what you want it does not matter.

I ask him to lie down in front of me and spread his legs.

– Why do I have to do that? Does request
– You have to be comfortable when he looks at you.

She does what I tell her.

– Waits!

I get up and ask him to do the same. I push my bed to the other side of the room and sit against the wall facing the mirror.

– Why are you doing this ?
– For us to see each other, it will be more practical.

We are both face to mirror legs apart. I spend my hand on her intimacy gently, I feel a little stressed and gently tickles her clit. I look at her through the mirror, she looks at herself too.

– It’s okay ? I asked

She nods.

– Do me the same thing.

She listens to me and begins to touch my crotch. It’s new to me too to have this kind of relationship with a girl but it does not displease me. I start to make circles with my fingers on her clit and she interrupts me.

– It’s good, she told me
– Do you want to see something better? I said to him smiling

She nods and I lie in front of her, head between her legs and kiss her pussy.

– Wow, it’s weird. She says
– Wait, you have not seen everything.

I start licking her pussy gently, and bring my tongue between her lips. She tenses and breathes very hard. I start playing my tongue on her clit.

– Oh fuck! Cries she

I accelerate a little pace and I feel that she likes it.
I withdraw my mouth.

– Why are you stopping? She said pityed

I smiled and told him to lie down, I put myself above her. The head in front of her sex mine above her face.

– Do me the same thing now.

I feel his mouth gently drop on my cock and put the mine on his again. She is soaked, and I start playing with my tongue on her clit again. She interrupts me and I moan.

– It’s exactly like that! I said

She keeps licking me, and the more I accelerate the pace the more she follows me. I moan, mouth eating quickly and feel the heat of an orgasm up. It accelerates again, and I start to cum in sucking her clit, her legs shake we enjoy at the same time.
I retire from above.

– Well at least, you’ll be sure to have had an orgasm before having done your first time. I say satisfied.

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