Side or it stays in ball at your hip

Side or it stays in ball at your hip

Olivier and Caro are on the sofa on the left (Caro on the armrest half lying on Olivier) Patrice is next to olive then Féfé still on his right. We are sitting right behind the sofa in a lounge chair, you are on my lap.
Despite the heat you stick to me and waddle on my knees as if you danced, it’s true that there is music in the background because you girls are not supposed to watch football, you’re more rugby, we guys love both sports.
Pretising a hot shot, I ask if it embarrasses someone if I fall pants because I have too hot legs.

Caro answers me: “You’re at home, you can even get naked, if you want.”
Everyone is laughing.
“Still, we are not alone”. laughs for everyone.
But I get up anyway and head to the room to come back in running shorts.
I sit down and you, darling you sit on my knees diagonally on both legs turned to Caro to chat.

The match begins, everyone is watching the game. Even you. Forced into such a position I can not help but walk my hands on you. My left hand on your thighs and the right in your back even lower when I loose my beer.

It lasts a little while, then feeling you receptive I end up raising my left hand between her thighs unlike you usually do not scold me and even makes the task by spreading your right leg so that the foot touches the ground.
We continue our ride, from time to time Caro talks to you but you do not even bother to tighten your thighs and remove my hand that caresses you to the level of the stomach now that it is flat.

Caro sees our ride I think so but she does not say anything, my right hand managed to shoot your dress so I put my hand underneath to massage your buttocks which makes up your skirt on the front no longer hiding my left hand.
You obviously take a lot of pleasure. Everyone spoons with moderation all the same, despite the heat we are at our second beer each even the girls booze.
Unfortunately I have a sore thigh.

I ask you to change a little position.
You get up and you face the TV but only on one thigh (the left) you cross.
I replace my hands around your waist and I continue to caress you everywhere under your dress. From you you make movements back and forth on the thigh without me imposing it while whistling a tune of salsa.
I get close to your ear to whisper that you should remove your thong to have more feelings.

Without answering me verbally you shrug your shoulders and leaning on the couch you get up. And you stay without moving back to me you take this moment to finish your beer all at once. Naughty !!!!!! But I love because when you’re tipsy we spend great times tonight, I do not know where it will lead us but I think it will be a great night but not because of the potential victory of the France team.

I take this as an agreement to my proposal and I rush on your hips discreetly to grab the end of fabric that I drag on the ground without you protest in the least.
Nobody moves and no one realizes it except perhaps Car who turned her head when you got up but she watched you finish your beer, she goes down her own too to keep up the pace. Hmm if she knew, what I’m doing below the waist … ..
You move your feet so you completely get rid of your string that I pick up and put in the pocket of my shirt.

Before coming to eat you go to the kitchen to ask your empty beer and have a drink and you take your place by lifting your skirt so that no tissue separates us. You sit on the same thigh and resume your pelvic movements I feel the moisture on my thigh. It’s hot.

Me on my side I let you do and I take the opportunity to massage your breasts discreetly because you are leaning forward in support on your elbows and the back of the sofa but as I went under your dress when I grabbed your breasts your dress is found mid back, so the ass completely in the air, fortunately the light falls in the house.

With your movements I understand that you take a lot of pleasure since I feel you tense and breathe a little stronger than usual, just above the head of Patrice who does not flinch. You end up having a mini orgasm finally you tell me but I think I saw right because you contract the thighs around mine.
After this little moment of happiness for you but for me too, you see that everyone has finished his beer. So you get up and go to the fridge to propose to everyone without adjusting your dress but the gravity “hurt” things and it falls on your hips except right side or it stays in ball at your hip.

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