Our eyes met and we exchanged smiles

Our eyes met and we exchanged smiles

And then, yesterday, I noticed a new one among the staff of the library. He must be a little older than me but not much more. The cute nerdy kind with a smile to crack anyone. I watched him a little during the afternoon. At one point, he approached with his cart to store books not far from my desk. When he leaned over, I could see his little ass molded in his jeans, hmm, it made you want. But hey, everyone has the right to dream!

As the hours passed, I saw more and more around my area. I even realized that, by the moment, he was just watching me out of the corner of my eye. I must say that his look made me a little effect. Interested, I decided to follow him between shelves hiding me from him. While I was playing this little game, I could not avoid it at the corner of a dictionary rack.

Our eyes met and we exchanged smiles already complicit. He passed me and did not hesitate at all to watch me from top to bottom. Arrived at my height, without thinking, I gave him a light slap on the buttocks. My hand bounces on her firm ass. I immediately felt itchy in my pussy. Already the place excited me naturally, it did not take much for me to wet.
I think he understood it very quickly because he stopped at my level and leaned over to whisper:
“- So, we are a naughty naughty who does not revise?”
I nodded. His warm breath had slipped on my neck. He was going to leave, but I held him up and put my arm around his waist. Our eyes did not let go. My breath mingled with hers and I felt my pussy burn in me.

At that moment, I did not care about my boyfriend and where we were, I just wanted this guy gun take me wildly. He kissed me and slid his hands under my blouse and caressed my belly, my arch of kidneys, then passed under my leggings. My round buttocks were waiting under my wet thong, tucked into my tight ass. I felt a lump forming under his jeans. I slipped my hand into his boxer. Grabbing his cock hardening, I was very strong. He jumped and hugged me, slapping me on my ass.
At that moment, the loudspeaker lit up and a voice said: “The library closes its doors …”

Excited to the maximum, I did not wait and unbuttoned her jeans at once. I pulled his big cock out of his boxer and put me on my knees. Excited in his turn, he grabbed my ponytail and plunged me his big cock hard in the throat. He began to kiss my mouth violently and I could barely breathe: I loved it!

The fear of being surprised made the heat rise in my body and I fingered her pussy while he pressed his cock, choking my groans.
I took out my cock from my greedy mouth and threw him, with a look of ember:
“Fuck me quickly! I can not, there! And we must hurry!
– Do not worry, I have the key to the emergency door … ”

Without saying anything else, he pulled me up abruptly. I loved his violent way of treating me. He pressed my face against the heavy dictionaries, my ass offered to him. He took off my legins and pushed his expert tongue between my thighs dripping under my thong. At the first sensation, I let out a little scream as I waited for this moment. He licked me the clit that kept inflating. In me, my vagina was burning more and more and my cum was dripping on his face.
“Haaa, hm, yes go ahead, eat me, it’s good trop!”

He furrowed his tongue in my pussy that was torture.
The cries I uttered echoed in the empty room. He got up immediately and put his hand on my mouth. At this moment, the lights went out. I could smell her and the strength of her arms. I could only cling to the amount of shelves, my head between the books. He held me firmly and I felt his cock enter my cunt slipping at once.

I stifled a loud scream and bit a finger of his hand that held my mouth. He did not let go and began to fuck me faster and faster, his other hand resting on my hips. His cock came in and out of my pussy with great blows. I suffered this devastating assault that gave me a crazy pleasure. Waves of joy invaded my whole body, which was shrinking and shaking in all its limbs. I was panting as he left my mouth to grab my ponytail and dominate me like a bitch. What a good idea I had to tie my hair today!

– You’re so good, my little dog, he whispered in my ear. Hang on and above all shut up!
I shook my head to say yes. He was right to prevent. His attacks redoubled and he mistreated me like a slut. His two hands clutching my hips, he fucked me with all.

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