I dared to take so naturally sex

I dared to take so naturally sex

Over time Christophe had a certain obsession with Sonia, besides, I often suspected him of giving solitary pleasure in all discretion while thinking of her. During the evenings, just before the famous night when everything rocked, I noticed that his allusions were more and more insistent and left no doubt to our friends about his desire. I also noticed that it did not bother Remi who always took advantage of it to outbid.

On her side, Sonia did not need to comment, her outfits and attitudes largely reflected her approval. And as far as I’m concerned, I must admit, if I had the chance to discover a second male anatomy in my life, Remi would have done very well.

That night, I can not explain in detail how we found ourselves all four on the lounge chair watching an erotic film. I can not even say less how I dared to take so naturally sex Remi in mouth while Sonia and Christophe were there right next to us. What I’m sure of is that when we went to the room Remi and me, my legs were shaking, my heart was pounding and my cheeks were burning, just like my intimacy. At that moment I became aware that I was going to be able to switch to the forbidden with impunity, I was finally going to be able to offer myself to someone other than the one who deflowered me.

I heard the door of the room to which Christophe and Sonia had slammed themselves before Rémi closed ours. This slam also made me react to the fact that Christophe was also preparing to discover another partner than the one that had made him become a man, the same man who is the father of our children. His events jostled my mind, I was divided between jealousy and deep desire to achieve a fantasy so much repeated so far. It was when Rémi stuck against me, behind my back, that I was able to completely ignore what our respective spouses were preparing to live together.

His arms came around my belly to better hug me. His Jean was not enough to prevent me from guessing his persistent strength that crashed against my buttocks. Her hot breath that was scattered on my ear made me shudder, her kisses in my coup had the effect of stiffening my nipples still trapped in my bra

He released me enough to deviate enough from my back to slide the zipper of my dress to the top of my kidneys. After removing it entirely, he lowered my panties before undoing my bra. I was there, standing, motionless, completely naked, I heard him behind my back, he undressed in his turn. When his arms came to surround my belly again, I felt his hard cock crashing against the top of my buttocks. I tilted my head against his shoulder to let him chained small wet kisses in my shot. His hands came to catch my breasts, he could discover the firmness of my spikes and guess the state in which I was before whispering in my ear:

– It’s been a long time since I was hoping for that moment.
– Me too.

His right hand came down to caress my fleece before his fingers completely drowned between my wet lips. His fingers drew a few small circles around my clitoris before getting lost at the entrance to my cave.

– Come, lie down on the edge of the bed.

It is without thinking that I executed his request. I lay down, my buttocks on the edge of the bed, my feet still on the ground, on his side, he kneeled between my legs they kept widely apart. A new wave of chills ran through my body as his tongue slid from my knee to my impatient knob like never before. His end of wet flesh explored the nook of my intimacy, the caress was slow, he guessed my enjoyment close, so he was careful not to venture too long around my clitoris. He played so long minutes, to make my pleasure go up and then down every time my breathing intensified or my moans became uncontrollable. Without allowing me to reach the point of no return, he abandoned me to stand before me.

– Do you take a contraceptive?

To this question, I understood that his wish was to penetrate me without a condom.

– Yes, I take the pill, …. you can come.

I lay more comfortably on the bed, he lay on me while directing his cock to my entrance. The first penetration electrified me, I put my hands on her buttocks to be able to accentuate the contact of my clitoris on its base at each stop.

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