Done to take a shower in turn

Done to take a shower in turn

Me I put the roll of sopalin after having sponged somehow and put washed hands and I come at the entrance of the hall discreetly with Patrice.
You go in the shower, Caro is leaning in the corner of the sink she waits until you’re done to take a shower in turn, you discuss the heat. She’s watching you shower.

You leave the shower very quickly Caro begins to undress while you dry.
The door is always wide open which allows us to see Caro naked, she wears a cropped pants without anything too underneath and a tank top and a transparent bra.
She asks you if you can spin her a lighter stuff than she is wearing right now.
You answer: “no problem I find that” and you come out of the bathroom naked seeing us face you and catches your breasts to spend a lick on the nipples all in the middle of the hall and completely naked and you tell us “It’s okay, they do not taste beer anymore.”

I answer: Ahhh thin will have to check anyway.
I gloat and bury my lips with your joy and your lightness.
You go to the room, we do not move waiting for Caro out of the shower and you come back.

You finally come out of the room simply dressed in a basketball shirt very indented under the arms.
You stop in the corridor at the door of the bathroom and squirt your breasts by pulling on the shirt in such a way that they come out through the side indentations.

Caro, who came out of the shower, see you doing it and say: “Hey at least now you will not be hot anymore” laughing. You laugh too and tell him where depends? You give him a little white minimalist dress that you do not dare wear too much outside.
She says, “very good, perfect.” Put the towel and put it in front of the mirror to put it on,
At that moment you say to him: “Attention, I think there are voyeurs”.
Or??? she said and pointed at us.

– “Ahhhhh and cuckoo, the coquinoux, I hope you enjoy what you see and you take as much pleasure as I take to be watched, Patrice him he is used to seeing me naked” …… ..
You frown and shake the head of the style I did not understand?
Having understood very well, I say: “Ohhhh yes, you are beautiful”.

And there, she tells you that in fact here nobody knows except Patrice and Fefe because Olivier does not want it to be known but she loves exhib and she is very hot buttocks as they say and that ‘In the holidays she really lets go and Olivier has to stop her, otherwise she will always be naked and fornicating. While saying that she finished putting on the dress from above and goes towards us, the dress not having been completely down yet. I can appreciate his body more closely. You’re here after laying out the towels and closing the bathroom light.
Passing our height she runs her hand so as to touch our sexes.

Then she adjusts her dress. Once well put it turns our backs and putting on tiptoe like a cheerleader she rejects the dress on her back allowing us to see her buttocks after seeing the front. You arrive at that moment and once at the same height it, you do not follow suit I take the opportunity to put your hand to the buttocks to both. The left hand on the buttocks of Caro but in contact with his skin and you on the shirt because it still covers your buttocks. I accompany you to the couch even taking the opportunity to get a finger in the line of buttocks Caro arches even more so that I end up touching his little hole. Did she do it voluntarily ???? the fact is, I touched his little puck.

I stop at the height of the chair and Caro will take his place next to olive tree.
I sit down and propose to come on me but you push me back saying: wait !!!! it’s because I have nothing more to drink. “The boys answer you:” We do not have any more “. Caro ending his beer ass as dry just now.
So you go back to the fridge, catching the beers down without bending your knees, which has the effect of making up your basketball jersey showing this shot and the birth of your buttocks to everyone as you have legs slightly apart all the world sees your intimate lips too.

So you’re serving everyone again and I, who had not finished mine, I’m signaling that mine too is empty too and so you go back to the fridge to get out one more but this time you crouched for catching it making a quarter turn to know if I needed one also you expose to everyone your kitty while smooth, on this occasion no boy can ignore your breasts that sways proudly especially as they always and again point and now your pussy. Then you come back to sit on my lap, taking care to put on your shirt.

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