Feel her little pussy tighten

At that moment she was hoping to be able to do it again, and waited. Alexander was lower and lower his mouth, having a few moments took advantage of his position to slip his cock between the thighs of her partner, where she was the most sensitive, to tickle a little and stir up his wild instincts again.

When he was at the bottom of his loins, he did not stop, and grasped his buttocks with his hands with determination, kneading them a little, noting with infinite satisfaction their firmness. Then he caressed them more gently and began to kiss at the root of the line of the buttocks, where she was sweaty from their previous lovemaking.

She worried a little about the turn of the situation, but he had obtained his submission by the enjoyment he had already given him of his tongue and tail, so that she was obliged to offer if she still wanted to receive … At that moment, Alexander himself did not know very well how far he would go.

If he had not been in love he is sure he would have taken advantage of this moment to assert his manhood and titillate the anus of his partner, or at least to try, to eventually introduce a finger and so can -being to submit his girlfriend to accept sodomy. She decided to take the bull by the horns because she had confidence in her and in him, and he could feel it arching to go towards him, and thus allow him to progress to his femininity.

She certainly did not easily lose the north, that one, he said to himself; once again his instinct had not deceived him a year ago: he had found a real woman, sensual and responsive, docile and determined, a true mistress. He therefore resolved not to rush her, even if the first night was the one that made it possible to lay the groundwork.

By refraining from trying to initiate him immediately to anal, he would otherwise require more patience and persuasion to achieve it later. But he also knew that he would lose something of his affection if he was already on this other hole, and that the next morning she does not reconsider his feelings for him, at the risk of not considering it any more than as a good blow that would have abused his weakness.

He put his kisses on the line of her buttocks without insisting, his mouth not reaching the vulva he barely glimpsed, because she still kept her legs tight. Going down to the birth of her thighs, where the skin was still bare, he took a few seconds his caress on her stockings, straddling her legs. Then he straightened up and asked him to get on all fours. She did it, with a little restraint, very annoyed to expose her naked buttocks. She was passive, hands at shoulder height, on all fours, legs pressed against each other, obedient but not offered.

Alexandre felt his gene but did not pay attention this time, persuaded to tame his shyness again. He stayed behind her and forced her to position herself better, running her hands between her legs to make them move away, enough for him to get in there. He then bent over her and kissed her, her stiff cock crashing against the bottom of her back. She straightened to kiss him, turning as much as possible to him.

He slowly brought his hands from his hips to her breasts and pelota with skill. Her right hand slid slowly down her belly and pelvis, her progress getting slower as her fingers reached her fleece. Adroitly his major insinuated into the birth of his labia, then between her labia, seeking and then quickly finding the contact of her clitoris with the fingertip. Without paying more attention, Julie then gradually spread her thighs to facilitate this search. She moaned again as her partner became more precise in the convolutions he indicated to his inquisitor major.

Alexander withdrew his hand from her vulva wet and desiring and went around to resume his research from behind. She made no objection what he expected from her at this time: spread her thighs even more to facilitate his business and get back on all fours, but generously offered this time. So placed, he slipped between the balls of her buttocks, thumb very precisely against the opening of her sex, without going further, where she wanted ‘She arched, as he wished, tilting his pelvis back to try to bring his clitoris in contact with this indiscreet phalanx.

She was behaving as he wished and he helped her? with joy ? pushing her finger a little further, until she gets satisfaction, and can be a little masturbate by him. Without any request on her part, she positioned herself on her elbows, so that she could arch even more and thus be able to wave her pelvis more easily. With talent, Alexandre had managed to position her completely differently, without asking any effort.

Never Julie could have imagined it just an hour ago: To give in a position so daring, ass in the air, thighs wide apart and well arched back, resting on his elbows, his head in a cushion and wriggling on a major who wanked.

His man moved back behind her, without giving it any real importance, satisfied with the sensations he allowed her to experience. Her body had taken control over her mind, and she was about to be fucked doggy style without having the slightest objection.

Alexander knew he could take it, and settled down on his knees, legs against those of his partner, directing his cock to Julie’s offered sex with the hand that was just coming back. While waiting to feel possessed again, Julie deliberately kept this shameless posture, without confessing that being taken like that, in sexy lingerie, like a tease, or worse, like a real slut, excited her. When he was against his slimy lips, Alexander pushed his big penis between them and penetrated easily.

He progressed slowly but deeply in the warmth of his little tight pussy, enjoying the sensations she gave him, and satisfied with the low roar that caused his arrival deep in her pussy. Without further ado he laid his two hands in section on the buttocks stretched in front of him and grabbed the rump of his partner by withdrawing almost completely, before conducting a second assault, just as progressive but just as deep as the previous one. Repeating methodically this technique, it was not long to make Julie experience the deepest penetration she has ever experienced.

The sex of Alexander had to stretch a little more, said the young woman, so he was present in his privacy, especially when the owner made him admit totally! But it was good, it was so divinely good!
She never thought we could make a woman addicted to sex in one evening, but if Alexander continued with the same talent, he would soon achieve this feat.

Julie ignited a second time, faster than the first, and was a little upset, because if she enjoyed for the second time so quickly, it would run out and it would be hard to keep her motivated to He decided to slow down the pace and possess it less energetically, and also to let it participate more in this doggie. Withdrawing completely, he grabbed his cock between thumb and forefinger and replaced it in the opening of her vulva, doing nothing more, until she began to bring her pelvis back to him to get penetrated slowly.

She would have liked to sink more, but he retired again, to let him take the initiative to be impaled. She had a little lost her bearings at first, having never before experienced this little game, but she quickly realized what advantage she could draw from these small intrusions repeated in the mouth of her vagina. Each time she retracted a little, and each time she had to open a little to let him insinuate, and this little torture was deliciously sensual.

And although it is a little less powerfully erogenous for her, it was not the same for Alexander, who took an infinite pleasure to feel her little pussy tighten the tip of her sex sinking, and to watch it pierce gently. He gave her time to tame the technique and, before getting bored, leaned over her to catch the sublime breasts that had so obsessed him.

He loved this position because it allowed the man to contemplate the pornographic show

Thus, even if she had absolutely no control over the penetration, Alexander rubbed intensely this area of ​​her sex that she was almost discovering: Her point G. Just before her lover is deep inside her his big penis was caressing insistently the place of her vagina by which he intended to lavish his first orgasm.

He was absolutely committed to this, and had always done his best to make his partners females addicted to orgasm by penetration. Of course, he satisfied those who thought they were vaginal, but wanted to convert the so-called clitoris, those who otherwise did not really want to be often penetrated … Julie would have no problem to become amateur, goes and now that he was now making me meow, and he straightened up a little more, in order to check the spectacle of their antics.

Julie had closed her eyes, a little embarrassed, her head turned to one side, her cheeks flushed with desire, her hair hiding her face a little, the expression of which was characteristic of the sexual excitement that overflowed her. Her breasts jiggled slightly with each stroke of kidney that Alexander imposed when his pelvis was banging his ass stretched. He slid his eyes even lower, in his hands broadly empathing her thighs, on the perfect sex in which his cock plunged with passion for a few minutes, and yet already shining honey.

He loved this position because it allowed the man to contemplate the pornographic show of his penetration, as well as the rest of the anatomical attributes of his partner. Julie surrendered to the tension that won her, ready to let herself be crossed by the sensual discharge that was announced. Alexander left the obscene spectacle of their sexes interlocking to watch his young partner tense gently. Her face contracted, her eyelids were closed, her lips half-opened, panting. Her hands grabbed the sheets and squeezed them harder, her legs tensed and she began to moan much louder than she had ever done. This first orgasm arrived like a big wave, with strength and resolution.

Suddenly the surge passed, and her entire body hardened, while Alexandre continued methodically to kiss, and more particularly, the bottom of her vagina, the area that was at the origin of this storm of the senses. He was not going so far or so fast, just moving his penis back and forth against the anterior wall of her cave while she was enjoying. He had of course kept himself from accompanying her in this orgasm so quickly reached, in order to make the most of this evening when she gave herself to him for the first time, and, he hoped, totally from this moment.

When she had recovered a little his mind he released the grip he had exercised on her thighs and came to her to kiss him. She had not the slightest idea of ​​his condition, but mistakenly thought that he had enjoyed too when he retired from her.

She even had some regrets that finally it did not last longer, because she had obviously loved getting off with such force. A little resigned but satisfied, she lay flat on her back, her eyes half closed, still a little stunned by the enjoyment, so that she did not knock right away that he asked her to turn to lie on The belly. When this message was assimilated by her, she complied without asking more questions.

He came over to rub it imperceptibly, and the consistency of his machine surprised him at first, before she considered the fact that he had not yet said his last word ! And to his chagrin, she had already turned around, and then presented her buttocks to her enterprising lover, seemingly definitely willing to get caught behind?

She let herself be cautious then, while Alexander kissed her on the back, her sex sliding down, but without insistence, between the line of her buttocks. She could not afford to issue the slightest opposition when she had just taken her foot in a memorable way, especially since she had done it as never before, without any restraint, and her lover could not have it. realized.

The amplitude he was achieving was now at a maximum

He hated hair, and surely would not wait to ask him to do it in full, because he adored hairless little pussies. Julie had not really made any effort on this subject: In fact she swam a lot and this sport required her to be shaved close enough, waxing she had completed after trying his new underwear.
He went up to stand above her, supporting himself with one of his arms, while on the other he guided himself to her.

Julie was passive, her eyes closed, impatient but also a little worried since she could see the size “XL” of her tail in her hands’ and in her mouth. He placed it against her, just at the entrance, the end of his cock wrapped between his lips wet with wet saliva mixed, he had just spread his finger, and pushed a little.

Julie felt her vulva open slowly, the diameter of her sex becoming that of the voluminous glans that undertook. He slid gently and pushed a little more of his kidneys. Julie was fully offered and lubricated, and now already dilated as she had already been to accept her previous lovers. She already felt very present against her, but he had not yet penetrated. It took a little time for her to let herself be caught, so lest she tense herself up, Alexandre made herself a little more insistent but without rushing her, and made him admit the glans.

She moaned this first assault, which made him feel deflowering as Alexander’s cock was big, except that in addition to feeling copiously dilated she experienced a delicious sensation of pleasure. All of his thoughts and attention were focused on his sex as he made his way into it, and now it seemed obvious to him that this imposing sex that had so impressed him would be the instrument that would enjoy as never before, as long as her lover knows how to do it.

Julie was already deeply possessed, and this sensation was even more intense as it progressed in her vagina, plunging to the bottom of her pussy the largest instrument she has ever known. He sank into her very slowly but completely, glad to see his face relax, and not the opposite, as he made him consider how he could stimulate with this beautiful tool which he had been provided.

He had been right when he thought he perceived in her a great sensuality, and this from the first look: it was made for love, it was made for sex. Nature had made her a perfect body to signify: Her ideal forms were the translation of the very essence of femininity. As long as she finds the one that would make him fully discover, this body was the toy from which she and her partners could draw the Enjoyment and Pleasure.

He hoped to be that one? He moved a little in the back of her to lubricate it well and prepare it gently to go further, harder with him, while kissing her on the mouth and in the neck, then backtracked just as gradually, making a Once again, she had to go through the opening of her pussy to the maximum diameter offered by her glans by withdrawing almost entirely, leaving just the tip of her penis between her lips after crossing them backwards. She put her hands on his back, low enough but not daring yet to do it on her buttocks and, without even being aware of it, drew him imperceptibly towards her, while spreading her thighs a little more; offering himself more.

This slippery sex wet penetrated again with a little resistance, giving him a maximum of sensations and snatching a small grunt of pleasure. He was already at the bottom of her, and pushed a little more of his loins to fully possess before making the same maneuver again, and again meow when he inserted into her. Gradually he accelerated a little, keeping a certain measure in the pace and strength of his assaults, always cautious not to lavish more than pleasure, nothing but pleasure.

The rhythm he gave was slow, but the amplitude he was achieving was now at a maximum, withdrawing almost completely each time before diving into it until their pools stick to one another, penetrating it as deeply as the position allowed.

Julie quickly regained confidence in her, having quite often known men to know what to do with them, even if no one had penetrated for a long time! She accompanied with more and more enthusiasm and accuracy the movements of her lover, coming to him when he sank, fidgeting a little when he remained against her, exciting in this way her clit generously exposed by stretching her vulva thus undertaking. She was already excited when Alexander began to file her, and was even on the verge of orgasm when he had interrupted his cunnilingus.

He did not need much more to enjoy fully and now almost without restraint of this session of sex. Indeed, her irregular gasps, punctuated by moans that she held back less and less, betrayed unequivocally the pleasure she was taking at that moment.

Alexander let her come slowly at this rate, decided not to begin to undertake it with more audacity than having satisfied her with a first orgasm. Feeling gradually arching against him so that he effectively stimulates his G-spot, he ran his hands between him and her thighs, making his calves rest on his shoulders. She had never been penetrated in this way, and would certainly not have let herself be so complacent if she had not been so excited.

Alexander straightened himself by leaning on the back of the thighs which he kept thus firmly apart. Julie, buttocks slightly in the air, then completely submissive, understood the interest of the maneuver started by his partner from his first move.

Gently he spread her thighs

Standing in front of the bed he unfastened his bra, and made her lie down. He came on her on all fours and kissed him, quickly passed on his neck, then down to his bust he started a new copious session of peeling and licking nipples, he stimulated the tongue and his fingers, after making them shiny and slippery with saliva.

Julie was already very excited before that, but feeling her nipples again and again began to make her sweat a little as she was now hot. Alexandre felt he could speed up the pace, so he began to kiss her belly up to her thong, and as she lay flat on his back, he made her spread her thighs a little and raise a little knees. She offered herself thus without protesting, but without, however, spreading her legs more than he had done, even if she wanted now and for the very first time to be searched by this tongue …

Alexandre initiated this session through the thin and narrow black satin area that hid her privacy, what she had until this evening kept hidden? Her kisses became progressively precise and supported, already making her gasp slowly. If she had practiced male anatomy closely, Alexander, he, liked to appropriate that of his companions.

And as soon as he had acquired enough confidence not to fear STI, he did not hesitate to give pleasure to his mouth and his tongue, satisfied to feel the power that gave him his stimulations on women that he masturbated. He wanted to eat her pussy, but he was restraining himself from being too spontaneous not to get the opposite effect and the crisper.

He kissed her on his tongue exactly placed at the birth of the vulva, exciting her clit still inaccessible, then, making his tongue as hard as possible, he slipped back into the groove that formed the satin barely creeping in between lips become hypersensitive Julie. She arched, arched and blocked his breathing, coming against him as if to be penetrated by this skillful language, taking off the pool in this effort to be coaxed. He took the opportunity to remove her tiny panties, but did not leave the scene once she was down …

In a small burst of modesty, she put her legs parallel once naked, he did not force it. He kissed her belly again and her pubis as low as he could, finding for the moment that she had not had much to shave to adorn his sexy lingerie, because his fleece was very thin and little abundant, like that of a young teenager.

Gently he spread her thighs again and she folded her knees, taking the previous position in which he had plenty of time to dispose of her … His tongue was again more pressing on his mount Venus barely hairy and engaging in the slot of her vulva. Alexander had slipped his hands on his chest to pelotter. He brought one of them lower, locating his middle finger between the lips, first gently and then with more and more presence, placed against her, just on the mouth of her cunt.

At the same time, her tongue had found the area of ​​her anatomy that was waiting for her now, and her little gasps made moans punctuated by discreet meowing … Nobody had ever touched her before, and for the first time: apotheosis! She was almost in seventh heaven when he had done almost nothing. She loved to feel his tongue wanking her, she also loved this guy who barely penetrated her, just enough to excite him, to annoy him a little more.

But he stopped, because he did not want her to enjoy his fingers or his tongue, not this time anyway: He wanted her to enjoy under his thrusts. He looked at closing his pussy gently removing the first phalanx of his middle finger with which he had just entered, contemplating this beautiful pussy that nature had given him, perfectly drawn, beardless lips, wearing a narrow band of fine down blonde beautifully shaved.

She moved the basin imperceptibly, full of excitement, now perfectly woman, ready to welcome her virility, and enjoy it, sucking that finger he had just removed from her and that he had brought to his mouth in a start of daring? She had the spring this young, it was once again bluffed! And what happiness for him to be shaved.

She turned back slowly and took it in her mouth

This moment would have more consequences for her than she thought then ‘Satisfied, Alexander then ostentatiously contemplated his young girlfriend, already submissive by desire, concentrated, half open her lips to the vertical of her cock she was holding. ‘a hand. She was the height of eroticism with her breasts free hard nipples swaying over the bra that she had not dared withdraw, her body barely dressed in a tiny thong and her superb stockings , going up very high on the thighs, almost until the birth of the curve of her buttocks; with her little lace-up ankle boots on the back that she still wore.

She slowly approached the nud, the very first she was about to taste for good, and put her lips, still parted. But she had to do more than that to be able to progress: She opened wide her mouth to take it, and it seemed to him that she was already full when she had only admitted the glans! She was afraid of being embarrassed by the taste that a sex of man could have, it was not, even when Alexander emitted a few drops of seminal liquid a little salty between her lips at the moment she had start. What was he big! What the hell was he big!

She turned back slowly and took it in her mouth, a little further this time, then again and again, until she felt like she had a full mouth each time she walked backwards, focusing on his actions so as not to be foolish, especially with his teeth. The choppy breathing of her new guy could have reassured her a little about his talents, but she was not distracted, and he kept looking at her to make her cock come and go in her pretty little mouth.

She had been hard to seduce but she promised beautiful things this Julie: She knew to be sexy at wish, she sucked without a condom the first night, she obeyed him already and in addition she was built like a goddess of sex! What happy lustful prospects!

She sucked well, in fact she was trying to remember everything her second boyfriend asked her when she sucked him and she never agreed, to put it into practice tonight. So she licked her cock up and down the urethra, then stopping on the brake she stimulated a little bit of the tip of the tongue, she also just took the glans in the mouth and then played his tongue on the meatus either gently or quickly, and continued until he signaled him to stand up.

Actually it seemed a bit long, but he took advantage of this bastard ‘She would later realize that it was worth it. When she squatted in front of him, her mouth glistening with saliva and the seminal fluid he had given her, he handed her a condom and asked him to put it on him. As he realized that she was uncomfortable, he put the first few centimeters and asked him to unroll the rest with his mouth.

Once again she did so, with a little satisfaction, for she felt herself a woman, satisfying him with her own mouth. Once shod, he got up and took her to his room, where she followed him after removing his boots, which left a few moments privileged to her lover to admire her ass almost naked, split by the satin that masked the sex beautifully enhanced by the satin of the border of the stockings she had put on.

Exchange of pleasure in the form of a kiss

Julie had already decided that she would be tempted by this adventure with her teacher, although it was forbidden for long months. She had to face the facts when her family summer vacation seemed too long because far from his suitor. When she accepted dinner, she was not sure of the innuendo that accompanied him, because Alexander had been particularly patient in the matter.

Yet she wanted to go further with him now, she was sure. She prepared herself gently for this beautiful evening, not really knowing, however, whether she would take the front in case he would not try to conquer her.

A similar evening with a man of ten years older, over the days, it still impressed a little, especially since it was not really used to gourmet restaurants. More than anything she did not want to look like a girl that would walk her big brother! She offered herself with her pocket money and the help of her parents a nice black set made of a nice skirt quite tight slightly flared at mid-leg and slit on the front to the top of the knee, a very classic and elegant white blouse and a cashmere-tight little cashmere sweater. She was just lovely in this set.

When approached the D-day, she thought it necessary to match underwear to this potentially sexy set, on the assumption that Alexander would consider going further with her; this always for fear of appearing too young and inexperienced in his eyes. She was not sure she wanted to give in to him, without realizing that her purchases obviously meant her consent.

When that day came, he went to her house to look for her, and marveled? and rejoice a little too? of that splendid dress she had acquired without having touched him a single word. He withdrew from the mater with too much insistence, but would have liked already tear all that she wore to finally contemplate this desired body … And possess it?

The dinner was excellent, as pleasant and romantic as she had dreamed, and when they left the restaurant they decided to wander a little more in the city. Alexander was more caring and patient than he had ever been. He was always happy that his reputation as a flirty did not harm the relationship that already existed between them … Without admitting it he had really fallen in love with her.

Naturally, however, a little timid, which had earned her many conquests, including among the students of the faculty, he decided to take her hand, which she left with the greatest joy, and the heart beating at an hour to the idea of ​​this nascent romance … and the end of the evening that was now announced. It did not take much time to declare his passion with verve and sincerity but without exaggerating, and get a first exchange of pleasure in the form of a kiss.

Their walk lasted, punctuated by many pauses devoted to smooching and caressing tenderly and with restraint, until Julie began to get cold and he offers to accompany her, or to spend another time at home … She was not sure she made the best of choices when she accepted the second proposal, fearing to look too “easy”, especially given her accoutrement, but she did not want to go home alone .

The apartment of Alexandre was arranged with taste: A true little bachelor all neat. Did not they take the time to visit? From the closed door, they abandoned their coats to embrace themselves with passion. Alexander then began with talent manual examination of this body so desired. He was convinced that she was not going to run away, that they would make love for the first time in the moments that followed.

Wearing both hands gradually from his back to his buttocks, he noted with great pleasure the incredible firmness of the curve of her ass, beautifully round and as exciting under his fingers as it could be through the clothes in which he had worked until tonight. The lack of elastic on the course he had made did not go unnoticed, especially since he was trying to guess his underwear ‘This observation brutally strengthened the intensity of the erection he had already : In addition she wore sexy underwear! Doubt was no longer allowed.

It was certain she would give herself! Julie almost sensed this thought when he began to caress her ass, because she knew that considering the finesse of the fabric of her skirt, Alexander could only guess that she was wearing a tiny thong. This embarrassed her to be so quickly “discovered” because it almost never threaded this type of accessories.

She must still have plenty to learn

Then he turned off the light and closed the door behind him. Claire was at first a little panicked. She was alone in the darkness, lying on her bed completely naked, blindfolded, hands handcuffed to the bars with a vibrating egg in the vagina and still all returned by what had happened to him.

Reflection made, she told herself that it would surely please her boyfriend. She could only tell him that she was all alone and that she was waiting impatiently for him to come and enjoy her. And now she knew exactly what she wanted. The evening may not be over for Claire finally …

Julie was in second year law school when she met Alexander, she was nineteen years old. She did not pay much attention to him: he was one of the young teachers who lectured them in small groups of tutorials. Not that it was unpleasant to watch? he was pretty cute actually? but simply because she had found in law a path that fascinated her, and she was totally involved in learning these new codes and laws. In short, she was not available at this time for a sentimental story.

It was quite different for Alexander, then almost thirty years old, who had achieved a brilliant academic career and without fault, but who had never twisted his reputation of “queutard” that had made him his classmates from his first years of college. He noticed this gorgeous blonde with brown eyes the second she entered the room of tutorials where he welcomed them for the first of their twenty sessions of TD.

He rejoiced, for the first time since he had these teaching duties, to support this group for two hours a week most of the year. She was radiant. Her dress was classic, almost too feminine compared to her usual tastes, but she emanated from her a great sensuality.

Her face was thin and her lips generous, her body looked perfect under her autumn clothes not too close to the body, her generous bosom seemed firm and deliciously desirable, and she had a nice little round ass and long thin thighs in that jeans she was wearing. He had literally flashed like never before, without thinking of their ten-year difference, so much so she seemed mature among her comrades.

One year? That was what she needed delicate attention and small remarks for her to finally start paying a little attention to outside the moments when she took note of what he taught her.

And it was during the last days of the academic year that she gave him a first appointment: A cinema and a drink on a terrace. She did not suspect the intensity of the feelings he had for her; he had, moreover, had a rather unusual behavior in the last few months, when he did not ceaselessly seek new conquests. He had concentrated all his efforts to seduce her and her alone.

The summer was spent in small meetings and some dinners in small restaurants, no more ‘And when the academic year arrived, Alexander was still waiting for this platonic relationship evolves a little, without wanting to rush things. He wanted her to come to him and not the other way around. That she is in love and demanding, not just a little seduced and rather consenting. During the past year, Alexander had been able to take stock of the many anatomical advantages she had been endowed with, and that had only increased her motivation …

She was beautiful to die! He had been able to convince her to feminize her wardrobe a little, recommending her to wear more skirts, fewer sneakers and big sweaters. He was also convinced that with his determined and thoughtful disposition, she had not had to give way. to many suitors so far. She was not a virgin, he knew she had one or two friends in high school, and maybe one or two adventures with no tomorrow.

At her age, she must still have plenty to learn? And every time he imagined with her, the prospect of this almost virgin freshness excited him to the highest point.

While the new year had just come, he tried a successful maneuver that consisted of offering him an evening around a good table, starry, on the pretext of celebrating his debut as a bachelor. This dinner he prepared long enough in advance for him to have the time to fulfill his purpose, and the story exceeded all his expectations.

I just sent a message to your boyfriend with your cell

After one or two minutes of this little game, Claire could not longer, put his hands on her panties to remove it. But the stranger stopped him and for the first time a little noise came out of his mouth, meaning he did not agree and she had to let it go. The stranger then grabbed his hands and led him to his bed where he made her lie down.

She was happy with the way things were going. The stranger straddled her and pulled something out of her pocket again. Claire barely had time to wonder what it could be this time, that the stranger grabbed his hands and tied them to the bars of his bed with a pair of handcuffs.

Claire was a little surprised, she had never tried this kind of experience before. She had never even thought of it. From now on, whether she likes it or not, the stranger could do what he wanted with her, and that was soon enough to excite her even more. He lay down next to her and started playing with her again.

He put two fingers on the end of these shoes and went slowly up to Claire’s crotch that it left deliberately ajar. As he went, he climbed a little higher. And he finally stopped them permanently on his intimacy, then, with small movements slow and delicate, began to caress her.

She melted with pleasure. For the first time in her life, she had only one thing in mind: To have fun. After a few seconds, Claire let out a few groans of pleasure. This is the moment that the unknown chooses to remove his panties. For the greater happiness of Claire, he immediately resumed his caresses. Never clear had felt that before. His groans became more and more intense and noisy.

Suddenly, he stopped and got up, Claire felt a sense of immense frustration. But when she heard what he was doing, she was immediately relieved: He was pulling off his pants. The stranger then went to the end of the bed, grabbed Claire’s ankles and lifted them up. Then he walked towards her until she felt his cock against his.

He lifted her again, so that only her shoulders and head rested on the bed now and her legs were resting on the shoulders of the stranger. He began to penetrate her. Claire could not believe it, she would never have thought that penetrations could be so deep. In addition, while penetrating, the stranger resumed his clitoral caresses. Claire took his foot as ever and made it known with great cries and groans of all kinds.

It lasted easily 10 minutes, more than double what she was used to having. She also realized that the stranger had put on a hood, something she had not even noticed until now. The stranger withdrew, then got up and dressed. Claire was in seventh heaven and barely realized what had just happened to her.

The stranger took something out of his pocket again and to his surprise, introduced it into Claire’s vagina. As she went to ask him what he was doing, the vibrating egg that had just been introduced to him by the stranger began to work. This wonderful evening was not over yet! But Claire was still intrigued by something. She had heard the stranger search and for a few seconds, he did not move but still seemed to do something. He finally put the object he had on the table and approached Claire’s ear to whisper:

  • I just sent a message to your boyfriend with your cell, telling him that you were tired of working and wanted to take a break. He told me he was coming right away. You know what to ask him now. Good night.

I slid as quickly as possible my hand against one of her breasts

Time has passed, I am now a dashing young man, always attracted by the fair sex, but the one who has the experience, I may be very interested in girls, my interest is all the same on women .

We have therefore changed the scene, my mother having changed institutions, we are still in the north of France, I continued to make regular service to my mother to put some money aside …

That morning, I was in the bar when a woman, whose life I can not tell you today, came to me:

  • Hello, I’m Myriamme, I come to do the ironing.
  • Ok enchanted Myriamme, my mother is not here today, you know the way, a little coffee?
  • Yes thanks.

So I served her a cup of espresso, I was immediately taken aback by her outfit, a very simple woman, with a small gray skirt and a high white top, but she had what I like most in women , of a superb breast, which without looking at his face, rejuvenating it at least fifteen years.

I continued my service, it was installed in the kitchen of the apartment which adjoined the bar and which was separated from this one only by a glass door blurred, I used regularly the microwave of the kitchen to warm the pizza-baguettes of the customers of the midi …

I must admit that there is one thing that excites me enormously, it is able to look under the skirts of women, this intrusion into their intimacy barely masked me a crazy effect.

I went and came from the bar to the kitchen and saw it busy with its task, which was no less, ironing tablecloths and towels, not to mention the personal laundry, it took him between 1 and 2 hours a day but it did not bother her in the least, she was on her board, without even turning around when I entered the room.

After several days of observations, and my excitement not breaking, I went once more into the kitchen, where Myriamme was once again ironing, I had in my hands a stainless steel tray to warm the pizza and hot dog customers, the reflection he gave me gave me a little sallacious ideas …

Shall I dare? to slip under her dress to see her panties? My blood began to boil, I put the sandwiches in the oven and without making a sound slipped behind her, this moment seemed to last an eternity, but in reality, it was only a few seconds or I slipped this mirror of Fortune under her skirt to admire her thighs, her buttocks and this pretty little cotton panties with “mickey and minnie” …

This image left me in a state of severe excitement, I found it so cute and naughty at once …

I returned to work with a phenomenal erection, I was determined to take the plunge …

Several days passed …

As usual, my naughty arrived to do her ironing, my mother was present that day and the coffee was always full, I took my usual break, with a specific idea behind the head, of course I had taken care to get a mirror in the bathroom, my mother used to make up and went upstairs where the laundry was installed, Myriamme was there on his ironing board as usual with a small skirt and a high not too tight, but his imposing chest could not go against the tension of the fabric …

  • The time of the break?
  • Yes.

I pretended to look for linen service to slip behind her and took my little mirror from my pocket to slip under her legs, she was wearing that day a very nice panties but I could easily distinguish, thanks to the reflection, a pretty lace …

This is what lost me, I think, I had to move my hand too under her skirts and it touched her thighs, she tensed immediately,

  • But?!?!? What are you doing ?
  • Sorry Myriamme, it’s been so long since I wanted to know what you were wearing to come to work.
  • But let’s see…

I did not give her time to react that I was redred so quickly to stick to her and tighten it against the ironing board, I slid as quickly as possible my hand against one of her breasts and began to knead it with energy. ..

Quit to take one, why not enjoy a maximum.

  • But see … Are you crazy? Stop right now …

But the experience helping, I felt immediately his nipple stretching under my caresses, to reassure me and confirm his consent, I took the second as fast under my other hand, it was just as hard …

  • It’s not unpleasant to tell me, the tutoyer excited me a lot, it gave me power over her, who easily 2, see 3 times my age.
  • But your mother …
  • You’re busy, she’s working.

I had meanwhile pulled up his jersey, his breasts were perfect, for his age they were still very firm.
I took her to my room where I put her directly on all fours on the bed, she was entirely mine, I do not know when his desire is mounted in arrows, but she opposed me more than a resistance verbal

  • I’m married and my husband comes here often, and your mother?
  • Do not talk to me about your husband, you’re craving as much as me, I’ve noticed your little carousel since the last few days, always with your little tight fit, you thought I was going to let that go?
  • No, yes, but I’m not like that …
  • No you are not, stop a little to do your saint or touch, then you are not what ??
  • No I am not…
  • Go tell him or leave you like that.

I had meanwhile lifted her skirt and began to masturbate it energetically.

  • I’m not a slut !!
  • Ha good ?? Well, you would not say, go tell him.
  • But your mother will surprise us …
  • Shut up, say it otherwise I’ll leave you alone right now …

she literally kissed my fingers that interfered with her:

  • Ho yes, I’m a slut, a big slut.
  • Do you like the tail? say it !!
  • Oh yes, I like the tail, jerk me piggy.

I did not pray to get out my cock, she hastened to seize by hand, she certainly had not made love for a long time because, she hastened to direct it to her vulva, immediately , and introduce me into her.

She had some kind of spasms or jolts, I can not say anymore.

  • Oh yes it’s good, go thoroughly, it’s so good.

I must admit that small insults and perversity coming out of the mouths of my parents excited me enormously.

  • Say it again …
  • No, I’m not a slut.
  • Ha, what are you then ??

I put small clicks on her buttocks, which made her move even more …

  • You’re my whore, huh?
  • Hannnnn, no …
  • Go otherwise I stop !!
  • Ho yes I’m your bitch, I like the tail, I’m the queen of sluts.
  • Go hoot that you like to be swept!
  • Hannn ho yes, fuck me, hannn, suck me, I’m the worst bitches, I’ll enjoy, stop paaaas.

I emptied in her in a divine orgasm …

I had so much grip on her, that the urge to ride again did not drag, we made love once again but more sensuellemnt this time, before she gets dressed and finishes her work .

We regularly kissed during my break.

I feel his penis that vibrates with happiness in me

Without consulting each other, we leave the little path in search of a welcoming corner, on the ground floor, this time! A spot of sun, a patch of grass, we are there. I’m already hairy and I’m waiting for him, lying down, offered. He lies down on me. I still feel the smell of love embedded in her skin. He kept my blue swim trunks on him, but I see that his cock bandaged already overflows and goes out proudly …

I start to caress everywhere, everywhere, I plunge my hands into his jersey, the tripote … He guides my hand to his puck. So I decide to return the favor, since he seems to particularly appreciate this caress. Of himself, he gets on all fours to offer himself to my caresses.

I discard the fabric, without undressing and I began to caress the scholarships from underneath, with great licks. I was right. The way he rears instantly, I guess it is, by far, the caress he likes most. So I will try to give him maximum pleasure … I continue licking her perineum and going to her hole.

I salivate profusely on her puck that I see already dabbling in desire. I breathe long warm air, I hear him groaning with pleasure. I now alternate the little licks and sharp licking on his eyelet. He pushes, he recoils his pelvis as if he wanted to offer even more.

He ripples with pleasure. I put a finger to him, he arched vertically to come and hold me to the maximum. with my other hand, I caress the dick that dripping literally transparent liquor … I remove my finger and then replace it with my glans. He feels the caress greedily and I feel it trying to impale on my sting.

I just want to pass my penis but not fuck him thoroughly. That’s it, he engulfed me the glans in a small shout of pleasure and seeks to be fucked thoroughly. I grabs his lobes and starts small back and forth but without me completely in him …

  • Aaaah! Trap me, fuck me!
  • You first !

I then withdraw and go under him. I imprison the size of my legs crossed and I try to impale myself on his tail. Completely excited me too, and already half dilated, he feels that he will be able to penetrate me easily. But, although overexcited by my caresses, he manages to recover and control his penetration. First he caresses me for a long time with the tip of his dart my anus that expands.

He smeared his cock copiously with saliva and passes his penis without difficulty. Once in, he remains totally motionless, devouring my eyes. Little by little, it is me who makes me to wave of the pelvis, contracting or dilating my anus around his penis …

Super good! I feel his penis that vibrates with happiness in me. little by little, lovingly, it progresses in my stomach to sink always a little more. I feel the warmth of his life that progresses in my bowels … That’s it, it’s totally in me. He begins to file me very very slowly. Small movements that become more and more ample but very slow. Delicious ! Sometimes he withdraws completely and penetrates me thoroughly, all at once.

He lies down on me, grabs my shoulders, drowns his eyes in mine and rubs his stomach against my stiff cock desire at the whim of his go and come. Gradually its pace is accelerating. as he enjoyed not so long ago, I know this time it will be longer to come. all the better! I wish it never ends!

He straightened up, grabbed my ass with both hands and now he pounded me hard. I feel his balls beating against my perineum every time he smashes me. I can read on his face, the progression of his pleasure and it’s enjoyable. His pace has accelerated, he gasps, mouth open. Sweat begins to bead on his forehead.

Even faster, even stronger! It burns me and it thrills me with pleasure at the same time. I grabbed my cock and I masturbate frantically. It makes him crazy and he accelerates again …

  • I will enjoy! I will enjoy!
  • Yes, yes, go ahead, come … Deep down.

Suddenly I feel his cock contract and I immediately feel two long hot jets that radiate all the inside. This excites me even more and I feel climb in my rod explosion of pleasure. he brought his face closer to my burning cock and received a long jet of hot cum right in the face.

This time he falls back on me, totally exhausted. His back is covered with long chills. I cover it with my shirt and keep it in my arms for a long time …

God, I’m going to have a hard time letting him go …!