I am very excited and I have some lubricant

I am very excited and I have some lubricant

Lisa is in the shower, it’s time to pack your presents, said Pierre.
“I want to take care of myself,” I replied.
Antoine, my friend, ends up saying:
– Go home then, so she will see nothing, it’s the best.

At home, with Pierre. When I think back to this board games night, I’m afraid of what will happen. It really intrigues me.

– I took the keys of the car, the gift paper is in it.
– Ok, I follow you.

We head for the car, get what we need and leave for my apartment 10 minutes from the boys. Pierre and I walk in silence but I feel his eyes on me. Arrived, I open the door of the hall and we enter the elevator. Peter then said to me:
– It’s weird to be alone with you there …
I do not answer anything. We arrive at the fifth, I open. Here we are at home. Small studio, everything is grouped in the same room. The bed, of course. I can not help but take a look at Pierre, who was just waiting to meet me.

– Do we give presents? I said.
– Yeah, no problem. Do them and help you, he answers me.

I’m working on it. Pierre passes me the scotch pieces or helps me to hold the packets. At one point, our hands brush against each other. We look at each other in silence. He makes me put the material on the table and puts back a lock of my hair. He is so mesmerizing … He caresses my face tenderly so I close my eyes. He kisses me.

– Pierre, I do not know if …
– Sophie, the last time was something unreal, crazy and especially intense … I want to relive that with you … Please.

He plunges his eyes into mine. I melt. He embraces me with more confidence than the first time in Bordeaux, more sure of what he wants. And I’m not at the end of my surprises.

He stripped me naked, kissing my whole body. I do the same, removing any cloth covering it. We are naked face to face, in awe of our bodies. He then lies down on the bed, gently, licking one breast caressing the other. Then he reverses. He then drops his tongue slowly along my belly and touches my penis. I’m already ready so the desire is strong but he wants to lick me so I let him do it. He stuffs his tongue into my hot and wet sex, licking me eagerly. I groan louder and louder. This time, no need to hold me back, we are alone. When he feels good going up, he stops and asks me:

– Can we do it without a hood? It will be so much stronger.
– Yeah, I agree.

He then takes me violently as a missionary, sinking his cock deep inside me. It tears me a cry so he went strong but I like it. I feel his cock plowing me with big shots of kidney. It’s so good ! He retired and I put on 4 legs without care. I offer her pussy spreading her thighs well. He puts two fingers and makes a back and forth violent, I dip his hand so I wet with force.

He quickly replaces them with his penis, which he brings in slowly but with confidence. The thrill is just violent. For him as for me since I hear him grow a deep groan. He begins to take me like a bitch, as if only his enjoyment counted. I can not stand it anymore, fatigue and intense desire are mixed up. I want it and yet it is already in me. I want something stronger …

I withdraw from his embrace and get up. I put myself next to the bed and said:

– Take me standing, I would feel more your cock in me.

Without being asked, he catches me by the hips, lifts me up and waits for me to sit down. With my fingers, I guide his penis to my sex and it is left for a violent experience. This time, I do not moan anymore, I scream. He starts making noise too. I feel the release approaching. I let myself go completely to this man who kisses me like nobody had done before him. I let out one last “Oh yes! Before reaching orgasm.

He then takes me to the bed, withdraws while lying down and lets me recover. His cock is tense, swollen with blood. He looks at me more eager than ever. I caress him then with my hand, quietly but with the precise gesture. I understand in his eyes what he wants, I perform. I lie down and place myself above him at the level of his tail. I take it in the mouth.

It has a salty taste, mine, my wet after fucking me a first time in this bed. I suck it deeper and deeper. Pierre lets out a few groans of pleasure and when I feel ready, I get on all fours and say:

– I’ve never done this before but with you, I’m ready for anything. I want you to sodomize me.
– Are you sure of yourself, maybe it’s not the right moment? He told me.
– Yes Yes. I am very excited and I have some lubricant.

There is almost no wind and everything is quiet

There is almost no wind and everything is quiet

Cyril is half-breed, rather tall with beautiful green eyes.
He has a beautiful build and having already seen his abs at the pool, he does not have to complain about that side.
On my side I am blonde with blue eyes, rather large with some forms, but let’s say that I have everything you need where you need …

The departure of the trip to Normandy was approaching and I was more and more excited, excited too, maybe some moments that I could spend with Cyril.

Now, it’s the morning of departure, we’re in front of the bus, we’re waiting to get back. I feel that someone touches my shoulder, I have shivers, no need to turn, I know it’s him. He whispered in my ear:
– Hi Vic, are you sitting next to me for the trip? I would like to spend some time with you …
– Mmm I do not know if it will be possible, I answer him.
I turn around and make him smile that he likes so much. We go back and he sits next to me, my heart beats wildly.
We talk a lot, he makes me laugh and I like him so much that I laugh a bit too much, but I do not think he realizes it.
– I think you lost an earring … He runs his hand through my hair, puts a few locks behind my ear, and continues his way by letting his fingers slide down my neck. I think I’m going to faint. I answer him with a very small voice, that considering the price that they cost me, it is not a drama. I find myself telling myself that I am very happy to have lost it just for this furtive act.

Although his company is very pleasant, after the lunch break on a highway area, I doze off. I slept at a friend’s house the day before and left early, so I’m exhausted.
That I open my eyes later, I realize that my head is placed on the shoulder of Cyril and that he sleeps too. His hand is resting on my thigh as a protector. He probably did not have to do it on purpose, like me, but I smile to the ears.

He gently caresses my cheek, he wants to wake me, we have arrived. When I open my eyes, he smiles at me.
– Did you sleep well? Look this is our hostel, there is even access to the beach! We’ll have a look later if you want!
– Good idea, we find ourselves just now, after settling.

I join Mathilde who does not fail to point out to me that Cyril and I were very cute, when we had fallen asleep entwined.
– We were not entwined. Pass me my bag, please.
But she sees very well that I smile.
– If you want to spend time together in the room tonight I’ll leave it if you want! I’ll go to Nat ”s place …
– Will you end up shut up? And give me my bag, I tell you!
I try to chase these shots out of my mind, but already images are drawing in my head …

We are going to dine together and Cyril comes to sit next to me, our legs brush against each other, our hands brush, I feel the smell that I like so much. I eat almost nothing and I spend a very pleasant meal with him.
After the meal, the projects of everyone are emerging gradually. The teachers give us free quarters, as long as we are back at midnight.
A nice bar is recommended at the front desk, it is across the street, three blocks from the hotel. So we go to the cafe, we are a dozen, all friends, with a beautiful evening perspective.

It’s been an hour now, and we’re having a great time, there’s even a small dance floor.
I feel then that someone takes me by the hand and trains to the outside. Cyril smiles at me and winks at me, I am. It is 21:30 and it is now completely dark.
Not to mention but by mutual agreement, we head to the beach. It must be 18 degrees, it is good, there is almost no wind and everything is quiet in this small Norman village.
We arrive and sit in the sand. He puts his jacket on the ground.
“If madame wishes to take the trouble.
I laugh.

He comes close to me and puts his hand in the hollow of my neck, he makes the same gesture as earlier but with even more sensuality, sweetness.
He approaches his face of mine, my heart beats quickly, my breathing is faster, I shiver. Finally, these lips brush against mine. He kisses me, his hands wander over me; my face, my hair, my neck, …
It’s an expected kiss, a kiss of love, romantic.
But, however, who does not lack passion, he lasts suddenly on the sand, our languages ​​begin to mingle, to tickle each other. Meanwhile his hands caress my thighs, my hips and start to unbutton my blouse. He kisses me, licks me, gently nibbles my neck, it’s just perfect.
I am now in bra and her mouth is going down.

I get up against the table

I get up against the table

I’m still standing on the table by the neck. My breathing is racing. A hand is placed open between my thighs. I squeeze the edges of the table. He barely presses, he moves up and down slowly. I would like to close the knees, the legs. He is certainly leaning over me, his body prevents me from doing it. I try for a very short time without being able to escape the caress so precise. But, I’m not sure I really want to escape this caress. On the contrary, the palm of his hand is not plated, resting on my flesh. She is just asked, barely touches the nerve endings of my sex. It’s deliciously unbearable.

I try in vain to lift the pelvis to feel much more the contact of his hand against me. I squeeze the table, I push on the heels, my belly gets up in front of the caress. I moan, I would like him to take me there now. I would like him to penetrate me with his fingers of his sex, but to stop this torment of tantalum. I’m murmuring …
– Yes, do it. I beg you take me. Do it. Fuck me, fuck me now, I beg you, Jean. My voice shakes.

I reach for him. I enclose my legs, his body is cold. I moan. I so want to be penetrated, there now, in this dark cellar. I feel the need throughout my body. My jerky breathing accelerates, becomes louder and noisier. I want him. I want to make love. I beg him in a low voice.
– Please, I beg you fuck me, take me, come, come. I want you.

I rest my feet, my heels on the table. I tend once, twice, three times. I fall back to the table, jerky breathing. I bite my lips. His hand, tirelessly, continues his small movements upwards without ever really being pressed against me. He drops my neck. The hand that held me by the neck rests on my chest. I look in the darkness. My head comes to the right, to the left. I give up, the fight is useless. I know he’ll only take me when he wants to. I focus on his caresses. I feel that his hands are cold, his body is cold. My breasts are alternately pressed gently. I moan, I try two or three times to come to meet her caress. I fall back. I am exhausted, it is useless.

Finally, he takes me by the waist. Lift me up and pull me towards him. I pass my legs around his body. I squeeze the table, open my mouth. I try to control my emotions, my breathing. His body is cold. I moan longer, feeling what can only be wet sex against my lips. His hands hold me by the waist over the hips. I grip it, I squeeze it with my legs. He is about to penetrate me, to come into me. I close my eyes. I feel my flesh giving way under the thrust of her sex.

Suddenly … The barking of the dog makes me jump with fear. I utter a cry of stupor. I think at first that she is present in the cellar before understanding that she screams her barking through the window.
– Jean, where are you? Jean?

I also just realized that he let me go just when the dog barked. I would like to scream, cry. I’m mad at this damn bitch. I do not feel my husband anymore. I can now see the slight glimmer of the window in front of me.
– Jean, come back, please finish …
– Jean, I beg you …

I hate this bitch. Why is she barking like that in the window, as if she had felt a danger or saw the demon in person? I cursed him. I am collapsed. I feel frustrated, I would scream, I’m so bad. I get up against the table.
– Jean, come help me please, I do not see anything. Let’s go in now. Jean …? You are the ?

No response from him. He had to go up and hit the dog or I do not know. I can not hear him anymore since his furious barking earlier. As if she felt what was going to happen. That she was jealous. I am furious. I hate her. I managed to reach the stairs by guiding me on the dim light emanating from the window.
– John?

I’m really furious with Jean, against this bitch. I found my clothes where I left them. I get dressed and put on my sandals. All aloud I say ….
– Jean, if you’re in the house, I go back. It’s too late, I do not feel like it anymore, hello.

I go out by slamming the door. I do not see or hear the dog. I take the path towards the house. I’m angry inside. I was sure it was going to be exceptional. I wanted so much. I blame this damn bitch. I approach the house. I do not notice the sky that glows, with the setting sun. I do not notice the insects swallows the wind on the wheat, the heat that came back in this calm evening of the end of August. I find Jeanne dan.

He had a way to make him do all these things

He had a way to make him do all these things

He spent a lot of time looking at Judy, which made her feel uncomfortable and he touched her gently and the person would have dared to do it like him, even Judy herself. One day, he had asked him to masturbate, and he would look at her. Judy had hesitated, until Michel pulled the blankets over her, on which they were lying, and suggested that he start without being able to see her. Then slowly, Michel while wanking had pulled the blanket until his eyes are attracted by his cunt and legs spread in front of him, she looked at him as he watched her rub and tickle to reach a delicious orgasm .

He had a way to make him do all these things: Let him touch him under a bar table, let him drop his head between his legs and lick it, until his cunt explodes with excitement, let him talk to him roughly, saying words like “fuck”, “fuck”, “fuck”. Michel was an adventure, an adventure that Judy loved, although he often surprised her.

All these memories came back to her now, that she was waiting for Michel to go with him, as it was their last night together until the Christmas holidays. Judy was going to college and Michel had started his studies at a big business school. It was a bitter sweet occasion, but they had promised to spend unforgettable moments and not to think about their separation.

Footsteps echoed in the soft grass behind her. Judy smiled, but did not turn around. “Hello, stranger,” she murmured. She felt him kiss her on the head and then graze her when he sat down. He replied, “Beautiful night, is not it? I looked at the stars thinking of you.”
“Yes,” she said with a smile, turning to kiss her. He responded to his kiss by gently sliding his tongue over his lips, before biting his lower lip. “Oh … you know,” taking his hand in his.

– No seriously, I want to know, tell me.
– Well it was that moment. When you…
She paused and blushed, unable to explain that it was shameful and disgusting and also good how she felt when he watched her.
“The moment I was looking at your finger?” he inquired curiously, Judy nodded and gave a muffled laugh. “It was awesome, damn, your cock got so hard.” Judy shuddered as she thought about it, pulled her toward him, and wrapped her arms around him.

“You know,” he whispered, there are other places I could touch, while you touch yourself too! Judy pondered for a moment, but was unable to understand what he meant. “Like what?” She asked.
– Like your ass.
– Go away, she said laughing.
– Seriously, there are a lot of girls who like that.
“I do not believe you,” said Judy, nervously, but already excited.
– How to like?
“Well,” said Michel, with a disarming smile. Are you sure you want explanations?
– Yes.
– Really, I could make you try it.
– I doubt.

– Do you think it’s too disgusting? That it’s for girls of bad life?
Judy shrugged and looked at the floor, not knowing how to answer him.
“You see,” said Michel, lying on the floor, looking at her when he spoke. I would not want to start here right away.
I first fingers you, until you get wet.
– Michel! Said Judy, she did not know if she wanted to protest or not.

– Listen, said Michel laughing and extending his hand to touch her thigh and caress her to reassure her and then: When you get wet and excited, I would spend my finger to caress your ass. I would not try to introduce it into the hole in your ass or do anything else, but I will only caress your ass. Do you know what is rimming?
“No,” Judy replied calmly.
– It’s when you do it with your tongue, just lick your ass by making small circles around the small hole.
– I will not let you do that.

– Yes, well in fact, I would touch you and I caress your ass with my finger wet, and you touch your cunt. I think I could even use my other hand to get some fingers in your ass …
Judy looked at him deeply shocked and tried to hide her excitement. Michel leaned forward and kissed his lips briefly before whispering in his ear. You’d like it, Judy, let me show you.

– I do not know … she whispered, her breath was jerky.
– If you do not like, I’ll stop, I promise you.
Judy moved a little to face him, her eyes wide open with excitement. The hand he had laid on her thigh stroked her to the leg, his fingers were moving towards his crotch before descending to his knee. She suddenly felt her white lace bra rub gently against her nipples, also dripping to the soft breeze that blew down on the hill, to the moisture of her panties blah.

Licked his balls and his cock

Licked his balls and his cock

Smiling, she let him slide his hand over her wet wet pussy. She pressed his cock with her cunt, the cock became stiff. She kissed him and his cock sank into the hole to the root. She stopped and took the cock in her mouth, licked his balls and his cock, bit carefully the tip of the beautiful cock.

She knew exactly what he wanted. To hell with the porn magazine that was in his pocket, a cat is really much better. He was lying on his back and tasting his mouth … and his fingers had discovered his balls and she cajoled with love. She sat down and pulled out her arm so he could get up.

He said “okay,” but she put a finger on her mouth, it happened without a single noise, she only wanted to hear the sound of his cock slipping into her mouth and her cunt. He got up and could see the ridges of the sand dunes, he could see the children bathing, he saw how the women were lying for sunbathing and others who ran and played ball.

When she resumed her cock in her mouth, when she put both her hands around his balls and pushed his dick in the mouth and took out this dick in love, she grabbed her hands she put on his head and he began to move her belly exerting movements of the most exquisite, back and forth in her mouth. He was there on the beach and kissing a girl’s mouth … His cock came in and out, and he could see his teeth roll up the sensitive skin of his cock, but it was not unpleasant.

She got up and licked her ear. He shook his head, took it and lay down on the carpet, spread his legs and wanted to lick her clit, suck, caress and give him the same pleasure she gave him. She sucked.

He put his tongue back and he found the clit hard and beautiful, it was tasty, a little salty, but fresh and delicious. He could notice that his wet began to flow and he liked it, she moaned hard when he put his finger in the hole and kissed her. She leaned back and said, that he could give me more. Two fingers found his deep hole and he slipped them into her wet pussy.

His juice spread and he licked with three fingers in the cunt. It was so good and so disgusting. He paused a little, for he heard voices on the other side of the dunes. “He’s here,” said a voice, completely stopping his licking, but she pushed her head towards her pussy. He wondered what was going to happen, and licked the jerk again and I heard the voices coming closer.

“Hi, Line, is it good?” He stopped and looked up: There was a girl and a guy. “Yes,” she said. “Come on,” she smiles. The other two stretched out and licked. Line, that was the name of the girl, took her head and pulled her to her mouth, kissed her and whispered, “Want something?” “No,” he stammered.

“You have good intentions small”. He wanted to lick her again, but she wanted his dick, and she got it, her marvelous dick. She sat on his dick. “I want you to bug me”. He could see his cock disappear in his ass, it was like in a movie, but he could feel his cock in the girl’s asshole, which he had never tried before.

He pulled out of Line’s asshole and was about to unload his hot cum, and he sucked his cock into Line’s mouth, she sucked him, he leaned forward and he was able to lick the other girl, while Line licked his cock.

Line sucked well. “I’m going to unload,” he said and he squirted into Line’s mouth. Yes, she wanted to swallow and did it. The other girl got up and threw water on her head: “Pig,” she said, “You should fuck me and fuck me too!” He awoke with a start, it was raining. He packed up his things and ran to his car. He sat down and realized that he had dreamed.

Unload their cum

Unload their cum

He looks at Paul who understands what the Master wants with a look and smashes Martine at the same pace.
Now, the 2 tails act in concert and little by little shove the 2 girls. It’s the one who screams the loudest. They feel deep inside themselves new sensations bringing them to enjoyment, well fucked by these cocks that smash their onions.
The two fellows at a faster and faster pace and one after another unload their cum.

When they retire, their 9 comrades have a breathtaking view of the 2 dilated orifices that spit out each time their sphincter contractions their dose of white lava.
Madame Clerc wants her piece of cake and leads Jeanne to do as she does.
The Mistress and the ingenue find themselves on their knees, mouth open and tongue outstretched and collect the juicy seed of these red and deformed fions. They stuff themselves with this cum without worrying where he comes out and lick their lips to not lose a drop.

-Hum … it’s good! It’s hot ! Miss, we must not lose anything and as the saying goes, “Cock juice even in the ass is worth treasure and benefits!

Paul is out of order and can not handle the 3rd thief, but Master is still brave and moves to take over from Paul.

Whore what I tasted! It took me a long time before the pleasure overrode the pain but I must say that the feeling although weird is still nice.
The Master has just knelt behind me. I am apprehensive because I remember the huge difference between him and Paul.

– Stay calm, I’ll go slowly but if you tell me to stop, I will not insist, you’re the smallest and your ass looks as tight as your pussy, spreads your buttocks to facilitate penetration !
He puts the head of his ass on my narrow door still dilated.
His penis barely bigger than that of Paul enters with difficulty, he does not insist and spring.
He waits a moment and pushes the hat again that disappears little by little in me.
I feel every inch of this huge beam expand beyond my rectum, tearing me inside. I cling to the sheet and scream louder than with Paul. It’s atrocious …

-Nooonnn … Aaarrrggg … Stop … I hurt too much!
But it is fully back in my ass and the more it sinks, more the exponential size of his “dongle” plows me beyond what I can bear.
He does not move, his balls crushed on my buttocks, waiting for the pain fades.
But as soon as he moves, I scream again.

Madame Clerc comes to my rescue:
-Master, when the ankle is bigger than the mortise, the carpenter must change site!
He looks at her without saying anything and withdraws from my entrails as slowly as possible, provided my guts do not follow!

The Master, the ever-standing obelisk addresses Jeanne:
-So … you want to try?

-I accept the challenge !
After what has just happened with Martine, Mrs. Clerc insists even longer to grease my little hole and prepares with his fingers to receive the pile of flesh. For long minutes, she massages me and my eyelet.
Finally the Master positions his huge cock against my anus and a blow of kidney, penetrates me a few inches. I think I die so much the pain is intense. My breath is cut off.
I have the impression that I was donning a burning brand in the ass.
When finally I catch my breath, I heal and can not hold back my tears.
As for Martine, he stops immediately and asks me:

-You decide what to do next.
I need 2 minutes before I give him my answer:
-Putain that it hurts … But if Armelle could do it then me too!
– Your ass is really tight but less than that of Martine … .thought again, but see it comes back …
Madame Clerc encourages me
– Let yourself go! Push your ass to him !!!!!
The Master takes me by the hips and pulls me to make him disappear a good ten centimeters between my buttocks, cutting my breath again.
Then with a violent blow of kidney, it sinks even further and for long minutes, it “works” me gently until finally I feel pleasure.

– Wait, I’ll share your girlfriends behind the ice …!
And he puts his hands under the fold of my knees and stands up, lifting me with his arms as powerful as a feather.
– Hang on as best you can, it’ll be pretty acrobatic!
– Be careful not to open it in two …. Advises Mrs. Clerc.

I cling to his shoulders as I can, his arms went under my thighs and his hands grabbed the fold of my legs.
– Let yourself go down and I’ll go even further.
– But I’m already full … I thought you had me skewered thoroughly?
Mrs Clerc draws my attention to my mistake.

I will make you cum and I will cum in you

I will make you cum and I will cum in you

Now I’ll explain what will follow. I advise you to listen to me.
For the woman, sodomy can be very pleasant but also very painful if it is poorly done. This scares you because it is a business that may seem perilous. Your little hole is pretty rebellious the first time and still offers resistance. Introducing anything into this delicate lair is a pretty exciting feat.

Also, for this intromission, we will start with Paul who has a thinner rod to introduce more easily, and will serve to expand even more this little hole. But before he will already lubricate and relax Armelle’s ring.

Paul slices of gel this anus who defends each penetration of his index in the crumpled corolla. However, it will be necessary that this ass opens. He will have to give way unhindered to the passage of a tail determined to finally discover something other than mouths and hands. The Mistress comes second and now pushes several fingers in this hole that relaxes gradually.

Armelle begins to feel the effects of this curious massage. It does not hurt, quite the contrary, it becomes even pleasant. She begins to sigh, discovering new sensations.
The Mistress orders:

– On all fours and offer your rump!
In this position, the offering of her ass is a beautiful target. The two stallions damn damn this vision, especially that the other 2 girls shake to maintain their erection by watching this beautiful show. Their tails are still firm.

Armelle is a little frightened at the idea of ​​being sodomized by Paul. But the Mistress is firmly grasping his expert hands dart stretched. She knows exactly the effect of a cock in the ass and orders him to follow the instructions to the letter she lavishes.
Madame Clerc directs Paul’s cock and presents the blaster in the ass that is closing already.

-Do not be so fierce! Offer totally your rump! Use your hands to spread your ass!
Armelle executes with apprehension. The glans abutting the wrinkled rosette initiates a slow penetration under the pressure of Paul.
The puck has no choice but to abdicate in front of the buttocks which, centimeter by centimeter, engages in this narrow passage.

Armelle is a little scared but wants to taste this new pleasure. She mouth wide open while Paul pushes his advantage by pushing his cock deep in the ass offered.
He begins a slow go and comes and feels the anus that opens a little more each of his penetrations. His cock slides better and better and he accelerates the pace.

-Putain it’s tight but it’s so good!
Armelle begins to appreciate the thing and feels the pleasure. She moans when she feels the balls of the man slamming on his ass but Paul can no longer hold and pours his cum in these hoses so welcoming.
Mrs. Clerc, having noticed the enjoyment of Paul takes control of operations:

– Quick ! Withdraw that the Master takes advantage of the maximum dilatation of the sphincter of Armelle and the greasing of her ass. It’s time to upgrade!
The Master is positioning his penis on the anus Armelle and with his big caliber grows stronger and stronger. The glans enters without difficulty but Armelle feels his ass rebel when the
Master pushes his big penis which returns with difficulty.

-Try to relax your anus and push yourself to make my work easier. You will be a little bad at first but your anus will get used gradually. Cry if you want but when I’m going to introduce myself, I will not stop because it would be even harder after that and it’s an important lesson for you and for all of you.
She tries to escape the torture but the Master does not hear it so, he grasps firmly by the hips and force his big penis to trace his path.

– Now I’m going deep into your rectum. Do not try to resist when I’m filling you with my sex. When you are well open, you will feel pleasure, I will go back and forth slowly and then faster and gradually you will forget the rest. I will make you cum and I will cum in you and you will turn to your comrades so that they see my sperm flow from your anus wide open after this double sodomy.

Mrs Clerc speaks again:
-Paul, take care of Martine. Put it next to Armelle!
In the next room, the girls do not say a word, watching the show. Paul and Madame Clerc have put in condition of small hole of Martine and it is pressed between his kidneys but it does not happen as easily as with his girlfriend, the caliber of Paul is for her already the maximum that she can to bear and she suffers just as much as her sister next to her.

The massive beam of “Defriseur” sinks inexorably into that ass who has abdicated in front of the big caliber that progresses much further than the sex of Paul.

I try to masturbate

I try to masturbate

And I suck. And I drool. My left hand starts a slow back and forth on the sheath in harmony with my head shots. From time to time, I block my hand tight to the base of this cock and puts it in tension as strong as when I send a final blow to my wife, whether in her pussy or in her ass besides. . This pass usually precedes a long ejaculation. Sylvain appreciates, I feel his calves flex a little and his pelvis force to my mouth, I like that.

I release my lips while leaving them in contact with the glans and I slightly accelerate the movements of my wrist. In handjob, I’m not a beginner, which is good for me should satisfy Sylvain. The plumber’s breath accelerates, he slips his hand behind my head and plunges his stake to the glottis by waving his pelvis like a madman. To not look ridiculous, I squeak with pleasure while, honestly, I’m suffocating.

He taps, he taps and taps again when I feel quickly inflate the pestle, back his balls in my hand and the squirt flow in the channel before I get on the tonsils. Whore he sends mashed potatoes. A squirt, then two, then three of equal strength to finally produce only jolts followed by a few drops of semen.

After all I’ve heard about the taste of sperm, I expect to have a gag, or even to burst immediately. Not at all. I find in the taste of its sap flavors of bitterness that generally flatter my taste buds. The viscous side, the thick and salty texture draws rather on the milky Marennes-Oleron, that of August, the one I prefer. I am surprised by the temperature of the swallow that I would have imagined lukewarm. There, she was hot and I’m doing my big one by not dropping a single drop on the carpet, I swallow everything.

Getting up, I look Sylvain in the eyes, worried about whether I managed my “oral”. It surprises me again by making me shovel greedy just now and seems to feast on the remains of the flavors of his enjoyment by turning his tongue in my mouth. He understood my expectations and indeed, validates my passage in large section. My hand lying between us spots the member who has not even disbanded and solicits again by mixing it bluntly.

My feverishness makes me nervous and I’m wanting to tear it to me to investigate the ass without waiting. I leave the drawer behind Sylvain a tube of gel conveniently tidy. I open it, actually sink in the palm of my hand and continue to polish my donkey by lubricating it well.

– No condom, Sylvain, hussarde please, I want to feel you, I beg.

I put myself in front of the mirror, forearms on the bathroom cabinet, placed behind me Sylvain seized the tube of lubricant and good connoisseur garnished the line, urging me to spread a little more legs. He goes first without stopping up and down, then he comes back on my rosette virgin.

– Relax, it’s done to pass, there is nothing to fear; It is the relaxation which is the pleasure, advises it very serene.

His finger lingers in concentric circles and quite quickly he tries to force the entrance. To not look too stupid, I do not resist, on the contrary, I push a little like shit and his finger penetrates me. A major manual worker, it takes a little space and the feeling of getting fucked is not far, finally, that’s still what I think. He slides his ersatz penis until completely relax my sphincters. That’s preparation!

Our installation in the bathroom makes that I live the situation as an actor and as a spectator. Satisfied with his preparations, Sylvain gets up, gives a few wrists to firm his member and point on my corolla. Before going further, it slightly changes the position of its pelvis to ensure a thrust angle without inconvenience. And he pushes slowly.

And he pushes slowly. I press my forehead on my forearms, offers my rump like a good bitch. He pushes again, comes back a little, charges again. The first door is not the most docile, it makes me suffer a little. When I feel it win the secondary door, close to the prostate, a soft heat invades me.

I try to masturbate, but I do not band at all. Apprehension, no doubt. I feel his hot balls touch my buttocks, we are at the bottom and it’s good. The most tasty for now is not to be poked. The most rewarding is to have bravely yielded to all my principles, to all my inhibitions, to all my fears.

To have passed to the enemy in a way, to have signed the surrender of the conquering male to become a female submissive, a welcoming female, to soften me, to revive this part of me asleep.

I strip

I strip

Passing in the shower, I am surprised to imagine that the craftsman will send me Sylvain, this worker I know a little for having discussed with him during the renovation. I have a great sympathy for this boy, of whom I know he is separated from his wife and is, according to him, always on the hunt for an adventure. While soaping me, I imagine Sylvain in a kneeling tank top kneeling under the sink and to my astonishment, this image causes me a little tingling in the kidneys and my tail is strengthened greatly.

Come, I tell you, you will not become a fool at sixty! I finish my ablutions, even the freshness of rinse is ineffective to chase these fucking images of the torso of Sylvain, his broad smile and his blue eyes.

He must be barely thirty or thirty-five, a charm that he says he does not enjoy with the fairer sex. I do not know why, but I have the conviction that this boy drips to multiple pleasures and that he dare not necessarily all confess. I still feel quite helpless with this new desire that has just settled in and, not being a partridge of the year, I decide to move on for the moment and to remain available to all eventuality this afternoon.

Leaving my usual nap, I pass again in the shower without leaving anything to chance, just in case! Around 15 hours, the videophone informs me of the arrival of the handsome boy. Febrile sum a virgin, I welcome him and directs him to the bathroom to solve my problem. I am so moved that I stammer and blush surely. I think he quickly realizes it.

“You do not look in great shape today,” he said.

– Yes, yes, it’s okay. I mumbled.

Knowing his business perfectly, Sylvain unpacks the new faucet, checks that it is compliant and begins to disassemble the one that needs to be replaced. I look at him, well, no, I mate him. I devour him with my eyes, I want to grab him, to eat his mouth, to touch him … I strip.

Sylvain glances furtively into the mirror that serves as a mirror and imposes my broad smile. Looking down, he sees the outgrowth of my crotch whose pants unfortunately hide little.

– I see that things are getting better about the shape! If he says. I would not want to be unseemly, but I think you’re bucking. You would not be telling a plumber’s story by chance?

“For nothing to hide, you have understood everything,” I said, regaining confidence.

And I keep going:

– Do not ask me why, but you turned me on, you’ve always set me on fire and it’s the first time a guy has done that.

– I do not fix the faucets, you know, I can also bring solace to the lonely, I’m what is called a hands-on worker, who is certainly the fortune of his boss so the clients are asking for more, the customers too, but less often.

While taking this reassuring, he stood up and found himself facing me, a little provocative, the smile more brilliant than ever. The mirror reflects his broad shoulders and triceps overflowing the tank top. I can not stand it, I approach and put my lips on his just before him stick my tongue to measure my commitment and my lack of reluctance.

I had read that between gay reports were often very direct, very cash and that once the case started, there was often no possibility of return. While licking my tongue lick, he slid his hand between us to feel the cumbersome thing that was needed more and more. Without preamble, it goes directly by the size of my pants to access my cock puffy. At first contact, I find his hand rough, I tell myself that I’m going to get used to it.

– You know, he said, without letting go and once his mouth liberated from my fiery bowl, I have a rule on the subject, and I never stop. I’m only interested sexually good suckers, pompous first rank. However, I make no difference either sex or age. I dabble it completely: that sucks me properly and after, I know how to give of my person. Last Tuesday, it is a client of more than 70 years who stuck to it and, knowing my conditions.

She tried to draw the juice as few young people know how to do it. As a reward, I filed it beyond the reasonable and it is she who told me to stop, no longer able to take my club.

– It seems to me a good contract, remains to know if I would be as deserving as you hope. But whoever tries nothing has nothing, does he? I say to close the deal.

Letting go of my cock, he undoes his belt and drops his pants on the ground. The head of his knot well beyond the boxer’s belt.

Beautiful breasts

Beautiful breasts

But, I was only at the beginning of my discovery of the sexuality and the sensuality, my lover in colo had opened the box of Pandora and inside hides a thousand surprises …
I was part of the ground gymnastics team, and trained three to four nights a week to make me a nice body but also to spend the energy that I had in me otherwise I was an electric battery …
Chloe my childhood friend accompanied me everywhere, she was part of the team too, a little less assiduous because calmer, too calm even …

That evening the “coach” made us sweat. Finding we were not asses fast, he had us do and redo several times the same exercise, Chloe and me in particular because we were competing, so that there were only two of us left at the club … Exhausted our painful bodies, we headed to the shower, glad to finally get rid of this sticky sweat.
The shower was very hot, I let the water run over my naked body, closing my eyes, the heat relaxed me. I only heard the water flow, but I felt a presence … Opening my eyes, I saw Chloe planted in front of me, naked, she stared at me, with in the eyes this infinite tenderness that makes him the most beautiful eyes of the world..
-” you are beautiful ! She said to me, “thank you! But if I am beautiful! You are beautiful! I replied. And that was true, a pretty auburn redhead with green eyes with a doe look, a doll face, hair cascading over her shoulders, a body pitted with small adorable freckles, a pearly white skin, beautiful breasts rounds grazing perfection and buttocks to make a magazine dancer jealous …..

The boys were crazy, I did not know him any boyfriend, yet we talked about it but she said she wanted to devote herself to her studies for now.
– “Amandine, I love you!” She continued “…” Me too Chloe I love you a lot “I tell him
– “No you did not understand! I love you ! I love you Amandine! I’m crazy about you since we were 5, you’re wonderful, you’re beautiful, so bubbly and full of life, my heart beats only for you, I think only of you every day, I dream of you kiss, your body and mine tangled, my hands on your skin and get drunk of you … .I desire you as a boy, I only want you for me and make love to you … but not like a boy and tonight I wanted you to know it! ”

I was standing in front of her, the water ran over me and I did not know what to do, a real shock, I looked at my friend, a beauty breathtaking and in my head it was Hiroshima, images of boys paraded before my eyes but I detailed his body with pleasure. I had always found beautiful, but I had never looked like that, its curves, its curves, the grain of her skin, her pretty lips hemmed, her little mischievous nose, her eyes that melted …

I looked at her with envy. Yet I love boys I told myself in my head, I love when they make love to me and I give myself to them … I love naughty games with them, but the more I watched Chloe, the more I I found desirable and suddenly other images came to me, other thoughts, I remembered having watched my girlfriends in the shower and reflect on their beauty, their body, their breasts, told me that if I had been a boy I would put them well in my bed, the same way for my friend I envied the boy who would be the first to pick this beautiful flower.

Regretting not having this appendix that makes all the difference, without it makes me think at that time that I had a penchant for girls … but my way of looking at Chloe since her statement was obvious, she had just opened the gap.

All her femininity came to me at once, I felt her smell, I wanted to taste her skin, cover each mm2 of her body with kisses, to lick everywhere to know the taste of different parts of her anatomy. She had to read this feeling in my eyes so that when she approached me, lips parted, her hands taking my neck gently, I let go, my mouth opened sticking to his, first tender and delicate, our tongues barely touching our kiss became fiery, our bodies clung to each other our hands went to the discovery, we touched all over, the buttocks, breasts, belly, pubic, as if we wanted to find a treasure!

In less than a minute I had traveled, I lingered on her breasts, the tips especially that I squirmed between my fingers, then her buttocks sticking even more to me, mouth to mouth, the sound of our breaths filled the bathroom, I slipped a hand between her thighs, posing on her sex, I felt it relax, she deflated a little, she was softer, softer, she flexed.